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Re: Jazz Singer's True Account

From: John <jvif@spacelab.net>
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 13:00:00 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 13:09:45 -0400
Subject: Re: Jazz Singer's True Account

>From: Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk (Stig Agermose)
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 06:43:28 +0200
>Subject: "Jazz Singer's True Account Of Extraterrestrial Contact"

>From: The New York Post June 3. URL:






>Los Angeles singer Pamela Stonebrooke has upped the ante on
>true-life, alien-abduction books.


>"She recounts this act of interspecies intercourse in a graphic,
>no-holds-barred, tour de force description, unique in UFO
>literature, replete with precise physical and emotional detail,
>sensational without being sensationalistic," it says.

The tidal wave of pure insanity that surrounds this subject is
astounding. Michael Shain describes this human/alien porno book
as a, "no-holds-barred, tour de force description, unique in UFO
literature, replete with precise physical and emotional detail,
sensational without being sensationalistic,"

Pish-tosh, it's nothing _but_ sensationalistic. How often do you
hear of 'bidding at auction' between publishers? They're not
stupid, sex sells and in todays market anything with an "alien"
in it sells. Put the three together, sex, aliens, greed, and you
have the perfect formula for a popular best seller in 1998!

Pamela Stonebrooke will single-handedly set abduction research
back 30 years. (Easily 30 years) Just watch how guys like
Letterman and Leno jump on this new author! The level of public
incredulity will hit 10.

Pam can write about whatever she wants to and sell it to whoever
she wants to. This is America. The question is, _should she_.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe I've just developed a warped sense of
ethics or what will be or won't be helpful to the cause of truth
seeking re: alien abduction.

We're a joke man. The vast majority of the people out there
snicker and gigggle (if not guffaw) whenever the subject is
raised. I'm going to post a portion of a post that I made to the
members of AIC (Abduction Information Center) just to illustrate
my point.


Budd called me tonight and told me that the producer
from the David Letterman show had called and requested
that Budd appear as a guest and, (get this) they asked for
me specifically and Linda (from the "Witnessed" case) to
appear along with him. Must have gotten -my- name from
the website.

I told Budd to pass on it! Letterman is only going to use
anything we say as fodder for comedy material. Although
it would mean national exposure for Budd and his books
it would have done much more harm than good for us to
appear on such a venue. Budd agreed.

That's not why I am mentioning this. It just rubs my fur
the wrong way to think that Letterman and his staff think
that abductions and abductees make for good "comedy

What they wanted to do was to have Dave interview us in
a conference room, tape it, and then use it during the
show. Anyone who's seen the Letterman show is familiar
with the format that I just described.

In essence, what they would have done is, take
the finished tape of our interviews, send it in to Daves'
writers, pick whatever bits they could write good jokes
about and air it as one of the many 'ha-ha' segments on
Lettermans' show.

Screw that, and screw Letterman for trying. Ya know, even
if we were all suffering from a psychological disorder,
why would that low-life want to make fun of it/us? I
also know that all topics are fair game for comedy. But
you don't get a cripple up onstage with you and goof on
wheelchairs, or have a rape victim standing there while
you tell 'rough sex' jokes. Dealing with this stuff has
been one of the hardest ordeals I've ever been through.
It's rough on a lot of ordinary folks that would rather
it all be happening to someone else.

Hopefully one day we -may be- taken seriously. For now,
all we're good for as far as the media and a majority of
the poeple is concerned is- a good laugh.

Well, I'm not laughing. I'm sure you're not either.


John -Trying my best to represent us all as well as I can.


Stig's original post goes on to say,

>"She's hilariously funny too," says agent Sandra Martin , who
>represents the singer Jewel . "She says: "Why would I make this
>stuff up? It doesn't exactly help my singing career, does it?'"

Yeah honey, but I'll bet the hundred grand didn't hurt your bank
account either! <EG>

Pamela's getting ready to go out and bury us all a little
deeper. I wish I could show her the potential for damage
to us all. So freaking frustrating and sad.

John Velez, (Tired of all the BS)

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