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PHENOMENON # 9 - Part 1

From: Bob Tidwell <bob.t@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 12:40:58 -0700
Fwd Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 18:19:37 -0400
Subject: PHENOMENON # 9 - Part 1


     E-Mail Newsletter             A Forum for the
     Issue # 9 - Part 1         Strangeness Around us
     June 1, 1998


         In This Issue

                   Part 1

               *** Editor's Notes
               *** Articles from Back Issues
               *** FOIA and the Internet
               *** Newsletter Guidelines

                   Part 2

               *** The Rest of the Story


                     Quote of the Week

Once I was sure what life was about.....now I listen to Art
Bell and wonder....is paranoia an occupation or a hobby?



                  Editor's Notes

Welcome to issue number 9.

Trying to unravel the mysteries around us can get to be very
frustrating at times. So much so, that we tend to turn against
each other in order to vent that frustration. For over 50 years
now we have tried to understand those strange lights in the sky,
but with very little success. They are very much like the carrot
dangling at the end of the stick, and just out of our reach,
which sometimes makes us feel like the jackass tied to the other

Maybe it's time for us to forget about the carrot, and instead go
after those responsible for tying the stick on us in the first
place. They seem to have control of the best carrots, and need to
be persuaded to share theirs with us.

This issue's article, "The Rest of the Story", is about the
information game, and how it, the lack of it, or the misuse of
it, has been used to turn us away from our goals and against each
other. You may, or may not, agree with this article, but it will
have served it's purpose if it only makes you stop and think
about what's being done to us.

On another note, starting very soon I will be taking on an extra
workload in preparation for my retirement, and will have less
time to devote to this newsletter, which I very much enjoy
working on. This means that after this issue it will be sent on a
when-I-get-it-ready type of schedule. I still welcome all of your
comments, and will continue to present articles that hopefully
will give you something to think about.

Thanks again, and save me a carrot if you get there first.

      ~~~ Bob ~~~


          Articles from Back Issues

The following articles from back issues of PHENOMENON are
available to anyone that wishes to requests them:

     The Big Bang -- (issue # 1)
     The Roswell Transistor -- (issue # 2)
     50 Years of UFO Investigation:
        What Have we Learned? -- (issue # 3)
     Back to the Moon Again? -- (issue # 4)
     The Nature of our Souls -- (issue # 4)
     The True Nature of UFO Radar Reports -- (issue # 5)
     Archeological Coverups? ~~
     Editor's Notes for Part 2 ~~
     The PHOENIX GAZETTE Article -- (issue # 6)
     Coverups and Conspiracies -- (issue # 7)
     Technology and UFO Investigations -- (issue # 7)
     A Secret Holographic Project? -- (issue # 7)
     The Grays - and their Long Journey Home   (issue # 8)

Send your request to:


Thanks,       ~~~ Bob ~~~


             FOIA and the Internet

If you've ever thought of trying your hand at submitting a
Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, the Internet is the
best place to start. For those of you that have never submitted a
request, and would like to know more about FOIA, I recommend that
you first check out the American Civil Liberties Union web page


This site contains a step-by-step guide that should answer most
of your questions. After you've read this guide and feel
comfortable with the way FOIA works, and the steps needed to
submit such a request, it would be wise to then first search the
net for records of similar search requests. The information that
you want could have already been requested by someone else, and
is posted somewhere on the net.

Internet sites change frequently, so run a search often, using
several different search engines. This may turn out to be a
tedious task, but it depends on how bad you want the information.
You might even find that searching the net is your niche in
helping to solve some of our mysteries. I have several friends
that are very good at this, and are always ready and willing to
search for something unusual.

As you run more and more searches, you will start to develop your
own style. The trick is to have an idea of which keywords to
include, or ask to ignore. Most search engines will allow you to
include a multi-word name or phrase within quotation marks (such
as "Air Force" or "sometime in the morning"). Putting a + before
a word or phrase will force the search engine to only show you
those sites that contain the words that you are searching for. If
you leave off the +, then you'll also get close matches, which
you may or may not want. Putting a - before the word or phrase
will cause the search to ignore those items.

You might be surprised if the search results indicates several
hundred, or thousands, of possible matches. You then begin to
narrow the search by adding more key words and phrases. This
really is an art, as you will soon discover. The search engine
sites usually have further instructions that will enable you to
become an expert at search/surfing the net to find just that bit
of information that you're looking for.

Ok, so you're ready to start looking for FOIA information. You
enter +FOIA as the keyword to search for, and you see that your
request indicates that 38,840 web pages have that word included
somewhere in the body of their text. You could then add a
particular agency, such as +"Air Force", and you now have 2083
matching pages. Adding +UFO brings that down to 735. Including
further details, such as dates, names or locations, brings that
number down even further. After accessing a particular web page,
try using the "find" feature of the program that you are using
(Netscape, Explorer, etc...). When you are finished, use the
<back> button to return to the search engine to access the next

You will start to find the posted results of other persons, and
hopefully the information that you are looking for. If not, try
searching for a particular agency's FOIA web site. Some of these
agencies, such as the Air Force, have started publishing the
responses to frequently asked requests, through links at their
FOIA sites. If you decide to go ahead and submit a request of
your own, these sites will usually furnish you with the address
to send the request to, and some even allow you to do this

Some of the more popular search engines include:

Yahoo -------- http://www.yahoo.com
Hot Bot ------ http://www.hotbot.com
AltaVista ---- http://www.altavista.digital.com

These are by no means the only search engines available, and you
will find the ones that suite your needs the best. You might even
try searching for search engines.

Good luck and happy searching.

      ~~~ Bob ~~~


                    Newsletter Guidelines

                 PHENOMENON is a FREE newsletter

To add or remove yourself from our mailing list, please send an
E-Mail to:


The purpose of this free newsletter is to provide a forum for
information and discussion concerning the strangeness that
surrounds us in our daily lives. Articles, comments and/or
suggestions are welcome.

Articles may include, but are not limited to:
          ... UFOs & Ghost Lights
          ... The Paranormal
          ... New World Order
          ... Conspiracies
          ... Time Travel
          ... Hidden History
          ... etc...

We welcome:
          ... Feature Articles
          ... Analysis, Commentary or Updates
          ... Your Own Report of Strange Phenomena

All contributions to PHENOMENON E-Mail Newsletter must be in
English. We reserved the right to edit for language, grammar and

            Anonymity will be provided if requested.

Segments or single quotes from articles may be reprinted in other
newsletters, bulletin boards or web sites, with permission from
the Editor, as long as credit is given to PHENOMENON E-Mail
Newsletter and, if applies, to the original source.

       ~~~ Bob ~~~

                  (C) Bob Tidwell, 1998
                  ~~~ End of Part 1 ~~~

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