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'_Have_ to Believe' Investigating

From: Tony Spurrier <TSpurrier@compuserve.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 17:09:12 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 23:45:57 -0400
Subject: '_Have_ to Believe' Investigating

Is the following common amongst UFO groups? if so, then this is
a very sad situation.

Earlier this year I was elected onto staff with a London UFO
group. One of the other staff members rang me and told me that
all the other UFO groups were using the wrong ET contact
methods. The person who called me said that the ETs had told him
this. What a way to start with a new group, but I thought things
may get better.

I was contacted and asked whether I wanted to go on an
investigation in Norfolk as someone there was claiming to be
able to summon lights at the bottom of his garden and
communicate with them. I agreed to join the investigation and
was obviously sceptical of the claims being made. Originally we
were having to meet the person away from his house as he didn't
want just anyone turning up, but apparently he asked the lights
at the bottom of the garden if we were ok and allegedly they
said we could meet him at his house.

That weekend we made our way to the subjects house and met with
the family involved with the mysterious lights at the bottom of
the garden. We were able to question them on the source of the
lights and it was found that it was house lights that were
signalling to the subject. The owners of the house hadn't been
contacted as they were elderly. We weren't allowed to see the
end of the garden in daylight so hung around until it was
getting dark. Eventually we were led to the bottom of the garden
where binoculars were required to cover the distance over the
paddock at the bottom of the garden to see the farm house lights
at the back.

We were told that soon there would be lights in the farm house
windows, and shortly afterwards lights were seen moving across
the windows. We were informed that the lights were in fact
manifestations of ETs. Following was a question and answer
session where "yes" or "no" answer questions were asked,
incidentally each question had to be followed by "please". There
was one question which paraphrased was "are the UFO group and
the subject being visited by the same ETs?", the answer was
inevtibaly "yes". The means for determining a "yes" or "no" was
sketchy and without the guidance of the subject would be almost

Following the question and answer session came the daily garden
walk for the light beings. We were told exactly where the light
would move around the garden, and one or two of the group saw a
glowing figure moving about.

After the garden show we then watched a few hours of video. This
video included landed craft behind a hedge which comprised of
flashing yellow lights. Unfortunately the actual landing and
take-off of the craft were not caught on camera. Also seen were
numerous aircraft that flew over the subjects house which were
described as cloaked ET craft mapping out the area. I only saw
conventional aircraft. The video clips shown were less than
impressive of anything unexplained.

In the early hours of the morning we headed home and the hype
was quite high that some strange event had happened in the
garden. A discussion took place that the ETs could be in the
room with us and we wouldn't know about it. When we moved into
the hall way I stumbled accross a "cold spot" just outside the
room we had been sitting in. As the others in the room began to
move into the hall way I moved out of the "cold spot" and asked
the person standing where I was if they could feel it. They
could and suddenly everyone felt a cold breeze moving around
them. This was surely a sign that we were not alone, however a
short glance up at the ceiling explained the event. It was their
loft hatch expelling a cold breeze, but of course the scene had
been set alot earlier in the day for ETs and ghostly happenings
for anyone to look for the more down to earth explanations.

Well to me the whole saga was highly questionable, however my
sceptical review of the day left me out in the cold. I was
unable to investigate the case any further because I didn't
believe it to be genuine ET contact. Surely, with a balanced
opinion on the case and looking at the case from both angles
would bring out the truth. However, I understand now that those
who believe it to be genuine et contact _have_ to believe it or
the ETs will no longer contact them. How sad.

I am no longer involved with the UFO group in question, and
wondered whether this is the standard set by other investigators
and UFO groups. Do you _have_ to believe what you are
investigating is real or are sceptics allowed a look-in in

My feeling is that sceptics and hardened believers should be
allowed to mix and review cases. This way a balanced view of the
phenomenon can be gained and the facts can emerge.

Any comments?

Yours, Tony