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Re: Max Burns chat on #Visitations

From: Angela Shilling <angela@skipnet.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 09:38:20 -0700
Fwd Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 13:27:41 -0400
Subject: Re: Max Burns chat on #Visitations

Max Burns has agreed to do a meeting on #Visitations.
He will be availible to answer your questions.

Saturday, June 6th - 7pm Pacific / 9pm Central / 10pm Eastern /
3am GMT

Where: #Visitations on the Undernet

How to Get to IRC: http://www.skipnet.com/~visitations/irc/

On the 24th March 1997 in and around the Pennines just outside of
Sheffield between the hours of 19.40 & 23.45 occurred one of the
biggest ufo incidents in recent years involving a huge Flying
Triangle, Military Jets, Sonic Booms, A Bolide Meteor, Unmarked
Helicopters, Glowing orange objects, and what I hope, when you
have studied the evidence, you will agree is a conspiracy on
behalf of the civilian & Military authorities to hide the facts
from the public about events one cold cloudless night.

Did a ufo destroy a Tornado jet killing the pilot? Are the
civilian & military authorities covering it up? Investigator Max
Burns speaks to local witnesses to find out what was happening
over the Pennines that night.

Read about it in The Sheffield Report:



Name: 		Max Burns

Age:			35

D.O.B	:		04/12/62

Place of Birth: 	Chester ( The North West of England )

Employment:	Entertainer/Marketing Manager /
			Project Launch Leisure Industry

Contributing Writer For Alien Encounters Magazine UK

Picture Archive, Over 600 ufo photo's from around the world, 700 C.I.A
documents abductee art, video archive.

I have been a UFO researcher for 10 years have had an interest in the
subject since  sighting a craft at age9. Since I was a small boy strange
things have been going on, although i do not know if I am an abductee,
there are some anomalies in my life which i still do not have the answers
too. When I was about 5 I used to look out of my bedroom window and look at
the stars, but the question for me was not is there any life out there, but
my question was I wonder which planets are inhabited. Quite a profound
thought for some one of such a young age.also when i was about 6 or 7 I
remember a group of people round my bed during the night and a blue light
outside my window, but on this occasion i was too scared and put my head
under the blankets. then when i was 12 I went fishing in the countryside
with a friend we arrived at the lake which was a couple of miles away from
the nearest farm house next to Bluebell woods the time now was about
10.30am we both set our fishing gear up, and started the waiting game. at
about 12.30 I remember looking up at the sun which was right above us now
as it was July. And I remember thinking wow its hot then i felt like i was
coming over all dizzy and the air seemed to be filled with static
electricity I remember a humming sound well no not a humming sound, the
sound made by wet power lines, but more importantly there was no power
lines in fact there was no signs of technology within about a mile. then
the next thing I remember i was on the bank of the lake about 10 meters
away from my equipment, I felt like I was coming round from passing out I
was nauseous and disoriented and could here a noise coming from the field
at that point I felt scared and though that there must be a cow loose in
the barley field, the static type noise was also still there and i could
now make out a distant hum. i decided to pull myself to my feet as my
balance was still all over the place. as i got to my feet there was a
whoosh and the static noise was gone. i did not see any ship or anything, i
felt ill for about half an hour and then i noticed that i had not eaten any
of my sandwiches or had i used any of the bait for fishing and I had not
caught a single fish. at that point I shouted to my friend and asked what
time is it and he replied that it was 6.30pm i asked Trevor what was going
on and he gave me the Homer Simpson response ( I Dunno ) so we packed up
our stuff and confused and hardly speaking a word. that incident has
perplexed me since i was a small boy.. I must add here that i do not know
if I am an abductee, but strange things happen don't they?

About ten years ago I started having some time and decided to look into the
ufo subject making several good contacts around the world including Stanton
Friedman, Wendelle Stevens, John Lear, AJ Gevaerd Professor Cope Shellhorn,
G.C to his friends Bill Uhouse and My Dear Friend Christine Sanderson
(SkyGypsy) Who Know me well and I believe that when I tell them something
that they believe me to always being sincere. As well as lots of contacts
in UK Such as Graham Birdsall, Matthew Williams, Miles Johnston,and Phillip
Mantle as well as countless others. Most of my research was done privately
but about 3 years ago i decided to come public with some of the things I
have learned. Nina Pendread gave me the opportunity to be a contributing
writer for Alien Encounters UK. and I have written several articles for
them issues 13/14/15/16/17

I also work with some abductees from the UK without hypnotic regression and
I am just there to be a sympathetic ear to these people, although i cannot
speak for all of the people who claim that they have been abducted I am
quite certain that the good honest people who i deal with are being sincere
when they recall there abduction's to me. So yes I believe the evidence
shows we are in fact being visited by Extra terrestrials / Interdimentional
/ Time Travelers / Inner Earth Beings / Other. One of the above all of the
above who knows but where ever they are from is not important the fact is
that they are here.......is important..

Max Burns



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