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UFO News Items From The Fringe

From: Stig Agermose <Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 03:30:40 +0200
Fwd Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 11:12:59 -0400
Subject: UFO News Items From The Fringe

Thanks to Wireless Flash News Service I am able to bring you a
few news items from the fringe. Except for the last one which is
rather sweet, they are all pretty far out, but hopefully will
act as a deterrent.

The first one is from July 9, and the URL is




Thu 07-09-98 05:12 am            

Aliens Rebuffed With Mysterious 'Bodyguard Discs'

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) Can a 3-inch metal disc
protect you from an alien abduction?

The mysterious metal discs are being sold by a California-based
group called the Alien Resistance Movement, which claims hostile
aliens are walking the streets of almost every city on the

Spokesperson Thor Templar says the "alien bodyguard discs" are
made of gold and silver and give off "vibrational energies"
which will keep aliens at bay.

The Alien Resistance Movement apparently learned how to make the
bodyguard discs thanks to information supplied by what Templar
calls an elfin-looking alien woman with extra-long fingers.

The discs may be to aliens what garlic is to vampires but
they=92re not as cheap.

Each disc costs a whopping $225 but, according to Templar, one
disc can protect an entire house from alien attack.

CONTACT: Thor Templar, *****; Palm Springs, CA; (760) ***-****

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All rights reserved.


This one is from June 2. URL



Tue 06-02-98 09:50 am            

Out-Of-This-World Jewelry Made From Crashed Ufo Fragments

RED ROCK, N. M. (Wireless Flash) =96 A New Mexico gemologist is
selling jewelry made out of what he claims are fragments from a
crashed UFO.

Jeweler David Shoemaker owns about two-and-a-half pounds of a
strange glass-like material that he says was salvaged from an
alien spacecraft that crashed near Red Rock, New Mexico, more
than 50 years ago.

The extraterrestrial gems are transparent green and contain tiny
gray spheres resembling exploding galaxies. It was originally
believed the material was from a meteorite, but Shoemaker claims
an analysis of the fragments reveals that they contain 54
different minerals and elements - including 3 minerals never
found on Earth.

Shoemaker is currently selling raw chunks of the UFO fragments
for $100 or more a gram and necklaces for $500 or more.

CONTACT: David Shoemaker, **** (serious inquiries only); Red
Rock, NM; (505) ***-****

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The next item is from May 13 and can be found at



Wed 05-13-98 03:23 pm            

Androids Under Construction In Top Secret Nevada Lab

CROCKETT, Tex. (Wireless Flash) Are androids being assembled at
a top secret research lab in Nevada?

Yes, says sci-fi author Kenny Love, who claims he=92s uncovered
evidence that human-looking androids already exist and will soon
infiltrate society.

Love says a team of scientists working near Area 51 in Nevada is
putting the final touches on a group of androids with cloned
human brains.

The android research is reportedly being funded by a secret
group that plans on using the robot-humans as coal miners,
astronauts for long-distance space journeys or even as high-tech
sex dolls.

Love says he=92s also heard rumors that the Internal Revenue
Service wants to program the U.S. Tax Code into androids so they
can be used as cold-hearted, emotionless IRS agents.

Love, who discovered the real-life android situation while
writing an upcoming fictional book called Millennium Eve
(Mys-Tech Publishers), says he now fears for his life.

CONTACT: Kenny Love, ****; Crockett, TX; (409) ***-****

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The following is from May 3, and the URL is



Sun 05-03-98 02:47 pm            

Alien Spacecraft Using Prison As 'Gas Station'

LONDON, Ohio (Wireless Flash) - UFO researchers think a prison
in London, Ohio, is being used as a sort of "service station"
for alien spaceships.

Researcher Peggy Tillman says the London Correctional
Institution is regularly visited by alien craft which hover over
the site for about five minutes, perhaps refueling before
jetting away. The prison is located on Route 665, a highway that
locals refer to as the "UFO Highway."

Tillman also reports that many of the eyewitnesses who have seen
spacecraft "fuel up" over the prison have later spotted a
Bigfoot in the area. Could the hairy creature be some type of
paranormal pump attendant?

However, not everyone believes the prison is an extraterrestrial
Exxon. London Correctional Institution spokesman Don Rayna says
he=92s unaware of any alien visits to the prison.

CONTACT: Peggy Tillman, ****; London, OH; (614) ***-****; Don
Rayna, **1/2; (740) ***-****

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The last one is dated June 26. URL



Fri 06-26-98 09:50 am            

The Bride Is Out There: 'X-Files' Weddings On The Rise

ARDMORE, Pa. (Wireless Flash) =96 The latest trend in weddings is
pretty 'alienating'. It seems the brides and grooms are dressing
up like X-Files sleuths Mulder and Scully.

Wedding consultant Deborah Hernandez, who works for the David=92s
Bridal Store chain in Detroit, says she=92s working on an X-Files
wedding right now.

The bride will be cutting her red hair into a Scully-like bob
and slipping into a double-breasted business suit and trench-
coat, while the groom will wear a standard issue suit resembling
Agent Mulder=92s clothing.

Both of them will sport fake FBI badges =96 along with all of the
bridesmaids and groomsmen. And, instead of "The Wedding March,"
the bride will walk down the aisle to the spooky strains of "The
X-Files Theme."

Hernandez says she=92s expects plenty of other couples to hop on
the X-Files wedding bandwagon due to the popularity of the show
and the movie.

CONTACT: Deborah Hernandez, ****; Arrange thru Collene Kennedy;
Ardmore, PA; 1-800-***-**** or (610) ***-****, ext. 220

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