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'Alien Abductions' by Peter Brookesmith

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Subject: 'Alien Abductions' by Peter Brookesmith

I'm in the throes of reading the Duke of Mendoza's latest
tome. Since most of those involved in the pages of
'Alien Abductions' are subscribers and contributors to
UpDates I want to pass along the following to the List:

Dust Jacket Notes from:

'Alien Abductions'
by Peter Brookesmith

Copyright =A9 1998 Brown Packaging Books Ltd

ISBN 0-7137-2702-0

First published in the UK by Blandford
an imprint of Cassell plc.

Wellington House,
125 Strand,
London, WC2R 0BB

Since the late 1980s more and more people in the Americas and in
Europe have come to believe they have been forcibly abducted by
alien beings, taken on board their spacecraft, and subjected to
a range of distressing indignities.

The controversy over these extraordinary claims has been fierce.
Believers and sceptics share common ground only in ceding few
points and giving little quarter to their opponents.

While the commentators argue, Many who have undergone abductions
are angry and bewildered. They have been shaken to the core by
their experiences, and want explanations and reassurance. While
many abductees support abduction researchers wholeheartedly, a
significant number are disenchanted with them. Both groups
despair at the dismissal and scorn of hardline sceptics.

This book presents an overview of both sides of the abduction
argument, but it goes much further than that. A number of
researchers have now recognized that something truly strange
lies at the heart of the abduction experience, even though it
may not involve actual alien beings. A few have realized that,
regardless of whether abductions are really happening, the
stories told by abductees and the apparent activities of the
aliens have achieved the status of a modern mythology. Alien
Abductions ruthlessly exposes the assumptions and delusions of
both the promoters of the abduction phenomenon and their most
intolerant critics. At the same time, the author gives a
sympathetic hearing to the witnesses themselves, their sense of
betrayal and confusion, and the striking variety of their

This book includes previously unpublished artworks and
photographs - some from private collections, others commissioned
especially for this book - as well as exclusive interviews with
abductees, offering a thought-provoking perspective on the
abduction experience. Believers and sceptics alike will find
this an unforgettable expos=E9 of alien encounters.

'The being abruptly twisted to its left while raising up and
moving forward in one fluid motion. In shocked amazement I
realized that it had done all of this through the glass, the
bed, as well as the steel body of the van itself - as if they
were of water. It gently but firmly gripped my upper arms, its
face mere inches from my own. Huge, glossy black eyes that
filled close to a third of its face, stared into mine...'

- Clarke Hathaway

'...Above my neighbour's house, there's the UFO, with this red
light on top going round like on an ice cream truck. Then two of
the little guys come floating over towards me, and each one very
gently takes an arm, and they turn me. We get hit with, like, a
theatre spotlight. I take two steps forward and =96 airborne.
We're floating up, and I'm getting off on it. I'm enjoying it.
It's like being Peter Pan or something.'

- John Velez

'I can remember being first implanted in 1954. I remember the
thin rod pushed so hard up my nostril to lodge the little thing
close to my optic nerves. With my alien friend Sphere's help in
1961, I was able to reconfigure the access to five implants in
my body to my own frequencies and for my own uses. I could
literally read minds with them.'

- 'Kathy'

'I try very hard not to have guilt feelings about the way stupid
people have misinterpreted my experience. I try to get across to
people that they should stay away from hypnosis. You don't want
anybody foolin' round with your brain. I mean, you have problems
enough to live with yourself, without other people making their
contribution. I can do hypnosis, and I can give you an abduction
in 20 minutes.'

- Betty Hill

Peter Brookesmith is a writer and publishing consultant. He
began his publishing career as an editor and staff writer for
the Nuffield Foundation Science Teaching Project, then moved
into the world of magazines and books.

In the 1980s he masterminded 'The Unexplained' (published in the
USA as Mysteries of Mind, Space & Time), a 3000-page
multi-volume encyclopedia of the paranormal, was a full-time
consultant to the Reader's Digest series 'Quest for the Unknown'
in the 1990s, and authored the highly acclaimed - and
best-selling - 'UFO: The Complete Sightings Catalogue' and
'UFO: The Government Files' published on the Blandford imprint
of Cassell.

His most recent books, also published by Cassell, include 'The
Fighting Handgun' (with Richard Law), 'Future Plagues'
(published in the USA as Biohazard), and 'UFOs and Ufology: The
First 50 Years' (with Paul Devereux). He regularly contributes
articles on ufology to Fortean Times and Magonia, and has been
described as 'the most charming of the UFO sceptics'.