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BAR 199807

From: Bufo Calvin <BufoCalvin@aol.com>
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July, 1998 (Vol 1, #7)

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The Field Guide To North American Monsters Subtitle: Everything
You Need to Know About Encountering Over 100 Terrifying
Creatures in the Wild
Field Guide to North American Monsters) by W. Haden Blackman
Paperback (272 pages) June, 1998 List Price: $15.00, Amazon
Price*: $12.00 "As long as you recognize that monsters free us
from stale routine and return to us a sense of wonder lost with
the end of childhood, your search for monsters has been a
success." --W. Haden Blackman, The Field Guide to North American

If that's all you want, you may be satisfied with this book. If
you are interested in cryptozoology (as opposed to what the
author calls "monsterology"), you may be a bit disappointed.

Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed the book. It's just that it owes
far more allegiance to Jeff Rovin's remarkable popular culture
reference works than it does to Bernard Heuvelmans. There is no
attempt to be scientific: it's quite clear that the point of the
book is to entertain.

The book contains several inaccuracies and omissions, albeit
amusingly written. For instance, Roger Patterson is described as
leaping from his horse to pursue bigfoot (when he made the most
famous film of the creature). The accounts that I have read have
always made it clear that the horse was spooked, and his
dismount was due to the rearing. Similarly, the escape of Albert
Ostman, who claimed to have been kidnapped by a bigfoot in 1924,
is described this way: "...Ostman fired his rifle into the air,
startling the family, then bolted from the valley."  No mention
of the "old man" sasquatch allegedly downing a box of snuff
first which incapacitated him.

Both of these "plot elements", which to me seem to make the
stories more interesting, are reported in the one "classic"
bigfoot book cited in Blackman's bibliography (Peter Byrne's THE
SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT). Blackman may have chosen not to include
them, or perhaps didn't read the book thoroughly. Not
surprisingly, he doesn't list other early major bigfoot authors:
Sanderson, Green, Napier, etc. These books, sadly, are not that
easy to obtain. Books on these topics are treated as ephemera. I
had hoped the OPUS Educational Institute could  help address
this issue. I have renewed hopes for the new Charles Fort

I have only discussed bigfoot, but one of the strengths of the
book is the breadth (if not depth) of coverage. It's nice to see
mention of some of the less well-known monsters, like the
Chicken Man or the Bear Lake Serpent. Unfortunately,
cryptozoology students will probably find it =too= inclusive.
The author blithely mixes creatures which witnesses have
arguably presented in sincerity with urban legends, denizens of
"creative taxidermy" (like the jackalope) and Amerind mythology.
In at least one case, the entity seems to be directly from
fiction: the Flesh Eater type zombie is straight out of George
Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Has anyone ever actually
reported encountering these?

I could go on and on: the apparently arbitrary statistics, the
way that almost every entry has to be (in some cases
contradicting the main body of the article) described as a
threat, etc. If any of the Editors on this list would like a
longer review, please let me know. Let me sum it up this way:
it's fun and well-written, but using it as a reference would be
like basing your World
War II report on HOGAN'S HEROES.



Interesting, two different correspondents apparently independently recommended
the following book:

Everything You Know Is Wrong, Book One: Human Origins
Everything You Know Is Wrong, Book 1: Human Origins)
by Lloyd Pye
Paperback, January 1997
List Price: $20.00, Amazon Price*: $20.00

>Here is a great book I would recommend to anyone interested in
>an alternative explanation to Darwinism and Creationism, based
>on the works of Zecharia Sitchin. --phiroc@ix.netcom.com

>If you have not reviewed Lloyd Pye's book Everything You Know
>Is Wrong; Book I: Human Origins, you are missing the boat on a
>most interesting book. Even if you don't agree with all of the
>concepts, it is still a most informative book , full of
>exceptional information. If you haven't reveiwed it and choose
>to, yes, you  may use my name as having referred it to you.

I'm hoping to get a copy of it soon, so that I can let you know
what I think. Thank you again for your recommendations!  If
=you= have a book (or video, etc.) to recommend, I'd appreciate
the opportunity to pass it along. Please be sure to let me know
if you would like to be cited.


Some of the items recently added to Bufo's WEIRD WORLD BOOKS:

Alien Agenda
Alien Agenda (paperback))
by Jim Marrs
Paperback, August 1998
List Price: $6.99, Amazon Price*: $5.59

Subtitle: Travels Inside the Secret World of Roswell and Area 51
Dreamland (Patton)
by Phil Patton
Hardback, August, 1998
List Price: $25.00, Amazon Price*: $17.50

Edgar Cayce on the Millenium
Edgar Cayce on the Millenium)
by Jess Stearn
Paperback, August 1998
List Price: $6.50, Amazon Price*: $5.20

The Mars Mystery
Subtitle: The Secret Connection Linking Earth's Ancient Civilization and the
Red Planet
The Mars Mystery)
by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval
List Price: $26.00, Amazon Price*: $18.20

Time Travelers From Our Future
Subtitle: An Explanation of Alien Abduction]
Time Travelers From Our Future
by Bruce Goldberg
Paperback, July 1998
List Price: $12.95, Amazon Price*: $10.36

The Uninvited
Subtitle: An Expose of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon
The Uninvited (Pope))
by Nick Pope
Hardback, June 1998
List Price: $22.95, Amazon Price*: $22.95

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