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Re: The Corso Affidavit for CAUS

From: Robert Todd <RTodd12191@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 18:39:50 EDT
Fwd Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 10:19:10 -0400
Subject: Re: The Corso Affidavit for CAUS

In a message dated 98-07-24 11:49:32 EDT, Stan Friedman wrote:

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>>>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: The Corso Affidavit for CAUS



>If you have any data on Corso, why not put it on the table?


I have no information on Corso that needs to be placed on the
table. Corso himself has detailed his involvement in the Roswell
affair, but you seem to display a bias against Corso that I find
rather interesting, and I merely am pointing out how ridiculous
your position really is on a number of important points.

>I said nothing about your saying anything about Pica or elite

Your phrasing certainly could leave the reader with that
impression. I suggest you take a badly needed course in

>Why not also put on the table how many visits you have made to
>Archives and how many visits to New Mexico and how many Roswell
>witnesses to whom you have talked?

Prove I haven't visited even more archives than you have.
_You're_ the one making the claim I haven't visited any
archives -- PROVE IT! Just remember, absence of evidence
is not evidence of absence.

As for talking with Roswell witnesses, surely you're not
suggesting a reasonable assessment of those witnesses cannot be
derived from your representations of their testimony, are you?
I mean, you wouldn't alter or withhold witness testimony, would

>Last I heard the number for at least the first 2 was zero.
>Armchairs are indeed comfortable.

Yes, indeed they are. You've certainly benefitted from my
research, the so-called "Bolender memo" being just one example,
a document you consistently misrepresent because you haven't
bothered to do the necessary research to fill in the blanks.
Perhaps you waste too much time tooting your own horn. Or
perhaps you _have_ filled in the blanks with your own research,
but, for some unknown reason, decided long ago to withhold the
truth from the public.

But I keep forgetting you were a member of the "research team"
that, when they couldn't find the documents they were sure
existed, created their own to fill in the gaps. Boy, that's
taking the easy way out! Talk about armchair research! And to
this day, you keep pushing those documents on the public. You
even wrangled a $16,000 grant from the Fund for UFO Research
(FUFOR) to research the contents of those documents, which had
been manufactured around documents and information your
"research team" already had uncovered during their years of
"archival research," "research" which apparently included
planting at least one fake document among the formerly Top
Secret records of Air Force Intelligence at the National
Archives. Gee, is it any wonder you were able to "confirm"
dates, places, and the names of the people present, when you
already had the information in your own files?

Yes, indeed. What a great researcher you are!.

>Membership in the NSC is determined by law.

If, as you contend, Roswell represents the biggest cover-up of
all time, exactly what has the law got to do with what the
"Cosmic Watergate" folks do? Covert ops don't care about no
stinking laws. Remember, they're everywhere, watching your
every move, almost certainly in violation of the law. The law is
meaningless tripe, and you know it.

Because you, the great archival researcher, cannot confirm
Corso's claims by utilizing the available documentation at the
Eisenhower Library, doesn't mean the man was fibbing. Once again
-- and I'm shocked you seem unable to grasp this simple point --
pithy little saying -- if not your mantra -- and it applies to
Corso every bit as much as it applies to your beloved MJ-12,
_regardless_ of the law.

>I do appreciate your demonstrating your illogicality and bias.

Oh, Stan, you're more than welcome. But, again, I am shocked
that you don't recognize your own brand of "illogicality and
bias." In fact, you yourself are flagrantly guilty of every
crime of which you routinely accuse others, from selective
choice of data, to propaganda, to misrepresentation, to outright
lying. And, please, don't threaten me with a lawsuit, 'cause I'd
tear you apart in court.

>With regard to your research skills, just how many papers have
>you published in scientific journals?

Yeah, we all know you're God's gift to nuclear physics and UFO
research -- we know because you keep telling us, over, and
over, and over again. If your "scientific" papers on nuclear
physics are anything like your "scientific" papers on UFOs, I
shudder to think _anybody_ takes them seriously. It certainly
doesn't say much for refereed journals.

All that aside, surely you must consider Corso worthy of further
research. Why would a retired lieutenant colonel lie about such
things? If you believe Corso was lying, then perhaps he was part
of some government disinformation plot designed to derail your
inquisition into the "Cosmic Watergate." Let's get the facts
here, Stan, there must be _some_ reason Corso lied, if indeed he
did. Since he had documented ties to the NSC, and since you
claim he was not a member of the NSC, and you also claim
membership was dictated by law -- which we all know is a farce
anyway -- let's get some hard facts on this. I suggest you
launch an all-out effort to _prove_ Corso wasn't a member of the
NSC in violation of the law. After all, there is no
documentation _proving_ any of the twelve supposed members of
MJ-12 actually were in that group, or even that the MJ-12 group
existed at all, but you seem to accept that as fact. And since
it appears MJ-12 withholds vital information even from
Presidents of the United States, this means they are operating
outside the law as well, making your observation that NSC
membership is determined by law all but meaningless. Indeed, to
hear you tell it, the whole idea of the MJ-12 organization is
illegal as hell. I won't even mention the illegal death threats
supposedly delivered to key Roswell witnesses by the Air Force's
jack- booted Roswell cover-up thugs.

Again, I recommend you submit the appropriate FOIA requests to
the appropriate agencies, and if need be, take them all the way
to the Supreme Court, just like you did when you filed suit
against the NSA on behalf of CAUS years ago. If necessary -- and
it appears it will be -- I also would recommend you try to
cultivate some more of those infamous "inside sources" who
helped your "research team" so much in the past. Maybe one or
two "Deep Throats" can point you in the right direction, and
furnish you with records you cannot obtain under the FOIA,
perhaps by furnishing them on undeveloped rolls of black-and-
white, 35mm film, or by enticing you to an upstate New York
motel where they will allow you to photograph top-secret/code
word documents they pilfered from official files for your
benefit. If indeed you believe Corso lied, surely you can't
believe he lied merely to make money, or for whatever
satisfaction he might have derived from being the center of
attention. There _must_ be more to it than that. Apply your
masterful "research" skills to this puzzling aspect of the
Roswell controversy, and get back to us with your "Final Report
on Colonel Phillip Corso."

Stan, you and I both know that _you_ are the right man for the
job. If you think Corso was lying, then expose him either as a
liar who craved money or attention, or as a liar who was part of
the government's disinformation master plan intended to kill the
valuable research you carry out for the good of all mankind.
But, please, don't feed us that crap about NSC membership being
dictated by law. It's meaningless nonsense in the context of the
"Cosmic Watergate," and you should know that better than

Until you can come up with something other than your own
armchair theorizing on Corso, further discussion would seem to
be pointless.


Bob Todd