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Ohio Crop Circe: Explained?

From: Kenny Young <task@fuse.net>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 17:04:01 -0400
Fwd Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 18:23:05 -0400
Subject: Ohio Crop Circe: Explained?

This article is courtesy of researcher Jerry Hamm from Napoleon,
Ohio, who has been following the Paulding Crop Circle situation.


"Researcher: newest crop circle appears authentic"
Paulding County Progress, Paulding, Ohio
Wednesday, July 22, 1998

By DENISE GEBERS, Correspondent

BROUGHTON - Two years ago, Jeffrey M. Wilson, an undergraduate
at Eastern Michigan University who teaches astronomy, visited
and investigated his first crop circle. It was located in
Jackson Township of Paulding County.

About 130 crop circles later, he has returned to Paulding
County, wiser and more experienced in his chosen area of
research. And he has developed a theory. He believes such events
are weather related.

"All (weather) fronts, weak or strong, have an electrical
charge, said Wilson. And it is his belief that crop circles and
other shapes are created by a phenomenon of weather.

"These come in other shapes. Some can look like random wind
damage. But you can't tell unless they're tested," he said. "We
find with our meters and detectors the same readings that are
found in the geometric figures (circles). It's not very well

The circle found July 6 in Paulding County seems to be no
different. Wilson said he and an assistant took samples for six
to seven hours on July 12. They took radiation levels, electric
field strength, magnetic field strength, microwave and radio
wave levels inside and outside the formation.

Although there were no signs of radiation, microwaves or radio
waves, Wilson felt the compression was not hoaxed.

"Based on detailed indications at the event, I'm led to believe
it is genuine he concluded. "It is an authentic weather

He noted magnetic field strength within the circle was double
(1.0) and triple (1.5) that outside the formation (0.5). He
hypothesized the radiation levels would have been different if
tests would have run sooner.

Wilson felt the circle was probably formed in late June for two
reasons: 1) the wheat was ripened before it was flattened and 2)
green vegetation was already growing up through the formation.

"There are only signature readings quickly after the creation
(of a circle) or it dissipates," he said. Since he calculated
the circle was at least three weeks old when he ran tests, he
said he was not expecting to find radiation.

Wilson said his presence in the field crew a handful of curious
neighbors. All but one of them told him stories of lightning in
the area. He said the house south of the field where the circle
was found had been struck by lightning June 26 or 27. The
occupant had indicated they felt a bolt also hit the field as
the most intense part of a storm passed over the area.

Wilson got the impression from those present that ball lightning
is not uncommon in the area, which in itself is uncommon.

"Ball lightning is not well understood by physicists," said
Wilson. "It is charged plasma (the fourth state of matter). It
is not known how it is formed and it does strange things. It can
pass through a building without doing any damage."

According to Wilson, neighbors told him stories of power
fluctuations and strange noises during this year's turbulent
weather in their area.

"It was definitely weather that could have hit the field and
created this," he said.

Wilson expected to have some analysis of his tests over the
weekend, but could not be reached for further comment before

End of article
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