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Re: Roswell Photos Clears Air Force General

From: Robert Todd <RTodd12191@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 13:01:32 EDT
Fwd Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 23:53:13 -0400
Subject: Re: Roswell Photos Clears Air Force General

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> > >From: Robert Todd <RTodd12191@aol.com>
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> > >Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Roswell Photos Clears Air Force General

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> Somebody put a big and FALSE spin on the meeting between Don
> Berliner and myself with Charles Moore and later the same day
> with Duke Guildenberg in "Case Closed". Perhaps it was McAndrew.

I went back and re-read that portion of Captain McAndrew's
report that discusses the meetings Messrs Friedman and Berliner
had with Prof. Moore and Mr. Gildenberg. If indeed McAndrew put
"a big and FALSE spin on the meeting[s]," then he wasn't the
only one. Karl Pflock spoke with Mr. Friedman and apparently
came away with an identically "big and FALSE spin" on what Mr.
Friedman told him. Mr. Pflock was interviewed recently by Diana
Botsford, MSN UFO Forum Manager, and Mr. Pflock also claimed
that Mr. Friedman had indicated that the effort of Prof. Moore
and Mr. Gildenberg was nothing more than a government
"disinformation" effort to distract everybody from the "truth"
about Roswell. Ms. Botsford's interview of Mr. Pflock can be
heard at the MSN UFO Forum, at:


Of course, we all know Mr. Pflock was a former employee of the
CIA, and an official with the Department of Defense, so we can
comfortably dismiss anything he has to tell us.

I asked Prof. Moore if Captain McAndrew's treatment of his
meeting with Messrs. Firedman and Berliner was a fair and
accurate portrayal, and Prof. Moore responded saying:


My memory of the exchange with Friedman and Berliner was that,
after I told them about the  NYU flights from Alamogordo in
early June 1947 and how, after reading the RDR July 9, 1947
clipping you sent me, I thought our balloons had caused the
debris. In support of this I think I told them about Major
Pritchard's  July 9, 1947 press conference at Alamogordo using
our balloons and targets whereupon Berliner exclaimed something
to the effect of "Aha! So the coverup of the Roswell affair had
already begun using what you were doing at Alamogordo".

When I responded that I thought Pritchard was covering up the
Long Range Detection Program, Berliner and Friedman ignored me
and began and [sic] an excited exchange with themselves. They
did not accuse me of helping in a Roswell coverup but they
dismissed immediately most of what I told them.

McAndrew's statement more-or-less encapsulates the way I felt
after the meeting with Friedman and Berliner. Since they
recorded my visit with them, it may be possible to determine
exactly what was said.


> It was perfectly clear that both were aware of the July 9 RDR
> article (apparently provided by Bob Todd) but NOT aware of the
> July 8 articles including such details as "found last week" or
> the many other articles that had already been published, or
> Marcel's testimony.... Selective choice of data....

After I furnished Prof. Moore with the July 9, 1947 article from
the RDR, he went to the University of New Mexico microfilm
archive in Albuquerque where he read and copied all of the
flying saucer and related stories from early June, 1947 until
September from most of the New Mexico papers. Incidentally, the
July 8 RDR article does _not_ say the debris was discovered
"last week," as might be assumed from Mr. Friedman's statement.
So certainly Prof. Moore cannot be accused of examining only a
"selective choice of data."

I am always amused by Friedman's accusation of "selective choice
of data . . . ."  Where conflicting stories exist, it is
impossible not to choose data. Mr. Friedman himself does it, and
so does Mr. Randle. Obviously, all the claims cannot be true.
Mr. Friedman's use of that pithy little phrase essentially is
nonsense intended to dismiss information that conflicts with
what he believes, or pretends to believe about the Roswell case.

I furnished Prof. Moore with the article from the Roswell Daily
Record that contained Mac Brazel's descriptions of the Roswell
debris, which, not incidentally, jibe with the descriptions the
other witnesses gave of the same debris. Except, of course, that
Roswell promoters like Messrs. Randle and Friedman contend that
Mac Brazel was lying, and the balsa wood wasn't balsa wood, and
the aluminum foil wasn't aluminum foil, and the debris had those
magical alien properties that made it indestructible.

Long ago I recognized the futility of debating the subject of
Roswell. I have tried, as best I can, to avoid the debate. I
would not have involved myself with the debate on the UFO
Updates list had Mr. Kaeser not implied that Prof. Moore either
was a fool or a co-conspirator in the alleged "Cosmic
Watergate." Mr. Randle's most recent attempt at deceiving the
UFO Updates list members was close by, and was relatively easy
to debunk, so I did. I'm sure this won't stop Mr. Randle from
raising the issue yet again at some future date, and claiming it
proves the pilots at Roswell Army Air Field knew all about the
"Mogul balloons."

This is, for me, my last posting regarding Roswell. I am
satisfied that the explanation for the case can be found in the
materials that were being flown by New York University in
support of Project Mogul. Messrs. Randle and Friedman will never
agree with this explanation, and almost certainly will continue
to deceive the public in their writings about the case. They
both have misinformed, disinformed and lied outright about the
case a number of times in the past, with Mr. Randle's most
recent example being his posting to this list concerning the
supposed requirement that notification of "Mogul balloon"
flights be reported in the NOTAMs. While notifications were
necessary _eventually_, it wasn't until _after_ the Roswell
incident had already occurred.

If either Mr. Randle or Mr. Friedman chooses to respond to this
posting, he'll get a free ride in that they can say anything
they like, because I don't plan on reading their responses, let
alone responding to them. I've had more than my fill of Roswell.
They may resume their misinforming, disinforming, and lying.
I've got more important things to do. For me, the Roswell
incident is "CASE CLOSED." Like Prof. Moore, I have nothing
more to say on the case.

Robert Todd

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