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Filer's Files #24

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 16:24:54 EDT
Fwd Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 19:10:49 -0400
Subject: Filer's Files #24

Filer's Files #24-1998 MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, MUFON Eastern Director,
June 18, 1998, Majorstar@aol.com (609) 654-0020

Sightings increase in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and


Alex Cavallari reports he photographed a UFO over the Sheepshead
Bay area of Brooklyn on May 28, 1998. The 747 jet aircraft in
the picture had just departed Kennedy Airport and is climbing
and turning towards the southeast. As it slowly flew overhead, I
noticed the UFO enter the camera view finder, and I took this
picture. I tried to take more pictures as fast as the camera
would take them. However, the UFO was traveling at a great rate
of speed and was out of my field of vision within two seconds.
By the time I took the next picture the UFO was gone. The UFO
appeared to be a gray or silver colored spherical orb shaped
craft. There was no tail or smear seen during the filming, but
the picture shows a tail or smear behind the UFO. The UFO
traveled north toward New York City. I believe the craft was
about 50 to 75 feet in diameter. It appeared much rounder or
spherical when viewed even though the picture shows it to be
more donut shaped. I believe this difference in appearance is
possibly due to the high speed of the craft. The film and camera
were too slow in response time to capture the craft’s image in a
still or motionless position. This is what produced the motion
blur seen behind this craft. It is also possible that the tail
or smear is some form of plasma or vapor emission that the film
captured. This picture clearly shows a craft of unknown origin
flying within 500 feet to commercial air traffic. This UFO flew
within one half mile of this aircraft and within ten miles of
Kennedy Airport at about 10,000 feet in altitude. The UFO flight
path flew over Kennedy (NY), La Guardia (NY), and Newark (NJ)
airports. The flight path this UFO took put it within about ten
miles of all three airports at some time during its flight. The
UFO passed within one half mile of this aircraft and almost
directly over it. The UFO may have been traveling faster then
our airport radar systems can image. These UFO flights present a
hazard to flight. It was a hazy day with temperature in the mid
70's (*F). The camera was a Minolta Freedom Zoom 90C, using
Kodak ASA 400 color film. The photo can be seen at:
http://members.aol.com/xelaufo/index.html. Thanks to Alex
Cavalari NY State Director Investigator Skywatch International


Investigator Evelyn Galson reports on an update on the Mullica
Hill family who has had several sightings and odd occurrences in
recent weeks. On Tuesday, June 9, 1998, a meeting of local MUFON
members was held at the Glouceseter County Library in Mullica
Hill. A mile a way, and an hour earlier a grayish circular UFO
was observed hovering over a row of trees behind their home.
David, a ten year boy spotted the craft at 6:30 P.M.. His father
and later his mother also observed the craft for an extended
period of time. The mother has been trying not to think about
these things, so she hesitated in coming outside right away. The
craft moved up and down and very, very slowly in an erratic
fashion. The home is backs up to a large farmer's field. They
viewed the UFO for 30 minutes, but it stayed there for a longer
period of time. The UFO hovered in a position ten miles south of
the Philadelphia Airport just above a treeline about 200 yards
away. The craft was as big as a quarter held at arm's length.
When an aircraft flew near the UFO, it would descend below the
level of the trees. Once the plane passed overhead and was gone,
the UFO went back to the previous higher altitude. It again
lowered below tree top level, when a helicopter passed and rose
again to the previous altitude after it departed. On Friday,
June 12, 1998, David's mother found two circles on her ten year
old son's face. The marks are located in the muccobucco fold,
which is the area between his mouth and cheek. Several weeks ago
I examined the boys face and the scars were not apparent. These
are new scars, that are each one centimeter in size. Several
members of the family have silver fluorescence marks on their
skin. (Also see last article)


Stan Gordon reports that a UFO was spotted at 10:20 P.M., on
June 10, 1998, over Bethel Park, a suburb of Pittsburgh. The
witness first observed a bright round light with a yellow
coloring around the outside edge, moving from the northwest to
southeast. A few seconds later, it was followed by an identical
light that moved in the same direction. Seconds later a third
similar light followed the same path, then disappeared in
seconds just like the other two. About five minutes later, a
fourth light moved from west to east and disappeared in seconds.
This was succeeded by a fifth light, which also moved from west
to east and disappeared in a few seconds. The strange thing
about the observation was that all five lights seemed to
disappear in the same position of the sky. The first thee lights
appeared to be evenly spaced in time, appearing one behind the
other. There was no smoke trail or other emissions associated
with the round lights. No sound was apparent. Thanks to: Stan
Gordon, P.O. Box 936, Greensburg, PA 15601.

Dan Hageman of the Butler Organization For Research of the
Unexplained (BORU) in Butler County, PA. BORU is investigating a
low level UFO incident that occurred. on May 7, 1998. A Butler
County farmer was riding his tractor doing some late night
planting of a corn field at 3:30 A.M. Three hundred yards away
he noticed brilliant lights near a wheat field. At first he
became upset thinking that someone was driving through the
wheat. He realized the object was moving about four feet above
the ground. It was 30 to 40 feet long and about five feet in
height. The object was a dark color and was hovering over his
wheat field. It was domed shaped in the front with a lights, but
the structure thinned out towards the back and rounded off.
Towards the front section of the object, there were five to six
lights along the edge on both sides. There was also five lights
on either side near the rear of the object. The square shaped
lights were very bright orange, blue and light pink. The lights
seemed to pulsate on and off, but never cut out completely. The
entire object appeared to be surrounded in a vapor or gas. As
the witness was turning to make another pass of the field, he
began to have problems with his tractor. The engine began to
sputter, but did not stop. A monitor on the tractor used for
corn planting made a constant beeping noise and had to be shut
down. As the farmer watched, the object moved in a straight
line, barely clearing the tree tops estimated at 60 feet high.
Then suddenly the object appeared to evaporate into thin air.
There are high tension powerlines in the vicinity. Soil samples
are being analyzed in a local laboratory. Butler County has had
UFO events since the late 1960's. Thanks to Stan Gordon, his UFO
Hotline is 724-838-7768, www.westol.com/~paufo


MUFON's John C. Thompson reports a UFO sighting during the
evening of June 13, 1998. The object was traveling in a line at
a very slight arc at 3000 to 4000 feet altitude. It appeared to
be at a level compared to the planes that land at GSP, twenty
miles away. Using an angle of sight when the object was at its
closest, and an apparent size of 3 mm calculates out to about 20
feet in diameter. An estimate of distance covered in 55 to 60
seconds indicates the object was traveling between 500 to 600
mph. The object seemed to have a more defined outline at the
front than at the rear, but it was oval in shape and there was
no vapor trail. Thanks to , Terry Kimbrell at

John Thompson writes, ‘My mail had a mother’s written account
and drawings' signed by two boys who saw a UFO on Sunday, June
7, 1998, at 10:00 PM.’ The twelve years old boys saw the UFO
while lying outside on their backs on a trampoline. The drawings
that the two friends made show a white non-blinking light with a
red glow around it moving south. The sighting took place near
the Troup-Harris County line and is on the same road where two
other UFOs were seen in recent years. During a phone interview,
one of the boys said, 'They saw the light move for about 15
seconds before it disappeared. It was much higher than a
commercial airliner and had the apparent size of the brightest
stars but was smaller than Venus.’ The impression given by the
boy is that this UFO was as high as a satellite orbit. The red
glow around the light suggests some kind of artificial object or
meteorite entering our atmosphere. Thanks to John Thompson.

On June 16, 1998, the owner of a local garage and large taxi
company in LaGrange reported seeing what I have dubbed, a
"weather UFO." The witness said he was stopped at the
intersection of Colquitte Street and Ogletree Street, at 12:10
AM facing west, when he saw a "rolling fireball" come across
Colquitte street going northeast. The "fire-engine red ball" was
of compact "car size" and was at an elevation of 100 feet high
and only 150 feet away. It moved at a speed in excess of "a 100
mph." The two second sighting took place when a violent storm
system moved through West Georgia. The 50-80 mph winds
accompanying the wide weather front uprooted trees and downed
power-lines in LaGrange and the surrounding area. Power was out
until the next morning. The fiery plasma ball made a "roaring
noise." It was his impression that the ball was more of a
heat-related as opposed to an electrical nature. No area near
the "fireball" was seen to burn. The ball seemed to track from
the storm area as it came out of the southwest. A 90 foot tall
sycamore, the tallest tree around, was uprooted under the path
of the low-flying fireball. The garage owner's business, also in
the track of the fireball, had roof damage. Unfortunately, since
it was dark when this sighting took place it is not know for
certain if this damage was caused by the fireball or had
occurred earlier when the storm first hit LaGrange.  A similar
incident occurred last April when a ‘weather UFOs’ appeared to
hit immediately before a large storm front moved into our an
area. Both the National Hurricane Center in Miami, and the
National Weather Service in Peachtree City, Georgia said they
had never heard of fireballs being generated by large storms.
Meteorologist Scott Carroll thought, perhaps, the witness saw
ball lightning or an electrical discharge from power lines
during the storm. However, La Grange Old-timers have said that
these balls "lead" storms and on touching anything explode with
tremendous fury. A strange, giant, inverted cone-shaped UFO that
changed color in a repeatable fashion was seen in October of
1995 by several witnesses when Hurricane Opal moved through
LaGrange. Thanks to John Thompson.


On Wednesday, June 14, 1998, at about 8:34 PM, Pappie and son
were parked beside a country road two miles west of Leander
skywatching. They saw two lights in the clear sky that traveled
at a steady speed. One crossed the entire sky moving towards the
southwest. The other was traveling in a southern direction. The
son witnessed a third light. Each light was seen within the same
minute. The first two seemed to cross each other. All were too
low to be satellites. The lights were not aircraft. A valley
close by was lit up from the ground for about five seconds with
a light blue colored light. The illuminated area covered about a
football field. Then, a scream was heard from the woods to their
southwest Rapid movement was heard in the woods traveling from
southwest to south east. In about four seconds, a scream came
from the southeast. No human could have traveled that distance
in that amount of time. The scream did not sound human. Thanks
to Pappie and Skywatch International Inc.


Sean Malloy in Saskatchewan reports seeing a strange greenish
glow that became an almost white disc at 12:30 AM on June 15,
1998. It moved sporadically and quickly across the sky. It made
a very frightening a whining sound. Thanks to Sean Malloy


The Daily Telegraph Saturday, 13 June 1998. A meteor speeding
across the night sky prompted a UFO alert across England,
yesterday. Police forces in at least eight counties received
calls from hundreds of onlookers who saw bright blue lights
travelling from Devon to the Midlands. The British Astronomical
Association confirmed that the speeding object was a meteor, the
result of cosmic debris burning up in the Earth's atmosphere.
Howard Miles, spokesman, said; ‘it was quite spectacular,
crossing the sky at about midnight and fragmenting as it burnt
up in the atmosphere, causing bright sparks.’ "It appears to
have been a meteor, which burned up before it reached the
ground." It was seen across Shropshire, Deryshire, Berkshire,
Sussex, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and North Wales. A spokesman
for Staffordshire Police said, "People told us they had seen a
single, blue light that was bigger than a car. Some people
described a tail behind the light, while others said it looked
like it was burning or flaming." A Ministry of Defence spokesman
said, "We are satisfied this was a meteor which broke up on
entering the Earth's atmosphere, causing the bright glow, which
people saw." Jon Jennings says, "I have it from a reliable
source, a pair of Tornado's fighters were sent to investigate."
Thanks to Jon Jennings <jonj@easynet.co.uk


On the May 8, 1998, edition of Hard Copy featured a UFO story
with a sensational shot of aliens looking out window of the
craft. The footage was first aired nation wide on Strange
Universe on November 24, 1997. The footage was apparently shot
on a Super 8 film camera by Dorothy Izatt. Dorothy claims to
have been in contact with the aliens for over 25 years. She shot
several hundred rolls of Super 8 film of UFOs. Her previous film
footage has never been explained. Her most remarkable piece of
footage is of what shows a Grey looking out the window. During
this recent sighting Dorothy started filming a diamond shaped
UFO and asked if the aliens could come closer, and they did. She
could see a couple of Grey aliens looking out a window of the
space ship . She asked them if they could turn their bright
lights off so she could film them, and they did. The light turns
off in a bizarre flash. Then a small square window appears and a
classic Grey alien figure is clearly seen and appears to turn
its head. At least one of the aliens looks out the window. He
has a very long thin neck, a bulbous head with oversized black
eyes. The alien appears have be clothed in a white cloth like
gown. Another Grey is seen about five feet behind the Grey in
the front, and there might be a third Grey to the right partly
behind the window. Also seen on the footage is a strobe light
above the this window. Could this be a hoax? Not so according to
UFO Researchers Peter Guttila and Monica Ward they have studied
this film and other films by Dorothy Izatt. The investigators
plan to write about book about these sightings. If this video is
authentic we can conclude that some UFOs are alien space craft
unless you think the government is flying around in UFOs with
Grey costumes. If it’s a hoax it's an elaborate one for a 75
year old lady to make. I urge you to visit Tom King’s web site
and decide for yourself OVNI Chapterhouse. Thanks to Bob Collins


Or Much Ado About Nothing? By Ronald S. Regehr

The Internet is a buzz with all manner of stories related to the
latest efforts of some to discern, once and for all, whether or
not the (in)famous photographs of the "Roswell Debris" taken on
that fateful July 8, 1947 afternoon by James Bond Johnson do or
do not include strange images reminiscent of those reported by
both Major Jesse Marcel and his son, Jesse Marcel, Jr. that
started it all? And what is the current status of the
investigation? That is the subject of this article. My
involvement began innocently enough when I received a call from
Debbie Stock telling me that one of our previous speakers, J.
Bond had recently discerned "symbols" on a large- format (11x14)
print of one of the photos he had taken many years ago. These
"symbols" seemed to him to vindicate Gen. Roger Ramey of any
wrong-doing. Ramey has long been accused of swapping some junk
for the actual debris transported from Roswell to Ft. Worth by
Major Marcel. We met at a local restaurant, had a good lunch,
and proceeded to discuss the events surrounding Bond's
involvement with Roswell, UFOs, and the photographs of the
alleged crashed UFO debris. A cursory examination of the
photograph sometimes referred to as "Marcel Right" (indicating
Marcel is looking to his right) did show several items of
interest: what can be described as an "I" beam, a "chrome"
strip, a pile of baseball-sized black "chunks" of black stuff,
Major Marcel's scuffed "boondockers", and most significantly
what appeared to be some raised marks on one of the pieces of
debris. Bond stated he was reluctant to become embroiled in
further controversy, and that the information on the photographs
should be allowed to stand or fall on its own merits and not
rely on memories of events 50+years past. He then asked Debbie
and I to head the analysis, with his assistance, where needed.
We then went to a local STAPLES supply store to obtain
preliminary copies from Bond's "master." When we asked for their
finest reproductions, the clerk told us those would be from
their digital laser color-copy machine. We ordered the copies
and 5X enlargements of the area containing the "marks." I then
went home and wrote a press release under my company's name
(Research/Investigations). The press release was sent to UPI,
AP, Reuters, and ? On Monday, I ordered two 16 x 20 copies of
each of the four negatives from the University of Texas. Current
plans are to produce a large-format negative from the prints to
use for further analysis, protecting my "originals" for further
use. In addition, I spoke with Don Berliner and requested that
Dr. Maccabee, Maryland MUFON State Director, perform sufficient
image enhancement as he deems necessary to validate or to
repudiate the indication of "marks" and other anomalous items in
the photographs. Will the analysis of these photographs be "the
answer" to the Roswell mystery. Or with they only prove to be
just more salt in the otherwise pungent brew known as the
Roswell Incident? What have we discovered to date? My first area
of research was to review the USAF record and explanation of
their claims-that the debris was actually the remains of a
crashed Project Mogul balloon. This proved interesting, but not
surprising. Their records indicate that there is no Mogul
balloon that could have been the source of the debris. Further,
an official drawing of a Rawin radar reflector indicated that
the Rawin did not have any material that could be mistaken for a
"chrome strip" or an "I" beam. What did Bond unpack and strew
over Gen. Ramey's floor that fateful afternoon? We'll let you
know as soon as we find some definitive answers. Until then,
relish in speculation. Thanks to Ron Regehr. Editors Note: Our
enhancement of the photographs has revealed two possible symbols
and markings such as< 22. This appears to be a carpenter's
marking used in the construction of the object.


Donna Bahor writes that she had glow marks on her arm that were
about three inches long and a magic marker wide. Under a
magnifying glass the mark looked like a zipper. She also had a
similar mark on her thigh. There was a similar cluster of marks
on the bottom of her feet. Donna states, "My feet had been cut
and connected back together some how. Some of the areas were
coming apart. My husband didn't take seeing this too well and I
was worried, because the seams were coming apart. My physician
started doing laser surgery and he told me that there is
glowing, but that this glowing can be wiped off. He also said
that there is different type of laser surgery." Thanks to Donna
Bahor, ludvik@juno.com

Eve Frances Lorgen writes: Have any results come back from the
silver powder analysis? Did this material leech into the skin
subdermally? Were any other colors of fluorescence observed post
abduction? Check the person periodically for fluorescence even
if she does not think she is been abducted. Also was this silver
material found anywhere else like on bedroom furniture? It makes
me wonder what kinds of chemical and even quantum energetic
modifications can take place when the abductee is transferred
through walls or glass. In two cases a different kind of
fluorescence (light green and greenish yellow) was observed
right before or as the aliens entered. In one case the
fluorescence was like a smoke or gas running through the ceiling
downward, as if responding to gravity and the wall surface as
smoke would. In the other case the residue was seen rising above
the floor about six inches, yet staying low to the ground before
finally dissolving and disappearing. This occurred as the aliens
just arrived. Other fluorescence is subdermal on abductees'
bodies, sometimes in designs or brand marks, or where aliens
handled them. I think there are several etiologies with this.
The silver stuff you observed is different from ours. Thanks to:
Eve Frances Lorgen LORGEN Editors Note: We are waiting for
laboratory results that will take several weeks.

Convey your reports and e-mail to George Filer at Majorstar@aol.com

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