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Re: Lake Ontario 'Streaks'

From: Jennifer Jarvis <fierycelt@full-moon.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 16:20:50 -0400
Fwd Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 18:28:25 -0400
Subject: Re: Lake Ontario 'Streaks'

> Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:35:58 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
> From: Nick Balaskas <nikolaos@YorkU.CA>
> To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
> Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Lake Ontario 'Streaks'


> On Friday, after I checked your updated web site which contained
> some of your latest observations, I was tempted to go out this
> weekend and scan the sky for myself to see if I too could see
> such distant lights and objects.  Although I considered
> observing from the Lakeview generating plant west of Toronto or
> from Niagara on the Lake (and possibly bump into you and your
> fellow observes), I concluded that my single observations would
> not lead to a solution of these unknown lights or objects over
> Lake Ontariou unless my observing activities were coordinated
> with you or others.  Using cell phones and compasses, observers
> from two or more distant observing sites would try and see the
> same objects.  If one group same a light or object in one
> direction and the other group saw it too but in a different
> direction, we could then easily calculate its size and exact
> location over the lake.  We may then even consider taking a boat
> and observing from this exact location on the lake too (this
> could be done frequently and cheaply now that there is a new
> hydrofoil boat that makes frequent trips to and from Toronto and
> Niagara on the Lake).

> If only one group saw the light or object while another did not,
> then it would suggest that it was much closer to the first group
> and would be something very small (such as sunlight shining off
> the body of one of the many seagulls flying low over Lake
> Ontario).

> Would you and your fellow observers like to try this?  We may
> even find the answers to what these things really are.  Isn't
> this the reason why you are out there observing and recording
> these things in the first place?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your response.

YES!  Let's do it. Hugh Cochrane was suggesting using GPS gear.
I have tried the cell phone thing, but sometimes, when so low down
and close to the water, the calls don't get through.

However, this would make a lot of sense.

Is there anyone else out there willing to join the project?

Best wishes.

Jennifer Jarvis.

"It is a strange place where ships, planes and
people vanish into thin air, where weird fogs and
globes of light abound, where ominous waters
shroud sinister events."
         - Hugh Cochrane, "Gateway to Oblivion."

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