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Re: Meier Pictures

From: Anthony Hall <anthonyhall@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 02:04:33 -0500
Fwd Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 11:49:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Meier Pictures

[A non-subscriber post --ebk]

>Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 17:34:42 +0200
>From: Andy Dene - A.U.R.A. <aura@telekabel2.nl>
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: Meier-Pictures.

>As promised some time ago, here's an update on the Billy
>Meier-case. First of all I'd like to mention the fact that, even
>though he offered to do lend a hand he never mailed me back.

Hi Andy and Gang:

The colossal Ra=E9lian movement seems not to be of concern. A
group much larger and forceful than Meier, and growing. The Ra=E9l
group are without photos and document equal to Meier, and maybe
the reason why debunkers find it of no interest. Ra=E9l has even
taken on the task of building a cloning facility offshore, in
some neutral country. All Meier has done is publish his photos
and contact notes, and is being attacked.

What is considered the norm tend to be confined in their house
of thought. The avantgarde, even through esoteric, is often the
realm where new ideas are formed and disbusted into the tightly
griped world who refuse to initially embrace new ideas --
Edison, Albert Einstein, Tesla, etc., for example. We all are
being politically motivated to turn aganist each other. In the
end, if Meier profest to be what he his, the truth will find
it's rightful place. If you're wrong in your assumptions, you
can easily say, gee, I was wrong. In the mean time, all that
debunking will have turned people away and aganist Meier's
teachings, not him specifically, because he's no god.

Isn't it interesting that we the people do not muster the same
effort in acts of sexism, rasism, violent movies, etc.? These
are the very things that help expidite the degeneration our
society into the abyss and mind you, this is being done
globally. While Meier and his handful of follows do not profest
the degeneration of society and is attacked. Will society allow
humanity to massacre itself under the banner of free speech? The
people of Earth must realize that they are their own messiahs
and must work to bring about peace and stop fighting against
each other.

I'm sure you are aware that the government often insert
misinformation to throw researchers off track when they get too
close to the truth. Do you know of any other UFO contact case
that has come under intense scrutiny similar to Meier? Did you
read about the meltdown at CNN and the New York Times recently,
regarding the U.S. Government experimenting on soldiers?

>Meier claims the Men in Black forged his photographs in
>order to discredit him, but what proof comes along to
>support this wild claims?

The others who profess to have come in contact with the Men in
Black stealth group, do they have proof to support their claims?
Could you name a UFO contact case that overshadows the Meier
case? We tend to honor UFO contact cases with no real substance,
because they do not have much to scrutinize.

>SSSC:	We have the contact-notes and the fact Ptaah (who only
>	'appears' to Meier!) told us (sic) so!

Maybe the so called Anti-Christ will show signs and wonders,
spellbounding the world. Since the world will require proof that
he's the messiah.

>The rest not worth mentioning because it was a mixture of
>aggressive bashing of Korff or anyone that doesn't believe
>Meier's ludicrous claims on the one hand and trying to convince
>me of their "Mission". "The prophet of the New Age" as his
>followers call Meier is actually planning to thank Korff and
>Buergin for the free publicity, said the spokesman of the SSSC.

Your efforts against Meier is also considered "aggressive
bashing." If Meier responds to Korff, that's his right, because
Korff has attacked him.

"...convince me of their "Mission". Did they really? You will
have to reason into that understanding yourself, Meier and his
group can not do that.

>Have you noticed that in the conversation above there is a HUGE
>contradiction: First there was claimed Meier NEVER made any fake
>pictures him self. Then two questions later they practically
>ADMIT he very well faked pictures!

He did? Did you know Meier once lived in a farm house with
sections having dirt floors when he took many of those pictures?
If he did not have the money to repair his farm house, where he
found the money to fake pictures and create a movie?

>This behaviour can be interpreted as sectarian, cult-like
>behaviour only! Also we did a new analysis of a couple of
>Meier-pics ALSO found on their website.(Just so the good ol'
>MIB-excuse won't work this time ;-)) What we obviously noted was
>the following:

>And if that all isn't enough, Meier still trying to manipulate
>the minds of his somewhat naive followers.

If Meier's group is cult-like, do assume the world we live in to
be a larger cult? Please understand, many beliefs in society are
cult-like! Remember, the debunking clique you're with, is also a
cult -- like-minded working together. Don't reverve the word
"cult" as a negative, similar to how many have reserved the word
"holocaust" for the Jews. If you don't agree with Meier for
whatever reason, that is your right, but don't go about making
decisions for the masses. If others come into Meier's teachings,
and for whatever reason disapproved, that's their right, and
they have the freewill to stop. Meier does not run a secret
society where mysterious pacts are signed, and members ascend in

Many of society's doctrine and actions, brainwashes us or
conditions us from childhood into adulthood with a set of
beliefs often filled with wrong and selfish thinking. That's one
of the reasons why the world is subdued in such madness. The
knowledge you and I have, did not fall from the sky. Over time,
we will all evolve into what is the truth, and the likes of you,
I and Meier will have faded away.

>Picture 200: Made taken March 8, 1976

>After we enhanced the image we noted that the pixels in the
>background were defiantly different from those on the
>craft...rather sloppy work I'd say...but after we decided to
>erase the back-ground we ALSO noticed a white edge, clearly a
>result of "cut and paste"!

Did you deduce your findings from a firsthand scan, or from the
degraded pixelated .jpg artifact copy?

>This time a MIB tried to shoot him from close range. To prove
>this Meier came up with a .22 bullet stuck in a tree. Of course
>Meier had no other witnesses of this "attack". In my opinion
>those MIB in question must've been terrible rookies or drunk, if
>they weren't capable of hitting him at an 8 meter distance!

So you believe Meier's recent assassination attempt was a hoax?
Re-read the contact info again. Meier said the MIB were behind

>I guess it's useless wasting anymore time on Meier and his cult,
>although I feel sorry for his followers who need to believe in

If Meier's followers believe in something, does that mean you
believe in nothing? If that's the case, how did you arrived at
your conclusions? Did Korff convince you that the Meier case is
a hoax?