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London, Ohio Correctional Institute - Unravelled

From: Kenny Young <task@fuse.net>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 12:54:57 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:40:06 -0400
Subject: London, Ohio Correctional Institute - Unravelled


In April and May of 1998, Ohio MUFON Director Bill Jones and
associate researcher Don Weatherby conducted an investigation of
UFO sightings thought to have been reported near the vicinity of
the London, Ohio Correctional Institute. Their LoCI
investigations were based upon fleeting and incomplete
information conveyed over two separate radio stations from
listeners who had 'heard the reports.'

Jones and Weatherby are to be commended for conducting a
thorough and comprehensive 3-week effort to unravel this
situation, which included interviews with police and prison
officials, plus performing a house- to-house check with
residents in the area. They determined that no tangible
information could be found to support such claims.

The source for this mysterious 'LoCI' information which sparked
their investigations may be London, Ohio researcher Peggy

This determination was made from an article posted on the UFO
UpDates List moderated by Errol Bruce Knapp:

Sun 05-03-98 02:47 pm    

Alien Spacecraft Using Prison As 'Gas Station'

LONDON, Ohio (Wireless Flash) - UFO researchers think a prison
in London, Ohio, is being used as a sort of "service station"
for alien spaceships.

Researcher Peggy Tillman says the London Correctional
Institution is regularly visited by alien craft which hover over
the site for about five minutes, perhaps refueling before
jetting away. The prison is located on Route 665, a highway that
locals refer to as the "UFO Highway."

Tillman also reports that many of the eyewitnesses who have seen
spacecraft "fuel up" over the prison have later spotted a
Bigfoot in the area. Could the hairy creature be some type of
paranormal pump attendant?

However, not everyone believes the prison is an extraterrestrial
Exxon. London Correctional Institution spokesman Don Rayna says
he=92s unaware of any alien visits to the

Copyright =A9 1998 Wireless Flash News Service. All rights

The date for this article was May 3, 1998. Evidently, Don
Weatherby informed that his friend had heard a 'news flash' from
an Indianapolis radio station on April 29, 1998, four days
before this was posted on the internet.

During a telephone chat with Peggy Tillman on Saturday, May 25,
I learned that it was HER who had performed a radio interview...
probably on April 29... in which she discussed a UFO sighting
near LoCI.

Tillman said that she is in routine contact with a man from
California named MOORE (sp?) who puts articles from her on
WIRELESS NEWS SERVICE which carries stories 'from the fringe.'
Tillman states that she gets calls from all around, including
'the Congo,' and she frequently performs radio interviews as a

On the particular April 29 interview, which she said may have
been heard in Columbus and Indianapolis, she thought she 'may
have talked about the LoCI UFOs.'

Tillman said that the UFOs use LoCI to 'jump start' their
vehicles, and it is a good refueling point. She said that sparks
are frequently seen to emerge from the ground and make contact
with the "flying saucers", giving them extra power. Although she
doesn't know of any specific sightings in April, she worked from
'memory' to recall a number of previous reports from the area.
She, herself, claims to have seen a Triangular UFO in South
Charleston, which was a bright, intense light.

"I wondered what was holding it up?" she said.

Strangely, Peggy Tillman did not document the UFO sighting which
she claims to have been a witness to. However, the UFO
researcher mused that the UFO she saw around 10:00 p.m. that
undetermined evening was in the direction of the LoCI facility.

From this new finding, we can determine that there is probably
little basis for reasoning that a UFO sighting was widely
reported in or near the LoCI facility on Tuesday, April 28,
1998, as previously suspected. This unfortunate affair seems to
have been generated by comments from Tillman during her radio
interview, in which she surmised various theories and recounted
an undocumented personal sighting she claims to have had on some
undetermined date.

Following the 'WIRELESS NEWS SERVICE' report, Peggy Tillman was
contacted on May 4 by the Comedy Channel, whose producers
dispatched a television crew to London, Ohio to create a
humorous satire of the London, Ohio reports, spoofing the
situation with derision and tomfoolery. The comical expose of
the London, Ohio reports belittled Tillman and her research
associate Don Keating, a Bigfoot investigator from
Newcomerstown, Ohio. The Comedy Channel program aired at 7:00
p.m. on May 21.

For information concerning what was thought to be a UFO
situation at LoCI and the follow up investigations, see: 

Filed: July 27, 1998 KENNY YOUNG -- UFO Research