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Press Report From Fort Washington UFO Conference

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Subject: Press Report From Fort Washington UFO Conference

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June 15

Pressing for truth on UFOs

At a conference in Fort Washington, speakers talked of
real mysteries, not science fiction shows.

By Mark Binker


FORT WASHINGTON -- Keith Morgan says he believes that
there is -- or at least was -- life on Mars, but he won't
tell you about flying saucers, alien abductions, or
strange men clothed all in black.

"I try to look at this from a scientific standpoint,"
said Morgan, of Washington, D.C., after finishing a
presentation that covered artificial structures on Mars,
circumscribed tetrahedral geometry, and crop circles.

Morgan, a television technician for ABC News who is
urging NASA to take more and better pictures of the
Martian surface, was one of about 50 people who spent
yesterday in the Fort Washington Holiday Inn sorting
through the myths and data that are part of the
marketplace of ideas for UFO enthusiasts.

The conference was sponsored by Glenside-based CIRAEP, or
Council of Investigations and Research on Aerial/Earth

No one in the audience was wearing Vulcan ears or toting
a Buck Rogers toy blaster. No one mentioned Mulder or
Scully, and there were only pejorative references to
little green men.

Instead, the conversations hinged more on secret budgets,
mathematical equations, and the possibility someone in
the U.S. government knows more about extraterrestrial
life than has been admitted.

"I've had clients that have reported seeing UFOs," said
Rita Corriel, an Allentown psychologist and Temple
University graduate.

Corriel, who said she had had an interest in the
possibility of alien life since seeing the movie Close
Encounters of the Third Kind, said she did not know
which, if any, of the UFO literature is accurate.

But, she said, "I believe that something is happening
that is real . . . and I would like to understand it."

Preston Nichols, one of the presenters, said he was not
so much interested in contact with alien species as
making the government accountable.

"Basically, like what a lot of other people are looking
for . . . I would like to bring the constitution back,"
said Nichols, a writer from Long Island.

Robert F. Eure, CIRAEP's president and founder, said his
interest in UFOs and alien life began in 1981 after he
was contacted by "two unusual beings" dressed as Catholic

In 1993, the 60-year-old Eure started CIRAEP to both find
evidence of extraterrestrial life and provide support for
those who say they have been contacted or abducted by

"I've not made any money yet," said Eure, who wore a gray
suit and dark sunglasses even inside the Holiday Inn's
conference room.

A social worker and teacher by trade, Eure said he was
simply trying to bring together credible people who lend
credence to reports of extraterrestrial life.

During his presentation, Morgan did not make any claims
as to what life from Mars might be like.

But evidence such as the symmetrical geographic features
and humanoid face carved on the Cydonia portion of the
Martian surface, he said, is proof that someone is trying
to send a message through space and time.

"Nature doesn't make squared lines," said Morgan.

Another presenter, Richard Sauder, focused on the
existence of underground military and other

Sauder, a political scientist and author from Flagstaff,
Ariz., presented schematics of underground bases and
tunneling machines he obtained from government agencies,
along with pictures of surface vents and seemingly
out-of-place buildings throughout the United States.

While he would not vouch for alien life either, he said
certain aspects of abduction stories are consistent with
what is publicly known about underground military

None of the presenters would say they knew exactly what
is being hidden, obfuscated or avoided. Rather, the day
could be summed up with a line from the popular series
The X-Files.

The truth is out there. 

=A91998 Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.

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