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Re: Kal! You're here!

From: TotlResrch@aol.com
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 00:04:07 EDT
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Subject: Re: Kal! You're here!

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>Subject: Kal! You're here!
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>KAL!  What about that SIGHTING you were going to...describe...

>Rats.  Missed him again.

Unless I am mistaken, I believe I posted the details of my
sighting back in May of 1997 -- last year!

Those who want to know its' details, can check the UFO UpDates
Archive for that month. If I find it sometime later this week I
can re-post it, but it is "findable" by checking the archive. At
least it was the last time I checked, several months ago.

Kal (Glad to be back from Europe doing sneaky things in
Switzerland, Germany, England, Austria, Lichtenstein, France,
Italy, Portugal and on the road to way too many places in the USA
-- all for the good of UFOlogy and Exposing those Hoaxsters!)

[Here's the post in question --ebk]:

From: TotlResrch@aol.com [Kal Korff]
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 06:08:58 -0400 (EDT)
To: Updates@globalserve.net
Subject: Kal K. Korff's UFO Sighting - The DETAILS!

Recently, several of you have asked me about my own "UFO"
sighting which I mentioned having had many years ago. In
particular, Gary Alevy asked me for this information as well, so
I hope Mr. Alevy that this posting provides you with enough
information. If anyone has any more questions about my
encounter, please feel free to contact me, but it may take me a
few days to get back to you.

My Sighting of a "UFO"

On February 16, 1981, just after, ironically, I finished putting
the final touches on my original expose of the Eduard "Billy"
Meier hoax, I was on my way home with two friends of mine at the
time, Mr. and Mrs. Al and Barbara Reed.

The time was about 11:45PM and because of the tremendous amount
of work my original expose of the Meier case had taken the Reeds
and I to put together, the three of us were sick and tired of
the UFO subject and very much wanted a break from it. Since I
knew that my book would not be published and on the market until
May of that year, I looked forward to a few months respite from
the field of UFOlogy and its dreaded politics. I also knew that
exposing the Meier case as a fraud would not endear me to
certain individuals and destroy my then-friendship with Wendelle

At any rate, while driving home, the thee of us saw off to our
left in the sky at aproximately a 40 degree angle, what Mrs.
Reed called a "funny looking" airplane.

Immediately, Al and I both said at that same time "That's no
airplane" and yelled "pull over." This we did, and the three of
us got out of the car to observe the object.

The object I saw was a bright, red light with a definite
metallic or "spherical" surface reflection behind it. It was
about the angular size of the tip or head of a wooden stick
match held at arm's length. Its' altitude was above the horizon,
yet below the cloud cover and other air traffic. I observed it
on highway 237 in California (in the San Francisco Bay Area
region between the towns of Santa Clara and Milpitas) and it was
just hovering there with no motion or movement for as long as 4
minutes. The direction I observed the object was Northwest, and
the sky was pretty illuminated in the direction of the object
due to the its' location.

After observing an airplane (a regular jet airliner) pass above
and right by the object, (though well above it), after the plane
left the object it suddenly for a split second got momentarily
brighter and separated into TWO objects!

In observing this, it was as if a piece of it separated from
itself, and pulled AWAY from the primary object towards the
left. For a brief moment, there were TWO objects now (looking
much like a cell dividing into two under a microscope!) and this
second object was about half the size and half the brightness of
the primary object.

As the two "objects" separated from one another, the second
object flew away and within a few seconds literally DISAPPEARED
right in front of our eyes! It was as if it had "cloaked" and
dissolved, just like a Romulan or Klingon spaceship does in the
science fiction series Star Trek! We couldn't believe this.

After this second object dissolved out the larger, primary one
then started moving and headed straight East towards the
mountains of the Bay Area over the city of Milpitas and southern

Immediately, the three of us got into the car and sped very fast
(luckily there were no police with radar guns that night, as
usual) in order to try and follow the object. Lucky for us,
Highway 237 goes West to East, so we were able to eventually
catch up with the object. I never took my eyes off it up to this

However, the object soon slowed down again and started heading
north. We were also coming to the end of highway 237 by this
time and then headed north on highway 880 (formerly known as the
Nimitz freeway) and caught up to the object once again. This
time, it had STOPPED and hovered in mid air, and we were
directly UNDER IT at this point and pulled over to the side of
the freeway where we got out of our car and the three of us
watched it where it hovered directly above our heads.

I tried flagging down some cars but in typical California style,
no one would stop. I then returned to observing the object. It
sat there motionless for a minute or so, and then executed 8
PERFECT tight circle maneuvers in succession before it stopped
once again and rose STRAIGHT UP above the cloud cover where we
lost it for good. The total sighting lasted about 11 minutes,
maybe 15, depending on whose wristwatch you believe.

In my years since this sighting, where i have become quite
familiar with almost everything flying and even have worked on
the "Star Wars" program and in particular remote controlled
drones, I have never seen anything like this and know of no
craft the U.S. has today that can explain what it saw. The
"cloaking" of the object (it would have still been visible to us
if it had merely tunred off its lights), the flight
characteristics and its "dividing into two pieces" still have me
baffled to this day.

The next night, i was channel surfing, and Dr. Richard F. Haines
and Dr. Andrew Grotowski were shown on the news out at night
looking for a "UFO" which divided into two pieces, was red in
color, and behaved the same way the object the Reeds and I saw.
Over the course of the next six weeks, there were more than 65
separate reports of this same object seen in both the day and
nighttime. The patterns of behavior were remarkably consistent:
after "separating" itself, the secondary object would "dissolve"
and the primary object would take off at a high rate of speed ,
stop and however, and the fly away.

Many UFO researchers from the Bay Area chapter of MUFON went out
to investigate these sightings and I did as well. I made a point
to investigate both the night and daytime reports, but of course
never told any of the witnesses I interviewed that I had seen
the thing as well. What was fascinating about this mini UFO
"wave" was the extreme consistency of reports.

Later, when I was granted a security clearance and assigned to
the Star Wars project, I did extensive searches for any
U.S.-made device that might account for what I saw. I never
found anything, for what it's worth.

Well, that's it for now...I will be happy to answer any
questions anyone might have. As I kept looking at the object, I
remember thinking "Wow, if this is REALLY from another planet,
then we (humanity) are indeed very insignificant in this grand
scale of things." I felt like an ant trying to comprehend
nuclear physics!!

Kal K. Korff