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Filer's Files #22-1998

From: George Filer <Majorstar@AOL.COM>=20
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 15:47:47 EDT=20
Fwd Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 23:42:40 -0400
Subject: Filer's Files #22-1998

Filer's Files #22-1998 MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, MUFON Eastern Director,
June 5, 1998, Majorstar@aol.com (609) 654-0020

Where have all the UFOs gone? There is a sudden down turn in
reports as hot weather and heavy solar wind activity makes their
appearance. Hypothesis is that UFOs like cold weather and a calm


Robert Hanley reports I was amazed to see a fast moving Star
like object similar to the California sighting of June 1, 1998.
Both occurred at about the same 9:30 PM time frame. I am very
well versed in airframe types and good at judging altitude and
rates of speed having been in Naval Aviation. This must have
been a very large object at an extremely high altitude, and it
was moving at a very high speed. I first picked it up toward the
east from my backyard on western Long Island. I viewed it moving
south and climbing until I lost it behind the tree line. The
color of it was white light (probably reflected sunlight) and it
was way too high, way too large, and moving way too fast to be
conventional civil or military aviation. Thanks to Skywatch
International and Robert Hanley rhanley@gte.net.


On May 29, 1998, at 2:00 AM, I went to a large parking lot in
Grand Rapids to watch a storm approaching. I saw a ball of light
in the clouds traveling from the north side of the city to the
south side. I really do not think it was ball lightning. It
moved in a straight line and very fast through the clouds. I saw
the glow of water vapor around it. Although, the glow was not
very large I saw the object while leaving go deeper into the
clouds, and fade away. The cloud height could not have been too
high and the sighting took 10 to 15 seconds. Thanks to John
Thomson and ISUR. Phone: 616-361-0806 1936 Oakciff NE Grand
Rapids MI, 49525


On Monday June 1, 1998, Debbie Hickman of Elk City reports,
"While I was letting the cats out at 9:45 PM, I stepped outside
to skywatch. I observed three airplanes overhead, and I could
identify them as aircraft as they had red and white strobing
lights. I noticed a very dim light near the big dipper. As I
watched the light grew in brightness until it was brighter than
the other stars nearby. This light moved in a southerly
direction about two inches measured at arm's length while the
light was about 1/4 inch diameter. Then it suddenly winked out.
I scanned the skies for a few minutes, but the light did not
reappear. The sighting lasted about 10-15 seconds. Thanks to
Debbie and Jim Hickman, VP of Skywatch.


On May 28, 1998, Hugo Starri at Buff Point reports seeing orange
lights flying in different formations starting at 7:30 PM. The
lights would fly very fast and then stop, start up, dash around
and disappear. The sighting lasted for about ten minutes. Hugo=92s
next door neighbor has been flying nearly every type of plane
for the last 40 years. He could not believe the sighting as it
unfolded. +61243993439 Thanks to Hugo Starri 14 Kyong Ave Buff
Point NSW 2262 Australia, hugo42@cci.net.au

ALIEN RAPTURE by Edgar Rothschild Fouche=92 and Brad Steiger

It has been rumored for years that the military's black
operations have perfected incredibly advanced gravity-defying
triangular super secret aerial platforms at least partially
derived from ET technology. It now appears the proof of such
vehicles is to be released in a new book entitled Alien Rapture
-The Chosen by Edgar Rothschild Fouche' and Brad Steiger, from
Galde Press. Tonight, the world's most exotic and classified
aerospace vehicle could be stealthily hovering over Phoenix,
Belgium, or your city. It is known as the TR-3B. The book
allegedly reveals top secret information about reverse
engineered alien technology from recovered alien artifacts. The
triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was
developed under the Aurora Program. The book claims the
hypersonic reconnaissance SR-75 Penetrator replaced the SR-71
spy plane and the TR-3B's first operational flight was in the
early 90s. At least three craft costing a billion dollars each
were flying by 1994. The TR-3B vehicle's outer coating is
reactive to electrical stimulation and can change color,
reflectiveness, and radar absorptiveness. The craft can appear
as a small aircraft or a flying cylinder. It can trick radar
receivers into falsely detecting a variety of aircraft, no
aircraft, or aircraft at various locations. A circular, plasma
filled accelerator ring called the "Magnetic Field Disrupter"
(MFD) surrounds the rotatable crew compartment. Sandia and
Livermore laboratories developed the reverse engineered MFD
technology. The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field that
disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass within
proximity by 89 percent. This effect enables the craft to
outperform and outmaneuver any other aircraft. Many sightings of
triangular UFOs are the secret TR-3B. The NSA, NRO, CIA, and
USAF have been playing a shell game with aircraft nomenclature.
They created the TR-3, modified to the TR-3A and B, and the Teir
2, 3, and 4, with suffixes like 'Plus' or 'Minus'. Each of these
designators is a ircraft. Some are manned and others are
unmanned. The TR-3B's propulsion is provided by three multi-mode
thrusters mounted at each corner of the triangular platform. The
TR-3 is a sub-Mach 9 vehicle until it reaches altitudes above
l00,000 feet, then it picks up speed. Thanks to Skywatch
International Inc.


John Thompson former Georgia State Director writes: =91If in fact
millions are being messed-with--I don't like the word abductions
as it=92s not happening as most abduction researchers think it is.
The aliens' real goal is to influence mankind's thinking
process. There is no evidence that physical abductions are
happening! But, people are seeing non-human entities-my own
investigations show they are! All the "black magic" is done by a
mental/technical process we can't comprehend, which does not
involve physically touching folks. I believe that this alien
intelligence -- one that is separate from the extraterrestrials
-- keeps revisiting people to "condition" and "recondition" them
as they see fit. In other words, what "abductions" are about is
mind- control; mind-control to keep humans from trying to stop
whatever the earth- bound aliens are doing. Their ultimate goal
may be for man to create a climate right for one-world rule;
with the aliens as the ultimate unseen rulers. The plan is to
ensure mankind's enslavement or destruction (as Dr. David Jacobs
correctly implies, but incorrectly understands). I don't think
it has anything do with making hybrids and breeding. That's all
smoke; much of it is created by the alleged "abductees"
themselves. The goal is control; the control of mankind.
Entities are being seen and they are coming back repeatedly. Dr.
Jacobs is right on this. Why? What are they doing in people's
bedrooms so frequently? They are not just visiting or looking us
over. It doesn't take 20 trips to the same individual to
determine that! They are here for their own evil and sinister
purposes--that's my conclusion. I am basing my conclusion on
over 120 formal UFO investigations that I have conducted, and
hundreds of others I have talked to. Most would not sign MUFON
forms for various reasons.

I don't agree with the "Gray" concept at all. Most entity
sightings I have investigated involved what I call the "Shadows"
or what old-timers in rural Georgia call, "Haints." I've had
people see them go through walls, run over them with their
trucks (they disappeared on coming inside the cab of the truck)
and seen them running along roads. The basic description all
witnesses give is a dark figured, less than six feet tall,
usually faceless featured, entity. Sometimes they are seen with
blazing red eyes and have clawed hands. On other entity cases
that involved more classic looking ET aliens, I judged two of
the abductees as not being mentally capable, and another as
being fantasy prone. The latter individual, incidentally, said
there were military officers aboard his flying saucer, working
hand in hand with the Grays and the little Browns. If you deal
with these ET type abductees enough you soon find large holes in
their stories. The only accounts that seem to stand up are these
"Shadows" that go back hundreds of years. I do not think these
are ET aliens, but actually demonic entities. These are engaging
in the mind- control. These are, as the Bible warns (and I'm not
a religious zealot), the entities who are trying to control
mankind. I do accept that ETs are visiting earth. I investigated
a case where a credible individual saw a silver-suited alien
after seeing a huge disc fly-over. I would like to believe
differently, but my research has led me to this line of
reasoning. I have always said that if I thought I was
investigating demons, I would get out of ufology and turn it
over to the clergy who want to exorcise "the evil aliens." Well,
I'm still here. But, now, I only concentrate on ET UFO signs.
Thanks to John Thompson.


I have spoken with about a hundred fine and honest people who
feel something strange is happening in their lives. They are
concerned, distraught, but strangely confidential about their
abductions. They are often embarrassed to tell friends and even
loved ones. A few have written books under assumed names. Only a
brave few have ventured forth to tell their story on television
or in public. Yesterday, I spoke to the staff of my local
representative, who claimed they never had an abductee complain.
Very few police have been called, yet allegedly millions are
being abducted according to books such as written by Dr. David
Jacobs of Temple University. Most abductees freely admit they
are reluctant to go to the authorities. This is understandable
because they feel alone and have little real evidence. It also
appears the entities give them a clear message to remain silent.
Often hypnosis is used to obtain the abductee's story. Both
scientists and law enforcement tend to disregard evidence
obtained under hypnosis. I agree with Victoria Alexander who
suggested we treat an abduction as a crime seen and attempt to
gain evidence. Abducttees need to start thinking like detectives
or scientists. Sometimes, the abductee knows when and where an
abduction is likely to occur. Let's assume it from their
bedroom. The point of entry is often windows, walls or ceilings.
I suggest you closely examine your room for imperfections in
your walls or glass. Photographs of your room and your body may
be helpful to establish a basis or starting point. A good
documented physical check up with extensive blood work is
important. With the help of scientists we need to develop
experiments, that would prove an abduction. People often claim
they are floated out a window or through a wall. There may be
structural differences in these materials. There is some
indication people never actually leave their bedroom and the
entities come to them to perform their operations. Evidence of
their presence may in fact be over-looked. Upon w orning, take a
few moments to determine if anything is different, in your room
or the covers, etc. We have found strange marks on night
clothing and bedding. We have found strange dust on clean
surfaces. When analyzed this dust is more like crystallized
glass than dust.

I would encourage you to purchase a black light bulb. Recently I
bought one for $3.00. Use this light to look for any unusual
fluorescence markings or powders. One woman recently found a
silver like powder on her back. This powder is now being
analyzed. It was removed from her body with Scotch tape, placed
in a clean jar and mailed to a laboratory for analysis. Any
supporting evidence makes your story much more persuading to the
authorities. Nancy Talbot reports that wheat seeds have been
used to prove something unusual happened during the night to
experiencers. Wheat seeds were placed in a jell inside a
capsule, that was then put in the hair curlers of an
experiencer. Each night the abductee placed a new capsule in her
curlers and went to bed. After thirty days she had thirty
capsules each had been with her during sleeping hours. Each
night she kept a diary and noted when she felt she had been
abducted. The seeds and capsules they contained were examined in
a laboratory. One capsule had collapsed as if it had been in a
vacuum. The seed was different from the rest and appears to have
been under some type of radiation or distress. It would barely
germinate, while the others were healthy. This particular seed
was in her curlers, the night the woman wrote she had been
abducted. I suggest there may be other ways to test. Wearing a
watch or jewelry that would indicate altitude, pressure, or lack
of oxygen may provide additional data. The more scientific data
we have the better. Generally, the abductee does not know when
they are abducted. However, there are indicators such as
bleeding, the covers moved, pajamas put on incorrectly. When you
are reasonably sure you are abducted call the police and demand
a thorough investigation. I know this takes courage, but as a
citizen who pays taxes you have this right. Help the police look
for evidence. Attempt to keep your nightly clothing and
furniture surfaces exceptionally clean. Dust the bed stand each
night. Check each morning for find dust or glass pa r clothes
may have marks. Your person may have silver or strange powder.
Check the area with a black light. Many abductees report an
unusual powder residue in the room or on their person. This
should be analyzed. Small footprints are sometimes found outside
on the ground or in a house where there are no children. We need
detective work.

Collect samples of suspected powder or markings, in small clean
baby bottles using a cue tip. Deposit cue tip inside bottle.
Detailed records should be kept on the location of the material.
If black light or similar lights reveal silver or powder like
residue, remove with Scotch tape and place in baby bottle but
attempt to keep the residue from sticking to the bottle.
Scientists, and detectives are supposed to have open minds.
Challenge their scientific intuitiveness, masculinity,
femininity, patriotism, religion. Something that will get them
interested. Abductees must take the initiative and unite. Groups
are more likely to be heard than individuals. The tactics used
by any political group are effective in gaining political clout.
I encourage you to stand up and be heard. Go see your members of
Congress and show your evidence. Your medical records and other
proof can help you to be convincing. We are working towards
Congressional Hearings, your collected data and news reports are
important. We will attempt to help. We are in a phase of
intelligence and scientific collection of data. Yesterday Jon
Boby from the Letterman Late Night Show called and asked would
abductees like to tell their story on the show? Call me if you
would like to appear. Ethiopian proverb states "When spiders
unite they can tie down a lion."


Ron Hannavig made the following analysis of Dr. Prudoff's
excellent review of former NASA engineer Paul Hill's book
Unconventional Flying Objects carried in last weeks Filer's
Files #21. One of the most consistently observed characteristic
of UFO flight is a ubiquitous pattern in which they tilt to
perform all maneuvers. Specifically, they sit level to hover,
tilt forward to move forward, tilt backward to stop, bank to
turn, and descend by "falling- leaf" or "silver-dollar-wobble"
motions.  Detailed analysis by Hill shows that such motion is
inconsistent with aerodynamic requirements, but totally
consistent with some form of repulsive force-field propulsion.
Remember those standard buffing machines used to buff the floors
in the military barracks? I could never get the hang of "flying"
one of those machines. What is being described here could be
likened to the experienced effects which are familiar to nearly
everyone who had gone through basic training. Another puzzle
resolved by Hill's analysis is that craft observed to travel
continuously at Mach 4 or 5 do not appear to generate
temperatures sufficiently high to be destructive to known
materials. In other words, UFOs appear to prevent high
aerodynamic heating rates rather than permitting a heating
problem to arise, then surviving it with heat-resistant
materials as is the case of the Shuttle whose surface
temperatures can reach 1300=BAC.

My background has been in solar energy conversion -- one of the
true pioneers in this field of implementing appropriate energy
technology. During the early days (circa the mid-70's), I
experimented with drawing a vacuum on the solar collection
devices; in essence, hermetically sealing the collector and
pulling a vacuum within the box. What happened: I was collecting
far more energy than was alleged to be available by the
standards of academia. By drawing a vacuum -- I had easily
proven their thermodynamics standards were totally out of date,
relative to the published assessments of the amount of solar
energy being actually available for collection. UFOs would
surely have to operate within an encapsulated environment --
much the same as my early, crude experiments with drawing a
vacuum within solar collection devices. A simple tried and
proven vacuum technique would achieve the desired thermodynamics
results -- as evidenced by the effects of a standard vacuum
bottle. Hill's analytical approach is provided by an analysis of
the economy of various flight-path profiles. It is shown that
high-angle, high-acceleration departures on ballistic-arc
trajectories with high-speed coast segments are more efficient
than intermediate-level, horizontal-path trips. The power plant
used in UFOs should not be too difficult to replicate, but will
not be revealed due to our existing corporate/political system.
Another typical nugget of information is the famous Ubatuba,
Brazil magnesium fragments claimed to have originated from an
exploded unidentified craft. (and) Since the only isotope
separation on a significant scale in terrestrial manufacture is
that of uranium, such a result must be considered at least
anomalous, and possibly as evidence for extraterrestrial
manufacture. Also, the inherent properties of gold - relative to
space travel, is unique. I am, of course, suggesting the mining
of gold by primitive societies ... throughout history, could
well have been rooted to satisfy the needs, rather than the
assumed wants s." Thanks to Ron Hannivig, Simpson PA


I'm in almost daily contact with Dr. J. Bond Johnson, the Fort
Worth Star-Telegram reporter, who shot the famous Roswell crash
debris photographs in General Ramey's 8th Air Force office in
Fort Worth, Texas on July 8, 1947. The Army Air Force had
previously announced that they had captured a flying saucer.
Johnson remembers being ushered into General Ramey's office
alone by Colonel Dubose, and being shown the wrapped up debris.
Since General Ramey was not there, it was suggested that he
unwrap the material that had just been flown in from Roswell.
Johnson remembers unwrapping the material and putting the most
exotic looking materials in the foreground, and the more mundane
aluminum foil backed paper in the background. Col. Dubose even
left the room leaving Johnson alone with the debris that smelled
as if it had burnt or exploded. Johnson told me he remembers
holding plastic like material similar to a key ring that he now
owns. He does not believe this kind of plastic was available in
1947. The Air Force's Roswell Report Fact Vs Fiction claims that
early Mogul Balloon ballast containers were manufactured from a
new plastic. This plastic however, turned out to be too weak for
holding the lead ballast, that is slowly released from the Mogul
Balloon train to reduce weight and keep the balloons up at
altitude. Major Jessie Marcel Senior and Junior had always
maintained that the most exotic looking Roswell crash debris was
an I Beam with hieroglyphic like symbols on it. According to
Johnson, he and Ron Regehr, an aerospace engineer and member of
MUFON in Orange County, CA. have viewed enhanced photos. Dr.
Johnson claims 3-D type marking on the I Beam is observable.
These symbols seem consistent with the Marcel's description of
the debris and appear to prove the debris was not switched.
Johnson cautioned that he is not a photo interpreter and is
reporting what he and Ron Regehr see. Another piece of unknown
metal like chrome trim appears in the photo. Many people have
accepted the Air Force explanation tha of the debris is a
military Radar Reflector.

Bob Durant writes: "I have examined with great care the 16 by 20
inch photographs taken by J. Bond Johnson in General Ramey's
office, with particular emphasis on the material shown in the
foreground of the photos. I find nothing inconsistent with the
rest of the material shown in the photos, which is plainly the
parts of a battered radar reflector. Similar examinations were
done years ago by Roswell researchers, with the same result. In
1994 the Air Force studied these photos, and used the CIA photo
interpretation laboratories to search for anomalies. None were
found. My conclusion is that Dr. Johnson should publish a
precise analyses, or stop wasting the time of serious
researchers." Regards, Bob Durant.

I personally feel we are getting closer to truth and detailed
analysis of the photographs will be needed by several different
organizations. The photographs may now prove once and for all if
the material is mundane or part of flying saucer. Enlarged
photographs made from the original negatives from Star-Telegram
Special Collections section of the University of Texas Library
at Arlington, Texas are enroute to me. We intend to analyze the
photographs with the best equipment available. It is apparent
the controversy over Roswell will continue.

Send your letters and photographs to George filer at

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