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Re: Examination of Roswell Photos Clears Air Force

From: ufotruth@ix.netcom.com [William Hand]
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 13:35:20 -0500 (CDT)
Fwd Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 09:14:43 -0400
Subject: Re: Examination of Roswell Photos Clears Air Force

>From: JBONJO@aol.com
>Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 10:39:23 EDT
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Examination of Roswell Photos Clears
>             Air Force General

>If you have any specific questions re the Roswell fotos, please
>email them to me and I will attempt to address them. Please
>include your name, location, and agreement that these can be
>posted on the web.


Mr. James Bond Johnson,

First of all I would like to state that you are not the Roswell
Crash Photographer. The only thing you photographed was the
weather balloon JUNK that General Ramey displayed in his office.
What you photographed was nothing but a pile of junk that General
Ramey had switched for the REAL extraterrestrial wreckage that
was recovered. Now, I did not say the above to trash, bash, or be
rude to you. I said it because it is the truth.

Heck, at least we know the Army did tell the truth about one
What was photographed in Ramey's office was nothing but a weather
balloon just like they said. Should we believe that what they
displayed to the public was anything else? Surely, if they did
lie to us and what they found was NOT a weather balloon they
would NOT have displayed the UNKNOWN material to the PRESS for
them to photograph! They would have simply gotton a weather
balloon out of storage, had a few people stomp on it, partially
burn it, and then display it to the public and told them that was
what they REALLY found.

No one could have mistaken the junk that General Ramey displayed
in his office for a "flying disk", "flying saucer", or anything
other that a pile of weather balloon junk muchless highly trained
military officers. Now, I have no experiance when it comes to
weather devices but if I woke up one morning and found a pile of
junk like what Ramey displayed in his office spread across the
road infront of my home there is NO WAY that I would mistake it
for anything like a flying disk, flying saucer, or anything
"alien". I seriously doubt that any of the officers at the 509th
Bomb Group were SO incompetent that they would mistake the junk
that was displayed in his office for a flying saucer. If they
were that incompetent (and they were not) they should have all
been fired immediately.

Also, we need to realize that there are many witnesses who have
came forward who have described the bodies, the actual craft that
was recovered, the unique properties of the wreckage (like tin
foil thick material that would not burn, thin and light weight
I-Beams that would not break or burn, material that could be
folded up and it would unfold and become smooth again without any
creases like water, little wires that you could shine light
through one side and it would come out the other, etc..), the
recovery operation, etc. I could go through a whole list of names
but I will not because this letter is already getting long.

Now, we even have Retired Col. Philip J. Corso who was the former
head of the Army's foriegn technology division and a one time
member of the White House National Security Council (if that is
the correct name for it, I am a little sleepy) who has came
forward and admitted that he saw AUTOPSY photos of the alien
bodies that were recovered from Roswell, photos and drawings of
the CRAFT that was recovered, documents detailing the recovery
operation, and actual DEBRIS from the crash. This VERY CREDIBLE
witness is even planning to sign a sworn affidavit for the
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy!

If even ONE of the main witnesses of the Roswell Incident who saw
the craft or bodies is telling the TRUTH, and there are several
so I am sure that at least a few are, then there is NO WAY that
the military would have displayed ANY of the ET wreckage to the
PRESS or the PUBLIC. They would simply force witnesses into
silence with threats, make witnesses alter their testimony, and
display a weather balloon instead of the REAL WRECKAGE.

Heck, they might have even gotten lucky because of the fact that
both the weather balloon they used to show the press instead of
the real wreckage and the real wreckage both had symbols on them!
It would have been a nice coincidence for them to use to their
advantage to make people think what they captured was the fake
weather balloon stuff they showed the press in Ramey's office! Of
course I have not seen ANY evidence that the were any symbols on
ANY of the JUNK in Ramey's office.

There is more than enough evidence in various forms and
especially witness testimony to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt,
that what crashed outside of Roswell NM in early July of 1947 was
that of an extraterrestrial space craft. There are MANY witnesses
who have came forward and have spoke about the actual craft that
was found, the bodies, the HORRIBLE THREATS against witnesses
over what the Army said was just a pile of weather balloon JUNK.

So I guess what I am trying to say or ask you in this letter is
to please use common sence and realize that the JUNK in General
Ramey's office could NOT have been ANYTHING other than a simple
weather balloon that was shown instead of the real wreckage. That
is what logic, rationality, the evidence, and common sence points
too. So please, whether you have changed your story or not, like
some people have suggested, don't keep on going around telling
people that the junk you saw in his office was the real debris
when clearly it was NOTHING other than weather balloon JUNK!

All I want is for the full truth about Roswell to come out and to
say that the "JUNK" in Ramey's office was the REAL ET debris will
NOT help that occur. It will actually just help the debunkers and
government keep the truth from coming out that much longer.

Take care and God Bless you sir. I hope you have not been
offended by this letter. I have nothing against you at all. I
wish you a great, happy, peaceful, healthy, and wondeful life.
The only thing that I am against is the ridiculous idea that the
stuff in Ramey's office could have been the REAL ET debris.

Best Regards,

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