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The Sheffield Non-Incident

From: David Clarke <dclarke14@compuserve.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 15:00:00 -0400
Fwd Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 09:22:02 -0400
Subject: The Sheffield Non-Incident

The so-called "Sheffield incident" rather than being the biggest
UFO event this decade, as some people desperate for fame and
money would pretend, is more likely the biggest load of bull..

Max Burns' ever more desperate and obsessive attempts to prop up
the case he was determined would be "Britain's answer to Roswell"
grow funnier by the minute.

No one doubts lots of people saw funny lights and aeroplanes in
the sky over the Peak District on march 24, 1997..least of all
me....the RAF have admitted in Parliament they were involved in a
low-flying exercise that night which involved jets flying as low
as 250 foot as part of training for action in the Gulf.

The Tornados involved were not interceptor type fighters, they
were Gr1 strike bombers based at RAF Marham in Norfolk, planes
which would not be used in any interception mission involving a
potential UFO.

What people saw that night were not UFOs, they were military jets
and possibly a low-flying civilian aircraft too (it was even
filmed over the Sheffield, and I have a copy of the video).

We can argue all day about what people did or did not see, but
Max's report about this incident boils down to one specific

Namely, he claims a UFO - or Extraterrestrial craft in his case -
shot down a pursuing Tornado fighter over Sheffield that night
with the death of its pilot.

I challenge Max, as I have done on several occasions in the past
to provide me with:

1. The name of the base from which this Tornado was flying, and
its registration number

2. The name of the pilot who he claims died as a result of an
Extraterrestrial attack.

Despite repeatedly promising to supply this information, so far
Max has come up with zilch.

These are big claims, and without any solid evidence to back them
up Max's Sheffield Report remains just another collection of
stories from people who saw lights in the sky.

I have put the MOD on the spot over this incident and asked them
directly if they scrambled jets that night to intercept a UFO.
They have categorically denied such an event took place, and
maintain all military aircraft flying that night were taking part
in a pre-planned and pre-booked training exercise.

No doubt Max will claim they are lying and I am just another
agent of the cover-up, but these statement have been made on the
record and if they are lies then they can be challenged in the
House of Parliament if necessary.
If Max can provide me with one shred of solid evidence to back up
his claim that an alien craft shot down a Tornado that night -
surely the most momentous event in the history of the world -
then we can take this case further.

If he cannot provide the name of the base, and the name of the
pilot (hasn't his family wondered where he has been for the last
14 months?) then these claims should be regarded as the
unsubstantiated nonsense which they surely are.

In fact, so sure is he of what happened that night that his story
has changed on several occasions: first the Tornado had been shot
down and crashed into a reservoir with the loss of both its pilot
and co-pilot, then it had been "vanished" or captured. now the
co-pilot has managed to bail out and tried to hitch a lift back
into Sheffield while covered in aviation fuel.

If it wasn't so serious a claim it would be good material for a
Monty Python sketch, but it's obvious even Max himself can't
decide which one of these fantasies he is going to run with.

Even the News of the World - a downmarket rag known for
swallowing some of the biggest turkeys in the history of
newspapers - did not believe Max's claims so his chances of
pursuading the rest of the real world amount to precisely zilch.

So come on Max - put up or shut up - where is your evidence?

Who saw a UFO shoot down a Tornado?

Where was the Tornado based?... and what was the name of the

I would lay a hefty bet that you will never be able to answer
these questions because this event simply never happened.

And finally, in the case of Mr Dagenhart - despite Mr Dagenhart
expressly asking Max Burns not to use his name in connection with
his claims, Max continues to do so to all and sundry on the

What this shows is Max's complete disregard for an individual's
wish to remain anonymous and the ethics which he employs in the
course of his "investigations."

Mr Dagenhart has not been "silenced" by the MOD, his "source" was
in fact myself (but as you all know, I'm working for MI5). When I
contacted him and read him selected portions from Max's Sheffield
report (which Max had promised to send him but never did) he was
quite simply and to use his own words "horrified".

Dagenhart says Max made no reference to his claims about a
Tornado being shot down by a UFO in the conversations they had,
and certainly did not tell him he was intending to use his
(Dagenharts) testimony in a story claiming that he had seen the
co-pilot of a Tornado shot down by a UFO.
That is why this witness withdrew his evidence. He says the man
was not dressed in RAF flying gear, he was an Indian or Caribbean
man dressed in dark clothing.

It's a huge jump in logic and the rules of evidence to claim this
proves he was the co-pilot of a downed Tornado.

All this proves is simply how gullible some UFO believers really

For those who are inferested in what REALLY happened on March 24,
1997, my feature article in the forthcoming issue of UFO Magazine
(published at the end of this month) will set out the facts - ALL
of them backed up by checkable, verifiable sources of evidence.

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