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Re: CSICOP Condemns X-Files Movie

From: Scott K. Hale <shale@columbus.rr.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 13:09:31 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:23:55 -0400
Subject: Re: CSICOP Condemns X-Files Movie

>From: http://www.csicop.org/articles/x-files-movie/

>Movie Release Could Usher in Turn-of-the-Millennium
>Era of the Paranormal

>Contact Matt Nisbet at 716-636-1425 x219

>In the late 1970's, Close Encounters of the Third Kind ignited
>imaginations across the world, and helped spur popular
>fascination with alien visitation and abduction. Now The
>X-Files: Fight the Future film is scheduled to be released June
>19, and if the movie is well-received by critics and viewers on
>opening weekend, it will likely draw hordes of moviegoers beyond
>its 25 million television following.

>Tapping into themes of government conspiracy and the paranormal,
>The X-Files: Fight the Future has the potential to catapult
>interest and belief in a range of paranormal phenomena above
>already historic levels.


I thought I'd post my e-mail response I came up with, simply
because I'm bored today.


I just wanted to comment on your recent X-files Movie article. I
found this to be the best review of a movie that isn't out yet
since all the early critics were predicting Titanic's failure
before it came out, simply because of the budget of the movie.

I know tons of people who watch the X-files. Very few of these
people "believe in the paranormal". Many prominent scientists,
skeptics, and academics need to learn how to get out and have a
good time, instead of knitpicking every piece of paranormal
related fiction that hits the market.

Science *usually* fails. What about Anasazi, where the "alien"
is found to be a radiation test victim? Isn't exposure to
radiaton a cause of pysiological defects? I don't understand how
one can make a comparison between violence and sex selling, and
the paranormal. After all, Dark Skies failed, and Stargate SG-1
is doing terrible. Yet the X-files continues to thrive. Perhaps
it's just a good TV show?

Now I just have to ask: What is the black/white crime scene
analogy good for? The X-files isn't a crime show, and there's
nothing racial in the show. There is no way you can make that
sort of comparison between a racially biased crime show and a
paranormal show. It just makes no sense!

I"m proud of Chris for fielding questions "from  noted standard-
bearers of no-nonsense reality" because these people just don't
know how to have fun. No nonsense reality... You guys should
start a campaign to eliminate those fiendish paranormal
figures.. you know: The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, The Tooth
Fairy, Superman, ect. Our children's minds are being polluted
with this rubbish! Give me a break guys.

A "Council for Media Integrity" should examine organizations
such as yourselves who seek to control or limit the media we are
exposed to. Short of that, you just complain about everything.
Perhaps you should just leave some things as they are, heavan
forbid we have to make up our own minds on something.

I have one last closing remark regarding Paul Kurtz' quote: "The
X-Files taps into the fascination market, feeding on viewer
gullibility..." I know a FBI agent who watches the X-files. My
physician watches the X-files. I'm sure some of your illustrious
skeptics have a closet X-files addiction. We are in no way
gullible, we just enjoy good entertainment. Perhaps you need to
rethink your statement, given that you think we're all going to
start believing in aliens because of a movie...

Gulliby Yours,
Scott Hale

CSICOP wrote:

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