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Re: A New Approach?

From: ufotruth@ix.netcom.com [William Hand]
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 07:43:38 -0500 (CDT)
Fwd Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 15:53:21 -0400
Subject: Re: A New Approach?

>Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 22:55:11 -0700
>From: Terry Blanton <commengr@bellsouth.net>
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: A New Approach?

>Dear List:

>I see that ORTK is planning a new hundred person march on
>Washington to demand release of UFO information.

Which I fully support and think is a good idea.

>CSETI and Dr. Greer continue to petition the Lord (gov't) with
>Prayer (demands for congressional hearings).

Which I fully support and think is a good idea. But he is
petitioning anyone with "prayer" at all. CSETI has simply
presented evidence and data about UFOs/ETs to various
government representitives, many of which are in the congress
or senate, and asked them to have hearings. It might work
or it might not. But at least they are trying to do something
to get the FULL TRUTH about UFOs/ETs disclosed.

I am sure they do not appreciate your rude comment after
all of the hard work they have done.

>The UFO Lawyer has filed a suit, with an octagenerian colonel's
>(forthcoming) notarized statement, demanding disclosure of ET

Which I fully support and think was a good idea. He might win
the case and UFO information about Roswell might be released or
it is possible that the case will be dismissed and no information
will be released. But at least he is trying to get the FULL TRUTH

>And many think the Paradigm Clock is soon to strike the witching

Some think that. Personally, I hope that the Paradigm Clock is
going to strike soon but I really think it is going to take a
lot more effort to force the government/military to disclose
the FULL TRUTH about UFOs/ETs.

>Personally, I think we are pissing up the wrong tree.

No. We are not. Many of us in the UFO/ET community are trying
to get disclosure in different ways. Someways might be better
than others but at least ufologists are TRYING to force the
government/military to disclose the truth and maybe if enough
people try in different ways to disclose the truth someone
might eventually get lucky! Remember all we need is ONE tiny
admission about one UFO crash, mass sighting, UFO landing,
or something similar to get a crack in the coverup that we
can force open.

>How can we demand that the powers that be disclose that which
>they have eternally claimed does not exist?  We must provide a

We can demand it very easily. Be trying to get congressional
hearings, by protesting outside of the White House, by taking
government/military agencies to court, and by other methods. If
we keep on demanding for long enough then the truth will come
out sooner or later and hopefully it will be sooner.

>path which saves face.  We should cease demanding an illumination
>of the past and require the military establishment and our
>government begin to do their jobs.

That is a bunch of BULL. First of all we should DEMAND that we
are told the FULL TRUTH about what has happened in the past when
it comes to the government and military's interaction with UFOs
and/or ETs. We are the people that PAY for and are supposed to
BE the government so we have a RIGHT to know the truth, the full
truth, and nothing but the truth!

We should all keep on demanding the FULL TRUTH about ALL events
relating to UFOs/ETs whether they be PAST, PRESENT, or in the
FUTURE. We should NOT give up our RIGHTS and let the FREAKS
that keep the coverup going get away with their crimes and go

>Instead of asking for that which can never be disclosed, why not

Again that is BULLCRUD. Any information can be disclosed. It just
takes enough PRESURE on certain government/military agencies to
get it disclosed. Those in charge of the coverup might try their
hardest to prevent information from being disclosed but the info
SURE CAN be disclosed if we work hard enough and apply enough

Whether they want to disclose the info or not we have a RIGHT
to any and all UFO/ET information that our government and/or
military has. PERIOD. The public has a RIGHT to it and we
should keep on DEMANDING it.

Once the public knows the FULL TRUTH about our government and
military's interaction with UFOs/ETs in the past then trust me
the public will MAKE SURE that the government/military starts
doing its job and telling us the FULL TRUTH about every single
new UFO/ET incident, sighting, video, etc.

>ask that these people who are *presently* in power do that with
>which they are presently tasked?  We should be asking the

Yes. Those that are presently in power should do their job and
pull up the archived files about UFOs/ETs that have been covered
up for so long and put them right on the web for EVERYONE to see.
They should also put the Roswell UFO and any other UFO/ET photos,
debris, videos, films, or wreckage on PUBLIC DISPLAY.

Those in power should do their jobs and make sure that the public
who pays for their meals, food, cars, cloths, and homes knows the
FULL TRUTH about UFOs/ETs and every other important issue facing
this nation!

>military and government fulfill their obligation of protecting
>the populace.

Well, if the government/military wants to protect us that is fine
but at the same time they still do not have a right to LIE to us.
We have a right to know the truth the full truth and nothing but
the truth from our government. So the FIRST thing that needs to
be done is they need to tell us the TRUTH.

>When inquired about UFO's, the military always falls back on
>Bluebook saying that UFO's offer no threat to the country.  Well,
>it's time this stasis ended!!  We tell them, "Okay, in 1952, they
>posed no threat, but how the hell do you know that what we are
>seeing today poses no threat???"

That is BULL. If UFOs were no threat whatsoever there would not
be a UFO/ET coverup! The UFOs/ETs or at least some of the
different species visiting this planet must be at least a
possible threat or there would have been no reason for
the coverup to ever exist. But we must remember that even
if the UFOs/ETs wanted to CONQUER the earth we the public
STILL have a right to know whether the aliens are fluffy
little bundles of joy or hateful and ruthless borg like

>The argument is a simple one.  Given that there are other planets
>in the galaxy (proved) and that it is likely that intelligent
>life exists elsewhere; eventually, they could show up on our
>doorstep.  And their intentions are just as likely to be bad as

But either way the government has a DUTY to tell us the full
truth whether the aliens are evil, horrible, bad, family
oriented, Christian, Nazi, nice, kind, or benign.

>We need to stop accepting the "Bluebook Explanation" and insist
>that our government do their job.  The past few years have

Of course. We need the government to tell us the truth about
Bluebook and how it was really just a cover to hide the truth
that UFOs/ETs exist and are visiting earth from the public.

>resulted in some of the most phenomenal sightings.  When our Air
>Force says, "We no longer investigate UFO's," we should respond
>with, "Then what the hell are we paying you for???"

The problem is that the Air Force DOES investigate UFOs/ETs. They
just do not want to ADMIT IT. That is why we need to force them
about ALL important issues INCLUDING UFOs/ETs!

>If it's a UFO, they damned well better investigate it; because,
>it's *unidentified*.  And it's up to us to demand that they do so
>and report to the Boss.  And if this is still a government
>of/for/by the people, we have the right to know (as the Boss)
>whether this new UFO just happens to be the one from
>"Independence Day."

Well, I am glad that you realize that we have a right to know
the full truth about UFOs/ETs. The thing is if we can get the
truth out of them about even ONE UFO INCIDENT then that will
be the "crack in the door" we need to push the door wide open
and expose the FULL TRUTH.

Do you realize that if the government just admitted the truth
that an unknown and possibly ET craft crashed at Roswell what
would occur? The media would be all over it! The public would
be FACINATED! Once they realized that the government/military
lied to us about Roswell about a few hundred times to hide the
truth about ET life then they would REALLY start hounding the
government for ALL the information they have.

But really I just think we need to keep on pressuing for ALL
info from the government/military. Past, Present, and any
info they get in the future.

Best Regards,

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