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Re: Roswell Photos Clears Air Force General

From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 15:48:21 EDT
Fwd Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 20:47:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Roswell Photos Clears Air Force General

>From: Robert Todd <RTodd12191@aol.com>
>Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 14:58:39 EDT
>To: updates@globalserve.net
>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Roswell Photos Clears Air Force General


> With regard to Dr. Marcel's recollections, why is more weight
>given to those recollections than is given to the recollections
>of Bessie Schreiber (nee Brazel)?  I contacted her and furnished
>her with copies of the Roswell photographs.  I asked her if the
>material shown in those photographs looks like the material she
>helped her father gather up back in July of 1947.  She stated
>that the material depicted in those photographs _does_ look like
>the material they picked up back in July of 1947.  Furthermore,
>Bessie Brazel wasn't awakened in the middle of the night to view
>the debris; she helped her father pick it up in broad daylight.
>Jesse Marcel, Jr., was awakened by his father in the middle of
>the night.

>But the promoters of the Roswell myth discount Bessie Brazel
>Schreiber's statements because her brother, Bill Brazel, claims
>she wasn't even at the ranch, when in fact the Brazel children
>_did_ live at the ranch after school let out for the summer,
>which would have been before the story blew up in July.  But the
>Roswell promoters like Bill Brazel's tales better, because they
>add more mystery to the story.  He claims he picked up bits and
>pieces of the Roswell debris which were later consfiscated by
>the Air Force following some loose talk in a bar.  Bill Brazel
>didn't live at the Foster Ranch, but Bessie did after school let
>out for the summer.  But because Bill Brazel's tales are to
>their liking, the Roswell promoters accept his claims, and
>reject Bessie's.

What we have is Bessie Brazel's statements which are in direct
conflict with a number of others. According to Loretta Proctor,
Marian Strickland, Tommy Tyree, and Bill Brazel, the family
remained in Tularosa that summer because they had renters. Bill
Brazel said that he went down to the ranch after seeing his
father's name in the paper because he knew there would be no one
around to help with the chores.

Those who accept the Mogul explanation accept Bessie Brazel's
testimony her tales are to are to their liking, and reject
Bill's and the others because they don't.

>And I ask again, why is it we haven't been told what Mrs. Marcel
>(Major Marcel's wife, and Jesse Marcel, Jr.'s mother) had to say
>when she was asked about the Roswell debris?  As I undestand it,
>she said the debris was _not_ from an alien spaceship.  This is
>just one of numerous examples where the promoters of the alien
>spaceship explanation have distoted, misrepresented, or hidden
>evidence that runs counter to the alien spaceship explanation.

When I spoke to Mrs. Marcel (Major Marcel's wife, and Jesse
Marcel, Jr's mother) she said that she had handled material from
an alien spacecraft. She also said that she had accompanied her
husband to the debris field. It was clear at the time I spoke to
her, that she did not have a clear memory of the events and
nothing positive would be gained from reporting what she said

>I have been in communication with Prof. Moore for many years
>now, and I know him to be a completely honest individual.  He
>certainly is no apologist for the government.  He states what he
>believes is the truth, and it is disgraceful that Mr. Kaeser
>attempts to inply otherwise.  Prof. Moore also is a first-class
>scientist, and I would recommend that anybody who cares to do so
>read about some of his scientific accomplishments at:

>  www.nmt.edu/mainpage/alumni/goldpan/moore.html

Damn, I really hate to have to agree with Mr. Todd about
anything, but I will on this one point. Prof. Moore has always
been kind and helpful to me and I don't believe that he would
intentionally spin the truth to his point of view.


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