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UFO Submersion

From: Greg St. Pierre <StrmNut@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 13:18:17 EDT
Fwd Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:48:28 -0400
Subject: UFO Submersion

Dear list,

Several weeks ago I described a purported UFO submersion
here in Derry NH in the early seventies, and promised to get
hold of the articles. Here they are, and sorry for the wait. BTW,
this was on the front page.

From The Derry News
Thursday, October 4, 1973

UFO Sighting Unexplained

Several local residents and a motorist on Bypass 28 reported
seeing unidentified flying objects Tuesday evening about 8:00
near Rainbow Lake.

 _________________ of Spruce St. in Manchester told police that
he was driving along the Bypass when he saw a bright object in
the sky, hovering over Rainbow Lake. He went in closer to
investigate and heard something crash into the lake.

Several persons who live by the lake were outdoors at the time,
and say there were two objects moving in the air.

_______________ of Hilda Ave. saw the objects and described them
as "whitish yellow" in color.

A Mark Ave. resident who asked not to be identified, told police
that the objects were "about the size of a steering wheel."
Other witnesses also said the objects were two to three feet in
diameter, but several asked not to be identified.

The two objects descended towards the lake, according to the
witnesses. Then one of them fell straight down and and splashed
into the water, creating ripples on the shore. The other soared
upwards and vanished.

The East Derry Fire Rescue Squad lowered a boat and searched the
lake for two hours, but no trace of a fallen object was

Police have received over 40 calls concerning the UFO sighting.
They speculate that the objects were meteorites or military
paraflares.  Swamp gas is also considered a possibility.

A followup appeared the following week:

Thursday, October 11, 1973

UFO Divers Strike Out

At the request of Chief _______________, two divers descended
into Rainbow Lake Friday afternoon in an attempt to resolve
reports of an unidentified flying object that three witnesses
claim splashed into the lake on Oct. 2. (My note: Ray Fowler
talked to more than twenty witnesses later.)

The divers swept the silty lake water with powerful
searchlights, but their vision was impaired by the murky water,
and they could not see more than a few inches ahead at any time.

Said one of the divers, "The only way they're going to get
anything out of that lake is if they drag it."

Chief ________ said he has no plans to drag the bottom and
considers the matter closed.

I have deleted the names because I have to live in this town,
and I'd rather not have a lot of people getting harassed thanks
to me. If any serious researchers would like to discreetly
reopen the case, please contact me and we can discuss it.