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Re: Triangular UFOs in the Quinte Area

From: Sean Liddle Quinte-Eco <ecocon@intranet.ca>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 13:32:38 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 23:50:24 -0400
Subject: Re: Triangular UFOs in the Quinte Area

Hidelee ho neighbors:

With all the talk about Belgium and their triangular UFO flap in
1989, I thought I would let you all in on some sightings in the
Belleville to Brighton Ontario (Canada)..

In 1981, a 40 year old man was camping with his family (okay I
admit it, it was my father) at Presquile Provincial Park,
Brighton, Ontario. On numerous occations this man and others
including park rangers and at least one Ontario Provincial
Police office had seen your typical orb like lights moving about
over Lake Ontario. These were seen oftem by many campers and
reported to the local Military Base at Trenton Ontario. On one
such occasion, two C130 Hercules aircraft were seen by 10 plus
campers to fly out over the lake (following reports of lights by
fellow campers) using high intensity search lights, only to
return back towards base following 15 minutes of flying in a
pattern over the water (the lights had disappeared into the
water shortly before the aircraft appeared). A little while
later, the lights re-appeared. A phone call to the base resulted
in a denial of aircraft being sent out.

A few nights later, after we had all gone to our tents, my
father had begun to put out the campfire. Suddenly, he noticed
that all animal/frog and insect noises had stopped. He felt
movement above and looked up.. What he saw was "a triangular
section of darkness blotting out the stars" it started as a
point of darkvess (45 degree angle) which increased in size
until the sky above our site was blotted out. It moved silently
to the west (towards high bluff island) and started increasing
speed until it was above the water entirely. He moved to the
roadway and watched it as it rapidly moved upward at an
approximately 35 degree angle, then the black area diminished
until he could no longer discern its location. No other
witnesses were present as this was the end of the camping season
and a night in the middle of the week. Sighting time approx
1:00, hight of object approx. 300ft (100 metres), size ??large,
over 100 ft (30 M).

When I stared QAPRA (Quinte Aerial Phenomenon Research
Association) in 1994, I was contacted by my father and other
residents of the Stirling area that he knew. Apparently they had
been seeing slow moving objects above their (rural) homes late
at night that were apparently small (under 50') with a series of
lights beneath them, moving from the north to southwest.. From
their descriptions, I assumed they were Stealth aircraft moving
from Canadian Forces Base Ottawa to CFB TRenton and paid no more
attention. I asked a few friend who worked on the base who were
of no help (being usless administration wogs :) ) as they knew
nothing of incoming foreign aircraft they working only in
daylight hours. They said they would call if they heard of
anything. They never did.

I then received a similar call in he same week from a Registered
Nurse whose husband was of a similar professional career, who
lived North of Trenton. Well, this appeared to me to be at first
thought, the same terrestrial aircraft until she mentioned that
one time, they followed the craft as it flew at excessively slow
speeds (less than 80km/h) at low altitudes over local
residences. This plus the fact that the lights were turned off
at one point and they had to follow the object by its appearance
against the night sky.

I don't want to jump to any conclusions about these sightings
given the proximity to the Air Base, but it sounds to me like I
should have persued this a little more with my father prior to
his death in late 1994.

Sean Liddle