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Hot Gossip UK Magazine - June 1998

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Subject: Hot Gossip UK Magazine - June 1998

Hot Gossip UK Magazine - JUNE 1998
The Unexplained Page
By Georgina Bruni






PHOTO: Giorgio Bongiovanni showing his wounds.

It's not every day that you get to meet a Stigmatic and
Contactee, so when I was invited to a press conference to hear
the well known Italian Stigmatic, Giorgio Bongiovanni speak, I
was more than pleased to accept.

I personally have no religious beliefs, but my interest in
unexplained phenomena was enough to have me cancel an important
pre-arranged dinner in order to meet this unusual man.

The London Press Conference was held at the St John's Wood home
of Baroness Edmee Di Pauli. On my arrival I found about fifty
guests cramped into a small drawing room anxiously awaiting the
presence of Bongiovanni. He was late, and the Baroness was
getting very worried. After what seemed like ages he finally
arrived with his entourage, which turned out to be a British
film crew where making a documentary of the Italian mystic.

Bongiovanni is certainly simpatico, but strange. He's a thirty
five year old Italian who bleeds a quarter of a glass of blood
every day from his hands, feet, side, and forehead. Every day
the wounds open up and as they do so, he says he receives
messages from a spiritual force.

He has to travel with his personal nurse who takes care of his
wounds and changes his dressings daily, and so far he has not
suffered any infection. Apparently, stigmatics don't. The bloody
mark on his forehead is in the sign of a cross, and he points
out that the other wounds also form Christian symbols.

Bongiovanni's personal story really begins in April 1989,
although he empathises that by then he had already received
spiritual preparation from another contactee. The visions had
already began! But one day, during a lunch break from his small
shoe repair business, he claims he saw a bright figure floating
in a ray of light. He immediately fell on his knees and
instinctively knew it was the virgin mother Mary, herself.

Bongiovanni says the figure spoke the following words to him.

" I am appearing here before you because I want to give you a

The bewildered young man confessed his experience to family and
close friends, and meanwhile the vision continued to return for
a period of five months. Finally in August the vision told him
to go to Fatima.

[Fatima is a village situated about 70 miles north of Lisbon in
Portugal, where, in 1915 it suddenly became famous when three
young peasant children claimed that religious visions had
appeared before them.]

"I will manifest a sign that all will see." said the vision to

"I thought it would be a UFO but I was presented with a
stigmata," he says.

His stigmata first appeared in 1989 whilst on his pilgrimage to
the site of the famous Fatima event. The first wounds appeared
on his hands as he was kneeling down inside the famous grotto.
He explains:

 "It was at that moment that two beams of light came from the
heart of the Mother Mary. The beams hit my hands and created the
wounds. No one else could see this except me, and I was
prepared to receive the sign."

I'm told that he also believes he's the reincarnation of
Francesco, one of the children to have seen the visions at
Fatima in 1915.

The conference finally begins and the Baroness proudly
introduces her special guest.

" It is a great honour to see someone wearing a stigmata" she
announces in her quaint Austrian accent.

Some ladies in the audience are clearly overwhelmed by the sight
of this man.

Bongiovanni doesn't speak in his native language [Italian].
Instead he chooses to speak in Spanish to make it easier for his
friend and translator, Giorgio Piacenza, who is Peruvian.
Piacenza is a charming man, and a great supporter of
Bongiovanni, and he does an excellent translation.

" I am very joyous to be here with you tonight. This is the
second time I have visited London. The first time was in 1995
when my friend Michael Hesemann invited me as one of the few
people to view the Ray Santilli video [Alien Autopsy Footage]. I
was asked as an expert to give a spiritual opinion of this case.
I acted through my emotions and feelings, and it is my opinion
that the movie [Alien Autopsy Footage] is real. But tonight we
are here to talk about ET's. For me, the contact with ET's is
the second most important event in history. The first being, the
contact with God, or the cosmic intelligence....or whatever you
prefer to call it."

He then talks about religion and the extraterrestrial universes.

Some people are falling asleep. It's been a long wait and many
of the guests have been here since 7pm without any refreshment -
the mainstream media would have left for the pub ages ago. It's
now almost 10pm. I have another appointment at ten.

Bongiovanni tells us that three days before his 33rd birthday,
[Jesus died on his 33rd birthday] the Stigmata was completed. He
was now bearing all the wounds of Jesus Christ, and is the only
permanent Stigmatic alive. But I am informed that he can halt
this any time he chooses.

An announcement startles the audience. Nick Pope's ears prick
up. He has received another sign! We are going to have a
relationship with the extraterrestrials! The problem with
Bongiovanni's beliefs, is that he truly believes all
extraterrestrials [including the little greys] to be genuinely
friendly. I begin to wonder how the long suffering abductees
will take all this, when suddenly from somewhere in the room,
the editor of Flying Saucer Review, Gordon Creighton, jumps up
to defend his theory that not all ET's are friendly.

Queries Creighton:

" I've come to the conclusion that a great many people in the
world are under the impression that the ET's are good. I believe
they are not. Why have the angelic powers not given us any kind
of guidance? It is perfectly clear that half breeds [hybrids]
exist, and at the present there is no doubt that the satanic
powers are more dominant. Is it possible that Man could have
more guidance?

Bongiovanni returns with a long drawn out answer, quoting from
the bible he relates the story of Jesus Christ, pointing out
that Christ's own people were, after all, responsible for his

"It is the people who choose. What then, does Mankind choose?
The negative? Man calls upon himself. He can choose both the
positive or the negative."

Tell that to the abductees Giorgio. They don't seem to have much
choice in the matter!

Now for the really interesting part. Giorgio Bongiovanni
believes he has received the third secret of Fatima [the other
secrets were revealed to the children when they saw the visions,
but the third has been withheld by the Vatican, and has still to
be told] It was rumoured that Pope John 23rd was about to reveal
it just before his death. I very much doubt he would have
managed that because part of the prediction, assuming
Bongiovanni and others are right of course, is that the Church
itself will fall. The messages he receives are a Pope's
nightmare. Bang, there goes his sainthood! They appeal to the
Church to return to humility, and end materialism and corruption
within its hierarchy. The second part was that mankind should
prepare for extraterrestrial encounters at the latter part of
the 20th century. And the third was the usual nuclear threat.
Bongiovanni told James Whale [Talk Back Radio] that the world's
governments have suppressed the truth because they think the
people aren't ready to accept ET realisation.

After the conference I had arranged to meet Lynn Picknett, and I
asked what she thought about the Stigmata phenomena. Picknett
co authored with Clive Prince, the best seller [Turin Shroud -
In Whose Image]. She clearly thinks that the shroud is a hoax
perpetrated by Leonardo da Vinci.

So what does she say about all this?

" It is just so unhealthy! It reveals nothing about the life and
death of Jesus. Nor anything about the validity of Christianity.
What it does reveal, is the power of the unconscious mind to
create outward and visible signs of any kind of fanatically held

Picknett points out that the crucifixion victims were not nailed
to the cross by being pierced through the palms of the hand -
but by being nailed through the wrists. Her argument is that
none of those claiming to be a Stigmatic have wounds through the

It's interesting to note that most Stigmatics were/are female,
and apart from being devout Christians, most have been from
humble backgrounds. In many cases they have been known to suffer
from severe ill health which immediately terminated at the first
signs of receiving the Stigmata. Another interesting factor is
that the majority are 'part time', inasmuch as they only take on
the wounds at weekends, religious holidays or every Friday.

The first recorded Stigmatic [1224] was said to be that of St
Francis of Assisi. Not only did he have the usual wounds, but
nails were said to have protruded from the core of them, and his
feet were especially painful, causing him to eventually become
lame. Since then there have been other cases were the actual
nails have been prominent. But the most incredible story of all
seems to be that of Teresa Neumann, who bled almost every Friday
for thirty two years. In a biography of her, by Johannes
Steiner [1967] it is written that apart from the Communion wafer
and wine - no food or liquid was consumed for 35 years. There
was enough evidence from scientists and doctors to prove that
this was the case, and apart from the latter, and the fact that
eventually she ceased to pass any excreta, she remained healthy
and active until her demise in 1962.

Trying to understand this strange phenomena is not easy,
especially when people witness pictures and statues of the
Virgin Mary and Christ that appear to cry real tears. But I'm
inclined to agree with Lynn Picknett. I believe the mind is so
powerful that if one has enough passion and belief, one is able
to create so called miracles. In my opinion, Giorgio
Bongiovanni is not a fraud, but a genuine soul who truly
believes. So much so, that he has brought upon himself the
suffering of a Stigmata. And when he tells his audience that
they have the choice to choose what is positive or negative.
He's right, but just how positive is it to have to carry the
burden of such dreadful wounds around for the best part of, or
rest of ones physical life.

I also agree with George Creighton. We must be aware that if
there is good and evil right here on our own planet - there's
probably good and evil out there in the rest of the universe.
And yes, if the angelic powers do exist maybe they should send
us something positive to work with. No offense is meant to
Bongiovanni, or any other Stimatic, but I for one just cannot
believe that human mutilation is a sign from the Creator. There
are a lot of [grey] areas here.


This story remains so complex and unbelievable that it has
almost become a tangled web of intrigue. An unexplained case
that continues to baffle the media, UFO investigators and
sceptics alike. What really happened in Rendlesham forest during
the last week of December 1980 is still a mystery, but with many
new witnesses coming forward, we know that something highly
unusual occurred at the perimeter of RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge -
something so incredible that it changed the lives of many of
those who were directly involved.

A few months ago, author and American researcher PETER ROBBINS
[who has spent several years working on this case] received a
phone call from Timothy Egercic, an ex Bentwaters/Woodbridge SP
who had contacted Peter through Lori Rehfelt, another ex
Bentwaters SP. For some time now, Lori and others have been most
helpful in providing both Peter and I with an insiders knowledge
of the twin bases. In a written statement to Peter, Timothy
presents us with interesting new details and names....

Here's Timothy's story.

Timothy Egercic was stationed at RAF Bentwaters from March 1979
until March 1981, and was a Security Policeman for the 81st
Security Police Squadron assigned to D Flight. He worked on D
Flight throughout his entire two year tour. His Flight Chiefs
were Ray Gulyas, Edwin Keaney and Robert F Ball. He claims the
UFO incident occurred under Bob Ball's leadership.

On the 25 December 1980 Egercic was just finishing his last
swing shift with D Flight at 11pm, when a Woodbridge Patrol
called in a report of strange lights outside the base. Before
going off duty Timothy and his colleagues turned over the report
to the next shift, which was C Flight. He can't remember what
post he was on that first night, but for the following three he
was posted on Whiskey One [alarm monitor for the WSA structures
containing nuclear weapons and Central Security Control]

On his return to duty the following evening he began the first
of his three night mid shifts (11pm - 7am). The first thing he
did was ask Sgt Bob Ball (who had been there the previous night)
if C Flight had also seen the strange lights that had been
reported by the earlier shift. Ball's answer was "no".

But for the next three nights Egercic states that during the
hours of midnight and 2am, the Woodbridge patrols reported
strange lights appearing over Rendlesham Forest. He points out
that the second and third nights activities were fairly
identical. Bob Ball took the calls on every instance, and
according to Egercic, Ball would call up a patrol to open the
back gate of Bentwaters (Butley Gate) and then he and whoever
else was with him, would then proceed to take the four - five
mile journey to Woodbridge. Egercic recalls trying to keep in
radio contact with Ball as he entered the forest [at times
almost losing him because of a weak signal or static] and
randomly asked for his security status. Ball always responded
back politely with "Secure".

It was during one of these nights that Egercic asked Sgt Willie
B Williams, the Woodbridge Supervisor, if he would like to go
into the forest with the others. He responded back with a quick

He also recalls that during the last night of the sightings,
someone from Communications was let into the WSA to observe the
lights from the tower, Egercic was asked if he'd like relief to
go as well, but he declined. On this, the last night, Tim
states that radio transmissions from witnesses were more than
the previous nights, and he remembers repeating the
transmissions from witnesses over the air so the troops at
Bentwaters could hear what was being seen by the Woodbridge
personnel. From the tower the observers could see dancing
lights in the sky atop the treeline towards Woodbridge base.

Recently Timothy Egercic contacted Adrian Bustinza [Ret Sgt] who
was a first hand witness to one of the incidents. During the
conversation Bustinza confirmed that the April 1984 interview
with Larry Fawcett [featured in the book LEFT AT EAST GATE co
authored by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins] was true, and went
on to add that during the debriefing the next day they were told
to "Keep Quiet"....and those famous words " Bullets Are Cheap".
Fawcett's interview with Bustinza is very interesting, and well
worth reading. The following information is taken from the

Sgt Adrian Bustinza was stationed at Bentwaters/Woodbridge and
attached to the 81st Security Police Squadron during the 1980
incidents. He was in the service for six years. On the night of
his encounter he was with Lieutenant Bruce Englund. The two
took a jeep out to the East Gate to relieve SP Larry Warren of
his duty there and take him with them to the motor pool. After
filling the light-alls they then drove [back to the field] and
discovered that the light-alls now didn't work - although they
had worked perfectly well at the motor pool. From there on they
picked up a jeep and drove to the Bentwaters gate were they met
up with other vehicles. They then left the Bentwaters gate and
headed towards Woodbridge, were on the road they passed Military
Police with flares blocking the traffic. [remember this is on
British soil] The jeep then turned into the wooded area were
they were met by other vehicles. The personnel had to hand over
their M16 weapons because they were on British soil - but
Bustinza's side arm was not taken. At this stage the animals
were going frantic, Lieutenant Englund had already cautioned him
to drive carefully on the way over because the animals were all
over the road. About this time Major Zickler stepped out of a
jeep and fell into mud up to his waist, which caused a lot of
laughter. After organising themselves, they began to break up
into four man teams and proceeded to enter the forest in some
kind of a line. Amongst the personnel with the aforementioned
were John Burroughs, Sgt Medina, Captain Verrano, MSSgt Bob
Ball, Mark Thompson, Sgt Combs, Palmer.

Bustinza says that a pararescue squadron from the Woodbridge
base was activated [67 ARRS outfit] Major Zickler had requested
the scramble, and helicopters were now overhead. Meanwhile the
field was ringed by about 30 military personnel including
British. The field was now a yellow mist, and over the pine
trees came a red ball of light that went over the top of the
mist and exploded into lots of colours in the middle of the
field. There was no sound. Fawcett asks Bustinza to confirm
that an officer [says it may have been Zickler] ordered them to
move closer to the object and that they could see their shadows
on it . "Yes, sir, that's correct." Agreed Bustinza. However he
refused to discuss what allegedly took place the following day
whereby Warren claims they were both taken by two Oriental types
bunged in the back of a car, sprayed with a gas, and taken to an
underground facility. All he said was:

" Yeah, I'm with you. I don't want to say anything else. I'm
with you.....the underground part. I really don't know anything
about the underground part."

Bustinza does recall that Larry Warren and himself were going
closer to the object and it reminded him of another encounter
that he had been involved with at Mather Air Force Base,
California in the late 70s when he was with the 320 SPS unit.
He then said to Col Halt "Oh, no, not again." An officer [he
names Halt] was communicating with something but didn't know

Interestingly, Bustinza claims that Halt was having a
conversation with something that he [Bustinza] couldn't see. He

" To tell you the truth, I remember seeing the craft. I remember
Colonel Halt talking, and I remember looking to who he was
talking to and I couldn't see anybody" Earlier in the interview
he exclaimed how shocked and helpless he had felt during this

The part of the bizarre conversation between [Halt] and the
[invisible source] he vaguely remembers is as follows:

" And I do remember him saying he would contact the electronics
division which would be CRF, I think it was the call letters for
the group. And they would possibly have to get the part from
another world. And I just looked at, I couldn't hold my, you
know. Who are you talking to, what are you talking about, you

Was it Halt - or someone else? Remember Warrens said it was

Bustinza was later told to refrain from talking about the
incident as he should know better. He was told to "keep an eye
on the guys, if anybody says anything, you report to Colonel
Halt." The lieutenant told him.

Fawcett's interview with Adrian Bustinza fills a total of 16
pages in LEFT AT EAST GATE. Fascinating reading.

My thanks to Tim for this latest information, and to all the
wonderful ex Bentwaters/Woodbridge personnel that have come
forward to help with this case.


On a lighter note, romance is blossoming for two of Britain's
most well known authors. I was surprised to learn that LYNN
PICKNETT and NICK POPE are now an item. I caught up with them
at their favourite eatery, and over a bottle of wine and supper
I managed to get a brief story about their new found romance.

Nick Pope is best known as Britain's real life Fox Mulder. For
three years in the early nineties he was in charge of the
Ministry of Defence's UFO desk. Although Nick is still very
much employed by the MoD, he has now been promoted to another
section. Nick caused controversy both in the UFO world and at
the Ministry when he authored two best sellers on the subject of
UFOs. The first [Open Skies, Closed Minds] and his latest [The
Uninvited]. The latter is released in paperback this month. Now,
he's busy writing his first science fiction book which involves
the government and UFOs, and I'm told it's based on a good deal
of fact.

Lynn Pickett is a respected researcher and author of the
[unexplained]. She has co authored two best sellers with CLIVE
PRINCE, both of which received much criticism from the Church,
and apparently the Pope himself indirectly made a derogatory
statement about their book [Turin Shroud - In Whose Image]
which claimed that the Holy Shroud was in fact a hoax. Their
latest book [The Templar Revelation] caused even more of a stir
when it portrayed John the Baptist as more important than Jesus

Lynn and Nick first met in 1995, at Walkers Wine Bar in
Whitehall. A busy venue which is the favourite drinking hole of
the MoD chaps. Lynn takes up the story.

"At the time, I was with Lucienne Morgan, [the then dream
analyst for Live TV network] we'd been together for three years.
It was a social evening, Lucienne and I arranged to meet up with
Rob Irving [sceptic] and a friend of Nick's called Michele, and
of course Nick turned up. We met many times since then, always
at social gatherings and conferences, and recently we were
together on a panel of judges at a convention. I've always been
very fond of Nick, and although I thought he was a great guy, I
didn't imagine he was looking in my direction. I suppose I was
misreading the signals. Recently though, since Lucienne and I
split up, I began to realise that Nick was interested."

Nick tells his story:

"I've always had the hots for Lynn, but we only ever seemed to
meet up in large groups, and occasionally at social events. We
flirted with each other but nothing ever came of it. Then three
years after we first met, we finally got together."

Lynn jumps in with one of her famous lines:

" Who would have thought that I, of all people, would have such
a close relationship with a "Pope".

Do we hear wedding bells I wonder?

Lynn begins to say no, but then she laughingly quotes: "And I of
all people should realise that one should never say
that....anything is possible!"

Nick's reply is quite expected: "I can neither confirm or deny
that the thought as ever crossed my mind."

Indeed. Whilst Lynn was busy doing a media interview, Nick was
having a good time at Stringfellows with me and model Valerie
Campbell at a function organised by some of his MoD [Ministry of
Defence] colleagues - a benefit for Great Ormond Street
Children's Hospital. For evidence of this - see picture on our
Spotlight page. And for conspiracy theorists out there. Sorry,
but I've been working with these guys on charity events long
before I met Nick. And no, I don't work for the Ministry!

Until next month Georgina Bruni

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