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A Reason For CSICOP Condemning The X-Files Movie?

From: William Hand <ufotruth@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 22:27:44 -0500 (CDT)
Fwd Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 02:11:41 -0400
Subject: A Reason For CSICOP Condemning The X-Files Movie?


First of all lets all think about CSICOP for a moment. What is
CSICOP? Well, it is an organization of people that for some
reason try and bash, trash, irrationally debunk, and discredit
anything that could possibly be even slightly "different" from
what the mainstream and government accepts as "reality".

They have tried to trash, bash, and discredit every single thing
to do with UFOs, ETs, coverups, creatures like big foot,
telepathy, phychokinesis, and other phenomenon that are very
interesting and could show that there is more to this world, the
mind, and the universe than what is commonly accepted by the
government and "mainstream" science.

Now, why would they be doing this? They claim that it is because
there is no chance of any of the above phenomenon being real or
actually existing! They claim that it is dangerous for people to
believe in anything that is even possibly "not real". Well, this
seems sort of odd. Because if these people really don't think
that any of these interesting phenomenons are real then why in
the heck have some of them spent years of their life trying to
irrationally and with any justification debunk them?

I don't think they would. I know if I did not believe in some
thing like lets say "vampires" I would not be trying my hardest
to debunk and disprove that they exist. Most definantly I would
express my opinions if someone asked me but I would not spend
years of my life trying to disprove what I do not believe in.

I would simply spend my time doing something productive in
something that I did believe in and not just waste years of my
life trying to disprove something that I already did not believe

In my opinion there must be other reasons that CSICOP does tries
to constantly trash and bash everything to do with anything that
has not been proven for 500 years by 1000 mainstream scientists
and that is totally politically correct.

In my opinion it is very possible that the governmnet could be
involved with CSICOP. They could use this organization to try
and do damage to claims about anything they did not want the
public knowing the truth about. Also, the military or private
organizations might be interested in CSICOP as well! What if,
and this is only an example, the technology recovered from the
Roswell Crash was what helped the transistor come into
existence? Then several companies might not want the truth to
come about about Roswell because then their secrets might be

I think all of us here know full well, because of all the
evidence that has been gathered, that UFOs/ETs DO exist and
there is a government/military coverup of them. UFOs/ETs seem to
be one of the main things that CSICOP tries to irrationally
debunk. Maybe there is a reason for this irrational

Maybe some people who work for CSICOP are really government

Maybe some of the people who work for CSICOP have just been
encouraged all along in secret by various organizations that
really wanted them to continue their debunkery of topics they
did not want exposed to the world....

Well, who really knows.... But the motives of CSICOP, and those
who are members, really seem suspicious in my opinion....

Maybe, just maybe, the reason they have condemned the X Files
move is because there is something in that movie that they do
not want the public to think could even possibly be real.

Maybe it is just the fact that the X Files Movie might make more
people believe that there is a UFO/ET coverup (which we all here
know already exists).

Or maybe there is something, more specific in the movie that
they do not want anyone to think is true!

Then again it is possible that everyone in CSICOP are just very
closed minded skeptics... But I doubt that....

Best Regards,

PS: Because CSICOP has CONDEMNED the X FILES movie I know I
REALLY want to see it now!

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