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PHENOMENON # 9 - Part 2

From: Bob Tidwell <bob.t@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 12:43:37 -0700
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Subject: PHENOMENON # 9 - Part 2


     E-Mail Newsletter             A Forum for the
     Issue # 9 - Part 2         Strangeness Around us
     June 1, 1998


                       Part 2

               *** The Rest of the Story


             The Rest of the Story

Imagine that you are standing before two great doors, one of
which leads to the answers concerning a great mystery that could
change the world. The other door leads to lies and deceptions
that would take you further away from this mystery. These doors
are watched over by two guides, one of which always tells the
truth, and the other always lies. You don't know which guide
always tells the truth or which one always lies, but you can only
ask one question of either guide, and then open only one door.
What question would you ask?

Most people try to solve this riddle by thinking of a question
pertaining to the guides honesty or to the door itself. It is
solved though by asking either guide which door the other guide
would say held the correct answers, and then choosing the
opposite door.

Finding the answers to the UFO enigma is much like this riddle.
We are often faced with information that could be either fact or
fiction, or a combination of both, and we're not sure which
questions to ask in order to discover the correct answers, or who
to believe.

We were unable to solve the UFO mystery in the 1960s and 70s, so
we instead opened both doors and combined all of the answers,
true and false, into organized databases, from which we had hoped
that the mystery would unfold for us. So far no one has come up
with any definitive answers, only more information and more
questions. We still don't have any more answers than we had back
then, but our databases are sure getting bigger.

Maybe what we need is a new method of looking at this mystery.
After many years of my own personal research, I started to notice
that most of the time the small things that were happening
around the events that I was observing often were more important
that the actual event itself. Sort of like "watching the right
hand instead of the left." I've always enjoyed listening to Paul
Harvey's "The Rest of The Story" and decided to apply that
technique to my studies.  I went through my research data again,
this time avoiding the lure of the major event details, and
focused on what was unfolding on the sidelines.  It soon became
rather apparent that maybe we have been asking the wrong
questions and looking in the wrong directions.

In any proper research we should always keep an open mind, even
when the data at hand points us in a new direction that we don't
necessarily want to follow. A true researcher will allow the
facts to speak for themselves and be patient enough to add his or
her own interpretations much later.

We are also hampered by the possibility that we are being misled
by masters of disinformation and misinformation, which not only
results in us opening the wrong door, but also serves to hide
the correct door from our view altogether.

Disinformation is easier to prove as false because it contains
only information that is not true. It is sometimes spread by
including it with several pieces of true information, which
serves to give the impression that the disinformation is also
true, because of association.

Misinformation can be very tricky though, because it contains a
small amount of truth, allowing it to stand on it's own without
being tied to other truthful information. The problem arises in
trying to discover that small amount of truth, and to separate it
from the other misleading information.

Much of our present technological advancement is due to
discoveries that were made during WW II. War can be a great
motivator, and resulted in a great number of various technologies
that we commonly use today. There was another field though that
would prove to be more important than any other. This involved
the handling, transfer and storage of information.

Governments had to devise methods of safely getting correct
information to their various military units, while "allowing"
false information to fall into the hands of the enemy. Spies and
double agents were everywhere, so methods were developed that
would allow valuable information to be exchanged between leaders
on a "need to know only" basis and would be encoded so as to be,
or appear to be, worthless if intercepted by unfriendly forces.
The information would usually be destroyed, or further encrypted
upon receipt, while special safeguards would be used to safely
store this information at the originating end. This would insure
that certain high level information would only be accessible to
those that actually needed access to it.

At the same time, a misleading alternate form of the same
information would be sent and stored by other supposedly secure
means. This would help to keep attention away from the actual
information, which would have been indicated by a lack of it
indicated otherwise. At the same time, specially trained
personnel would be spreading various forms of the misinformation
in a manner that would allow it to fall into enemy hands, thus
creating confusion to anyone, including members of even our own

But what do these war-time information games have to do with the
modern day mystery of UFOs? While ufology dates from Kenneth
Arnold's sightings forward, for the military it started during
WW II. Military commanders were getting highly classified reports
of strange aircraft that were out-maneuvering anything we had in
the air at that time. At first they were suspected of being
secret German aircraft, but intelligence reports were unable to
verify this. These craft were the most highly sought after secret
of the war, and any information about them would have been
treated with the utmost secrecy.

When the war ended, Operation Paperclip, along with other
projects, was activated in order to attempt to track down these
mysterious craft. We got a major share of the technology and
personnel from Germany, and discovered that they also were
investigating these unknown aircraft, and were even trying to
duplicate them with a certain degree of success.

But after the war was over and the dust had settled, the
"unknowns" were still being reported. I personally talked to a
relative of General Jimmy Doolittle, and was told that one of his
major assignments after the war was to attempt to investigate and
track down these unknowns in the Pacific area. Whether he had any
luck or not, I don't know, but the U.S. government and the
military soon had a bigger problem. These strange aircraft were
now overflying the western portion of the United States at will.
The majority of the world was breathing a great sigh of relief,
but Washington and the military were still operating in a
war-time mode, and had no idea who the enemy was. While the rest
of the country was getting used to peace again, the military
was making an all-out effort to regain control of our skies and

This is why they have been able to continue to hide the more
important records of UFOs from the public. They were, and still
are, a part of the war-time information controls, thus enabling
these reports and records to remain hidden from public records,
and most FOIA requests.

Another "slight-of-hand" trick that was used, concerns which
branch of the military was given the primary assignment of
solving the mystery of the unknowns. The most advanced branch of
the military in the 1940s was the Navy. They controlled the
largest war machines, ships, which required more technology, and
the information specialists needed to safeguard this technology.
They were also more easily dispatched around the globe without
attracting the attention that an army unit would. They were also
becoming better equipped with a very important tool - radar.

When the Air Force was created in 1947, the Navy continued to
track and investigate the unknowns, while giving the appearance
to the public that this was being done by the Air Force. Projects
like Blue Book, Sign and Grudge were created to further divert
our attention from the Navy. As UFO reports would come in, the
more sensitive ones would go to the Navy, with the less sensitive
ones going to Blue Book. Most of the Air Force personnel,
including Blue Book members themselves, probably did think that
they actually had been assigned the real task of investigating

In 1947 though, something of great importance happened that would
change the Navy's game plan drastically. This would later be
known to future ufologists as the Roswell Incident. But before we
get into what may have happened at Roswell, let's look at another
problem that serves to further confuse a civilian study of UFOs.

We as individuals, tend to be very divided in the manner in which
we approach the study of UFOs, or anything else. We are very much
like the Indian legend of the six blind men and the elephant. In
this story, six blind friends hear the roar of an elephant in the
street. Having never experienced this creature, they all rush
outside to touch it.

The first man touches an ear, and proclaims that an elephant is a
wide rough thing, like a rug. The second man touches the trunk,
and proclaims it to be like a snake. The third man touches one of
the legs, and proclaims that an elephant is tall and firm, like a
tree. The fourth man touches the elephant's side, and proclaims
it to be wide and smooth, like a wall. The fifth man puts his
hands on one of the tusks, and proclaims it to be hard and sharp,
like a spear. The sixth man then grabs hold of the tail, and
proclaims that an elephant is like a long thin rope.

Afterwards the six blind friends get into a heated argument as to
what an elephant is really like. Each man insists that he is
right, as he has touched it with his very own hands. The owner of
the elephant hears all the shouting and comes over to see what
all the fuss is about. "Each of you is right, and each of you is
wrong,"  he tells them. "One man may not be able to find the
whole truth by himself, just a small part of it. But if we work
together, each adding our own piece to the whole, we can find

Modern ufology has become very much like this story, with various
ufologists each clinging to their very own piece of the UFO
mystery, and choosing to be blind to anyone else's piece that
may also fit, regardless of how different or contradictory it may
appear to be on the outside.

This is where "The Rest of the Story" might be able to help.
Let's stop arguing about terminology, and each other, and put all
of our various pieces together to perhaps enable us to see the
whole picture. The dis/mis-information specialist are probably
laughing their rear ends off right now, as we are making their
jobs so easy for them. Let's also take off the blinders and see
what happening on the sidelines, instead of concentrating on
where the information specialist are directing us to look.

With this in mind, let's take another look at a couple of events
that happened in 1947, and perhaps the sideline details can allow
us to look at the left hand instead of the right.

First, there is the incident that started all of this, the
Kenneth Arnold sighting. Once the term "flying saucer" was etched
into the public's mind, along with thoughts of visitors from
other worlds, the information specialists had a ready-made means
of controlling our perception of these unknowns. It made no
matter that this could actually be true. They would focus our
attention on "aliens" and "little green men", thus blinding us to
only this one aspect of the mystery. The Navy would now have
scores of new sky watchers searching the heavens, enabling them
to have more information to add to their investigation of the
unknowns. If it they did actually turn out to be beings from
another world, then it would also serve to acclimate the general
public, which would be better than having it disclosed all at
once and having widespread panic. In order to keep the public
from getting too serious about flying saucers, a fringe element
would also be introduced through movies and certain selected
individuals. The information specialists would be both promoting
and ridiculing this subject, in order to maintain just the right

Getting back to Kenneth Arnold, this incident served to indicate
a very important fact as to what was really happening in 1947.
Other persons, also pilots, had also observed and reported these
same unknown craft, but Arnold would be the perfect All-American
witness to be used to launch a massive misinformation program
that is still in effect today. The Navy could not allow their
investigators to be seen in Naval uniforms, so these agents would
probably have been in Army, Army Air Corp, and later in Air Force
uniforms. This was, and still is, a common intelligence trick
that is used by the military to divert attention in other

This brings us to the two A-2 Military Intelligence officers that
investigated Arnold's sightings. Where these officers
investigating other sightings before Arnold's? If so, then this
would indicate that the military already had an organized unit in
place that was investigating what would later be referred to as
UFOs. In fact, the term "UFO" was originated by the military, and
was not created by a civilian source.

Arnold was also asked by Ray Palmer to investigate a strange
incident near Tacoma, Washington, which ended with the death of
the two A-2 Military Intelligence investigators. This episode is
so full of strangeness that an entire article would be required
in order to adequately cover all the aspects that were involved.
The only thing that I would like to mention about it is that one
of the key witness, Fred Crisman, was later discovered to have
also been an intelligence agent. The information specialists were
in full control.

The Navy was making progress in their investigations into the
possible sources of these UFOs, but what they needed was more
tangible evidence, so a special project was started in an attempt
to bring down one of these unknowns. They had gotten word that
radar tests that were being conducted in the 4-corners region of
the Southwest, were possibly interfering with these unknown
craft. After determining that certain radar patterns actually did
appear to have an effect on these craft, it was decided that a
high power "sweep" of the area using these patterns might be
enough to bring down one or more of the unknowns.

The problem was that, if it worked, special military teams would
have to be standing by, in order to collect the wreckage and
bodies before anyone knew what had happened. If they were unable
to contain the situation, then a cover story would be required.

Sometime during the first week of July, one or more of these
"radar sweeps" succeeded in bringing down several of the unknown
aircraft. In most cases there were so few witnesses as to be
easily controlled, but at least one of these UFOs had crashed near
 the town of Roswell, New Mexico. Police and firefighters
from the town managed to get fairly close to the crash site, but
the information specialists decided that they would still be able
to control the situation.

A new problem arose though when a rancher turned up in town a few
days later with actual pieces of the wreckage. It was then
decided by the information specialists that the control story
would be required. The Roswell base commander was instructed to
have the base information officer deliver a carefully prepared
statement to the local press, stating that the Army had recovered
one of the "flying disks." This would focus attention to just the
Roswell area, and away from the other crash sites, some of which
were still being cleared of wreckage.

This would also give the higher-ups a chance to see what kind of
panic might develop if the public ever had to be told that flying
saucers actually were a reality.

The Roswell crash was then quickly controlled by having a high
ranking officer, along with someone from Roswell that was
connected to the incident, pose with a sample of the crash
material for a photographer, and claim that it was pieces of a
weather balloon.. If anyone were to look further into the Roswell
crash, they would automatically be associated with flying saucers
and weather balloons, and well within the limits of their
information controls. It worked for a good many years.

[I wonder what was found at the crash sites that frightened the
government and the military so much that this incident must
remain hidden even today?]

The Roswell incident has been covered more than any other event
in the history of ufology. But, let's take a look at the sideline
events and see if anything further comes to light with "the rest
of the story."

The first thing that should be plainly evident is that no base
commander in his right mind would tell his information officer to
proclaim that they had a "flying saucer" unless they actually did
have one or was instructed to do so by a higher authority. If
this was not so, then what possible motive did he have in doing
this? Walter Haut, the information officer, has admitted that he
did not write the press release himself, but had received the
information directly from Colonel Blanchard, and that the press
release might even have already been prepared and written,
possibly even from a source higher than Blanchard.

Then there's the military soldiers at the crash site near
Roswell. There were trucks, tents, special equipment, and lots of
soldiers guarding the perimeter of the crash area. It's possible
that the local army base had some of these supplies, but this was
a major operation, requiring lots of equipment. And where did all
of the soldiers come from? Roswell had an Army Air Corp base,
where pilots, mechanics, technicians, office personnel, etc...
would be stationed. Yes, this was the only "atomic air base" in
the world, but would they have had that many security personnel
that they could spare? If so, then what type of incident would
require that they all be sent to this one area, leaving the base
relatively unguarded? It would be safer to assume that these
military personnel were a part of some other group, one that was
prepared for just such an event. This might also be the reason
that former personnel from Roswell don't remember anything like
this happening. Maybe they weren't there.

If Mac Brazel, the rancher who brought the pieces of wreckage
into town, had only found parts of a weather balloon, why was he
detained at the Army base for several days. Even his statement
to reporter Frank Joyce; "You know how they talk about little
green men? Well,  they weren't green", sounds like a conditioned
response that he was supposed to repeat. And don't forget the new
truck that he was soon driving around town.

Then there's the use of weather balloons as the answer to this
riddle. I can't imagine Major Marcel bringing home pieces of a
weather balloon for his family to look at, and thinking that it
was something else. He had seen weather balloons before, and
should have been able to recognize one. The Air Force now claims
that this whole incident involved a secret Mogul balloon, but it
so happened that another family had actually found a Mogul
balloon on their property, and the military had politely asked
that they not tell anyone, because of national security reasons.
They weren't told that someone would find their bones in the
desert if they talked. There's also the fact that the balloon
story and pieces were presented at the Army base in Ft. Worth,
instead of at Roswell. The information specialists were playing
the old shell game very well.

A final curiosity arose a few weeks ago while I was going thru
Government sites on the Internet. Several Roswell citizens have
talked about a red-haired Army Captain that had rudely threatened
them concerning the pieces of strange metal that they had
handled. This person could possibly have been a Naval
intelligence office wearing an Army uniform. I humorously asked
Kevin Randle a few years ago how many red-headed intelligence
officers the military had in 1947, and where was L. Ron Hubbard
at that time. (He actually added the possibilities up in his head
and politely gave me an answer.) The strange thing is, a fire at
the National Archives and Records Administration Center in St.
Louis destroyed a large number of Air Force personnel records in
1973, and the records that were lost were from September 25,1947
to January 1,1964; starting with Hubbard. ??? Army records from
1912 to 1960 were also lost.

Ok, so much for the sidelines. Let's get back to the rest of the
story again. Some very excellent researchers have managed to
bring Roswell back to our attention after all these years, but,
like the blind men and the elephant, are only "touching" one part
of the whole story. It reminds me of the lyrics from a Buffalo
Springfield song, "nobody's right if everybody's wrong." Wouldn't
it be nice if all of the Roswell researchers stopped arguing as
to whether or not their locations, dates and accounts were true,
and simply considered the possibility that they all had some
correct pieces to this puzzle?. Maybe a different situation would
then become apparent.

I would now like to present yet another analogy to our problems
with present day ufology. Imagine, if you will, a sealed box
lying on a table in a room. A group of ufologist experts are then
brought into the room and told that this box contains a great
secret concerning the UFO mystery, and that the box will
automatically open in one hour to disclose this secret. The
experts are then left to themselves to discuss this disclosure.

Some of the ufologist state that "it's about time we were told
the truth" or "I knew that the time was near." Others give their
opinion as to the contents of the box. Some feel that it will
prove that UFOs are from other worlds, while others proclaim this
to be nonsense, and that UFOs are of Earthly manufacture. Before
the hour is up, these experts are in total disagreement, and
aren't talking to each other.

At the end of the hour the box opens to revel nothing but an
empty box. The ufologists then begin to argue with each other
again over this new discovery, and angrily walk out of the room,
uttering a few four letter words under their breath.

Isn't this the way ufology has become lately? Wouldn't it have
been more productive if the ufologists had simply waited for the
box to open, and upon discovering that it was empty, have decided
to go find out who was responsible for the box in the first place?

We are sometimes presented with all sorts of boxes, belonging to
events such as Adamski, the Alien Autopsy, Billy Meiers, etc...
Wouldn't it be more productive to stop arguing about the event,
and instead attempt to find the cause of the event?

I personally admit that I don't know the answer to the UFO
mystery. I can only investigate what my mind allows me to
"touch", but at the same time I realize that this mystery is also
touching the minds of others. Hopefully we can somehow put all of
our minds together, and take away our blindness so that we can
see the elephant for what it really is! Then maybe we can also
see the guides for what they truly are, and ask the right
question that will allow us to open the correct door.

   ~~~ Bob Tidwell ~~~

                  (C) Bob Tidwell, 1998
                       ~~~ End ~~~

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