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Re: David Clarke & Jonathan Dagenhart

From: Andy Denne <aura.aa@wxs.nl>
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 23:50:03 +0200
Fwd Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 21:37:57 -0400
Subject: Re: David Clarke & Jonathan Dagenhart

> From: Max Burns <AlienHype1@aol.com>
> Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 21:13:47 EDT
> To: updates@globalserve.net
> Subject: Re: David Clarke & Jonathan Dagenhart

> Well now David Clark is now about to be exposed as a liar, yes i
> said it a liar.

> May i remind everyone who does not know it but David Clark is
> the Bufora Press officer, and a journalist for the local paper
> In Sheffield, The Star. which happens to only get bought on the
> day the Jobs are advertised. Most people only by the local rag
> if they wish to buy a car, or find a job or just for the
> television guide.I lived in the area for three and a half years
> and my former girlfriend carried out the extensive market
> research for the star with others when she worked there for a
> short while. and those were the conclusions of the market
> research. True.

> David Clark is now claiming that it was him who got Jonathan
> Dagenhart to call me After he showed Mr Dagenhart my report and
> the way i was using his interview in my report, Mr Clark is also
> Claiming that I never informed Mr Dagenhart of my reasons for
> wanting to talk with him and once again this is completley
> untrue.

> After Jonathan Dagenhart Had informed me without prompting That
> the man he encountered was infact covered in aviation fuel and
> he had substanciated the above stated I informed Mr Dagenhart of
> what i believe had occurred and he was fully aware of the
> connotations intended it for my report.and i know post the full
> transcript of the conversation that took place which will place
> The Bufora press officer in his place as a liar

> here is the evidence may I also add that all Clark does is
> follow my witneses round like a demented schoolboy trying to get
> them to alter there recolections. Mr Clark you have no
> credibility you are a liar you represent the Bufora group as
> press officer, I urge Bufora to remove this compusive liar from
> there group as you can clearly see he has damaged your reputaion
> once again as i have now exposed him for the liar that he is ,un
> professional and has no credibility.

> please read the transcript


> There yer go David Clarke upfromt and personal the liar.

> if anyone would like a full copy of the interview on tape then
> contact me. I am sorry to be so blunt but this group are
> desperate for no one to listern to me and there it is David
> Clark is a Liar, its got a nice ring to it though.

> regards v Liar catcher

Mr. Burns,

This all really doesn't sound so impressive to me. First of all
you claim you can proof your claims. Just imagine this case in
court, now I can only speak for the dutch law-system, but I'm
almost certain that also in your country "hear/say" is barely
regarded evidence, let alone proof. Now I have nothing to do with
either Bufora or Clark, but I would agree on the point that you
have yet to come up with any proof.

Instead of providing us with that you seem to focus all your
energy in accusing those asking for that proof. Imagine the
following. You're walking down the street, someone asks you for
the way and meanwhile he lights a cigarette. That same day, a
street away a house is burned down. Well if you'd go telling
people you can proof the guy who asked you the way did it,
because he had a lighter when he talked to you,It has to be him
'cause the house burned down was only one block away. Now who do
expect is going to buy that?

So I guess, instead of repeating yourself again, maybe it would
be nice to at least back up some of your claims to begin with.

Andy Denne

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