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Re: Examination of Roswell Photos Clears Air Force

From: Dennis Stacy <dstacy@texas.net>
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 00:36:17 -0500 (CDT)
Fwd Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 08:40:48 -0400
Subject: Re: Examination of Roswell Photos Clears Air Force

>>From: KRandle993@aol.com [Kevin Randle]
>>Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 12:58:31 EDT
>>To: updates@globalserve.net
>>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Examination of Roswell Photos Clears
>>                         Air Force General

>In essence told one story on tape in 1989 (before he was well
>known in the UFO side of life) THEN after almost 9 years of being
>exposed to various Roswell tales storys, hype, theories and
>otherwise, he is now telling a different story as he has become
>more known.

>This is very similar to other Roswell witnesses who fingered "the
>crash site" as being in one place, then when fame/money/or other
>reasons come along they change their story to fit the current
>situtation. As I recall we are up to 5-7 "this is the crash
>site..." locations around Roswell.


I appreciate that you finally appreciate the problem. But we only
have to extrapolate your argument one step further to cast
serious  aspersions on any number of allegedly original stories.
In other words, why should Jim Ragsdale's _first_ story be taken
at face value in light of subsequent ditherings and changes? Why
not assume he was dissembling -- cashing in on potential fame &
money -- to begin with? Ditto Frank Kaufmann and Frankie Rowe,
or, for that matter, Glenn Dennis.

Yes, we now have some 5-7 claimed crash sites. Perhaps you and
Stanton Friedman would like to apportion part of the blame for
same between you? Failing that, maybe you could just tell us
which crash site is the real one, and which fakes we should
avoid. After all, at $15 a pop, this stuff adds up pretty
quickly. Friedman is welcome to annoint his favorite crash site
as well, or sites, as the case may be. And of course you both
remain free to assign different dates to the many crashes, too.
If in doubt about any of the above, I cordially suggest you
consult The Day After Roswell by Mssrs. Cor$o and Birne$ for
definitive details, a move which should allay at least one or two
of my critics.


>Since we know that people in the Pentagon ordered Ramey not to
>discuss, talk about or otherwise and to give a cover story to the
>press , Ramey could walk out to the reporters and claim it was a
>kids kite and not be a hoaxer or liar, again because Ramey would
>have been held to a higher accountability standard then a lay
>person off the street.   His family should also understand this
>principle as well.

I'm growing somewhat weary of this line of thought as well, if
for no other reason than it could just as equally apply to the
Mogul balloon project. Is anyone on record as saying that a UFO
had to be covered up? No, they are not. So if Ramey and DuBose
were told to keep quiet, so what? No one has ever said they were
told to keep quiet about the remains of an extraterrestrial
spaceship, just that they were told to keep quiet and cover up.
Exactly the same orders would apply to Project Mogul -- like it
or not -- which was also classified at the time.


>What I am interested in is  an honest explaination as to why Bond
>said one thing on tape, why Bond is now denying ever saying it,
>and why Bond is telling a different story.

Human nature's a bummer, ain't it? I've been wondering how Cor$o
and Birne$ could collaborate on a complete work of fiction and
then pass it off as fact. But, hey, there you have it! What can I

>I do make a couple of predictions and I hope I am wrong.

> 1) These photos will be no  smoking gun one way or the other and or

> 2) We will still be talking about them 3 years from now as we do
>    on and off the MJ-12 documents, the alien autopsy film and
>    other similar  and or

>3) The skeptics will look at the blowups and claim "Well their it
>   is proof that it was a balloon all the time.  and or 4) As for
>   the so called symbols and writing, skeptics will probably make
>   the case that this was on all sorts of balloon trains
>   especially those mfg by the companys in question.

>5) When Mr. Mogel himself Charles Moore sees the blowups,
>   he will probably say "Yup, thats what I remember on balloon
>   trains..."

Since when is five a couple?

But to make a couple of predictions of my own (which will come

1) No information of however circumstantial or convincing a
nature will ever surface which will convince you that no
extraterrestrial craft(s) crashed at Roswell.

2) No information of however circumstantial or convincing a
nature will ever surface which will convince Stanton Friedman
that no extraterrestrial craft(s) crashed at Roswell, or that the
MJ-12 papers weren't produced as a result of same.

And I've got a third prediction as well: some people will
continue to believe Cor$o even _after_ they've read his book.
Just goes to show you.


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