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Re: Sheffield Incident Debunking the Debunkers

From: AlienHype1@aol.com [Max Burns]
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 07:26:07 EDT
Fwd Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 21:41:10 -0400
Subject: Re: Sheffield Incident Debunking the Debunkers

As everyone is aware im sure about the ongoing disagreement
between Mr David Clark (Bufora Press Officer) and myself
regarding the chain of events on the 24th march 1997, over the
City of Sheffield and the Peak district.

And the Latest comments from Mr Clark and his playgroup that I
have Fabricated or twisted what Mr Jonathan Dagenhart said to me
when I interviewed him (Mr Dagenhart is a member of the RAF)

For your information Mr Jonathan Degenhart

The conversation went like this. He concented to being recorded.(edited text)

Burns		Hell there

Dagenhart	Hello

Burns		So what happened that night? You'd been the Wales...

Dagenhart	Well we'd been to Wales, Um on the way home,
              Um driving down Snake Pass and all of a
              sudden just coming up to the viaduct this
              man stepped out in front of us, flagged us down 		                                                                         so we stopped, pulled over I was in the front of
              the minibus with the driver and another passenger
              so I wound my window down and he started speaking
              to us he said I've got to get to Sheffield,
              Sheffield and that's basically all he said.

Burns		Did he look in shock?

Dagenhart	Yer he didn't seem to really know which way
              Sheffield was or what he was doing or anything
              and the thing is I said at the time when I rang
              the police he smelled of diesel fuel, well since
              then I've joined the airforce and I'm now
              working for the airforce and it wasn't diesel
              fuel it was aviation fuel that he'd got on him.

Burns		Ah absolutely superb

Dagenhart	and I will put my money on that

Burns		You work for the airforce

Dagenhart	I work for the Royal Air Force

Burns		Where do you work? as a civilian for the airforce

Dagenhart	No I actually work for the airforce I am paid by the air force

Burns		Really can I ask you what job you do?

Dagenhart	I'm a jet engine specialist

Burns		A jet engine specialist

Dagenhart	Yes

Burns		And where do you work?

Dagenhart	At the moment I'm down in Wolverhampton but in
             July I'm moving up to Lock (unintelligable) in Scotland

Burns		And he didn't know where he was?

Dagenhart	No

Burns		Yer and there were no vehicles in the area

Dagenhart	There was nothing.

Burns		Do you remember anything else was his English good

Dagenhart	No it wasn't it was very poor very poor.

Burns		And it was definitely aviation fuel

Dagenhart	yes

Burns		and you can substantiate that because you now work
              for the Royal Air Force on jet engines you now what
              aviation fuel smells like
Dagenhart	yes

Burns		Yer is there anything else you can tell me about
              that night where on Ladybower was he?

Dagenhart	um

Burns		before you go over it or...

Dagenhart	Yer you know as you're coming from snake pass end

Burns		Yes

Dagenhart	You come up on to the Ladybower the smaller of the
              two viaducts going straight on to Sheffield

Burns		And he really didn't know where he was going

Dagenhart	He didn't know where he was going it looked like he
              just walked off a hill

Burns		Really did he have any mud or anything on him.
              Could you tell was his clothing dirty

Dagenhart	I couldn't tell

Burns		But as you work for the Royal Air Force on jet
              engines your absolutely 100% certain that it was
              aviation fuel not diesel

Dagenhart	yes

Burns              I might contact you again if that's OK

Dagenhart	Yes well this is my parents number and I'm hardly ever here

Burns		Well I'll leave a message for you

Dagenhart	yes

Burns		Now in my report do you ant me to change your name keep you anonymous

Dagenhart	To be honest I don't care

Burns		Thanks very much Jonathan

Dagenhart	You're welcome

Dagenhart	Yer I will

Burns		Thanks mate

Dagenhart	OK

Burns		Bye

Dagenhart 	Bye

Does this sound like a conversation with someone who I have
supposed  to have twisted what he's said It is without doubt that
the military are involved in a large cover up regarding the
attempted interception of the triangle, including conspriacy, the
placement of cover stories and debunking of witnesses, however
with this damming evidence from a member of Royal Air Force who
encountered the pilot or the co-pilot on Snake Pass about an hour
after the explosions occurred, stinking of aviation fuel within
three miles of Howden Moors, and as his job with the Air Force is
as a jet engine specialist, this witness is 100% certain that he
smelled aviation fuel on the man he encountered while on a mini
bus on the 24th March 1997.

This I feel places the M.O.D in a difficult situation, as I have
checked with all local filling stations and they assure me that
there is not much call for aviation fuel in the Peak District and
if there was, most people would put the fuel in a plane and not
take to wearing fuel as a fashion item while out walking.

Ohh and there's more

Update: Mr Jonathan Dagenhart

Telephoned me on the 12th of May at approx 11.30 and sounding
very flustered with a shaky voice informed me that I had twisted
what he said, and he no longer wanted to have his name put to his
original statement. He has also spoken with Mr Phil Taylor at the
News of the World informing him that he was going to lose his job
over his statement that he made to myself.

May I add that Mr Dagenhart is under the employ of the RAF where
he works on jet engines and when I questioned him about who had
spoken with him about this he just said a source I further
questioned him as to whether it was his employer the RAF who had
silenced him, and he replied that he could not say, on that he
ended the conversation and was very upset.

As far as I am concerned this proves the case, why would the RAF
be hauling an engineer over the hot coals like this to the point
of him telling a national news reporter that he was going to lose
his job, and trying to imply that I have twisted what he said,
bearing in mind that he made the comment about me twisting what
he had said before it has been in print anywhere, and he verified
the content of the taped transcript of our conversation to Mr
Mike Jarvis reporter for the News of The World in full and made
his statements freely and without prompting and when asked did he
want to remain anonamous he replied Im not bothered all of which
is on tape and can be cross verified by Mike Jarvis at the News
of The World.

Which I hope you all must agree for someone to turn around from
being not bothered to Im going to lose my job, proves my case
even more, why would the Militiary be pressurising a member of
there workforce to retract a statement about somthing they claim
has not occured.

I iterate to you all I have the Dagenhart tape and he first of
all made all comments freely and without promting and this
pivotal piece of evidence has been copied and sent to the four
corners of the planet.

The RAF are trying to make someone retract a statement about
something that they claim never happened anyway WHY ?

So Now Will you all stop listening to this group of distracters /
debunkers not sceptics, theres the evidence its put up or shut
time from me so I have released the taped interview to proove
once and for all who the liars are in the scenario, regarding the
Sheffield Flying triangle incident.Undisputable verafiable taped
testimony from a member of the RAF, can be heard and downloaded
at these two sites.


The report can also be read at

I will be the guest speaker on the IRC Undernet at Visitations
6th June 7pm Pacific  3.00am UK

To Answer your questions.. be there and here the truth

Hope this Finally clears things up

Max Burns

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