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Jesse Jr., Again Sees Symbols From Roswell 'Crash'

From: Stig Agermose <wanderer@post8.tele.dk>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 02:54:21 +0200
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Subject: Jesse Jr., Again Sees Symbols From Roswell 'Crash'

This interesting update by James Bond Johnson was received
via NY MUFON's list June 14.



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Subject: Fw: Jesse Marcel, Jr., Sees Again Symbols From the
Roswell "Flying Saucer" Crash
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From: James Bond Johnson <JBONJO@aol.com>
To: JBONJO@aol.com <JBONJO@aol.com>
Date: Saturday, June 13, 1998 9:31 PM
Subject: Jesse Marcel, Jr., Sees Again Symbols From the
Roswell "Flying Saucer" Crash

Press Release
Not for publication
Prior to June 15, 1998
(562) 426-3622

Jesse Marcel, Jr. Sees Again the Symbols From the Roswell
"Flying Saucer" Crash

By James Bond Johnson

It had been a long time since Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr., had seen
these very special symbols... more than a half century! Now he
was seeing them remarkably being painted across his computer
screen as he sat in his home in Helena, Montana, where he is a
physician at the Veterans Affairs Hospital. These symbols are
connected to the most famous "flying saucer" incident in world
history -- the Roswell, New Mexico, crash of 1947.

He had been an 11-year-old boy that night in July, 1947, when
his father, Major Jesse A Marcel, Sr., rushed into their home in
the middle of the night and waked young Jesse from a deep sleep.
The father had just gathered up these pieces of debris from a
ranch near Roswell and was taking them to show to his commanding
officer at the Roswell Air Base where Major Marcel was the base
intelligence officer. But first he wanted his son to see these
exciting and unique pieces of a strange craft which had crashed
near Roswell.

And young Jesse, in examining the pieces spread out on their
family's kitchen floor noticed that there were unusual markings
on some of the beams -- symbols, kind of like ancient Egypt
writing. "Hieroglyphics", the teacher at school had called them.

Now, nearly 51 years later, Jesse recalled that night with
remarkable clarity. "I may not remember what I had for breakfast
yesterday, but the events of 50 years ago are as clear as
crystal" Jesse said in recalling that night. It was like no
other night in his life. "I even remember the telephone number
at our Roswell address so I do have a quirky memory which
sometimes gets me into trouble with the skeptics because they
say it isn't possible for me to remember the details that I do,"
Jesse added.

The symbols, described by many as the "fishhook", the "shark
fin" and the "Ankh" and some others were back to remind him of
that special night. Over the years Jesse had been asked to
describe the symbols and he had sketched them for publication in
books on UFOs.

But now, thanks to high tech digital enlargement techniques,
these symbols had been discovered on pieces of the debris shown
with his dad in the 8th Air Force headquarters offices of Brig.
General Roger Ramey in Fort Worth, Texas.

Major Marcel was photographed along with General Ramey and
Ramey's chief of staff, Colonel Thomas J. Dubose, all examining
the wreckage which had been brought to Fort Worth by Major

The story of that Roswell crash has been told and retold so many
times... and with so many conflicting details... in dozens of
books and articles, a movie and several television shows over
the years. But one thing always has been clear in the mind of
Jesse Marcel, Jr. -- the symbols on the pieces of wreckage.

"I am sure that some of the material in the photos is the real
stuff -- maybe it all is", Jesse said as he looked closely at
details of the greatly enlarged photo displayed on his computer
screen. Then he added: "My dad did say however that the
reporters saw only a small portion of the debris. Maybe he was
trying to throw people off the track because General Ramey was
supposed to handle it."

Or maybe it was because most of the debris had been left behind
on the B-29 bomber which had brought Major Marcel on an urgent
courier mission from Roswell with the puzzling cargo. It was
General Ramey who had ordered the flight so that he could
personally examine the wreckage of the "flying saucer", which
had been "captured", as the official Army Air Forces press
release described it.

Perhaps Major Marcel was concerned about soiling the nice new
carpet in the general's office and chose just a few parcels of
the debris to display on the floor in the general's office. It
was just a quick stopover in Fort Worth as the "saucer" was
being taken on to the AAF test center at Wright Field (now
Wright Patterson Air Force Base) for testing.

All the facts now can never be known. Nearly all federal
government records relating to the Roswell Incident apparently
now have been "sanitized" -- bureaucrateze for "destroyed" --
for reasons never explained by the government. A recent national
survey showed that since the government has offered four widely
different "official" versions of just what did happen near
Roswell in 1947, 91 per cent of American citizens now believe
the government has engaged in a "cover up".

Meanwhile, Dr. Marcel, veteran of Pacific military combat and
now proudly retired in the rank of full colonel after a total of
38 years active and National Guard service as a helicopter pilot
and flight surgeon, turned back to his computer screen to scan
the debris photo even more closely.

The symbol that he remembers best was a figure of a truncated
pyramid with a ball floating over it. "I remember it best
because it resembled a seal balancing a ball on its nose", he
said. Maybe he will find it somewhere in those pictures where it
has been hiding for 51 years.


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