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Re: The Ten Cases

From: Jan Aldrich <jan@cyberzone.net >
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Subject: Re: The Ten Cases

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>Subject: Re: The Ten Cases

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>Why is the cry "he had nothing to gain from a hoax" almost
>invariably proposed as evidence that a particular incident could
>not have been a hoax. Apart from a certain smug satisfaction that
>one of the great unwashed has got one over on smug would-be
>scientific-type investigators who can't belive that anybody who
>does not have their  level of academic achievement could *ever*
>fool their massive intellect, (what Peter Rogerson has dubbed the
>'Herr Professor' Syndrome) what does *anyone* gain from a UFO
>hoax? There must only be a tiny minority of hoaxes where the
>perpetrators *have* 'gained anything' from them, and quite a few
>where they have ended worse off as a result. So let's drop this
>silly argument.

>Most hoaxes are done for the hell of it.

Agreed. In "A Preliminary Report on the 1947 UFO Sighting Wave"
(Shameless plug. Perhaps the Coalition can recover some of the
misspent dollars they invested here.) on pages 46-7, there is a
memo from Dr. James McDonald concerning an interview he had with
Retired USAF Colonel C. H. Welsh. Welsh said the USAF, in the
early period, was plagued with hoaxers who would go to great
lengths to carry their UFO hoaxes.

During and soon after the Japanese balloon bomb attack, there
were balloons with various devices put up by hoaxers. One in
California was more effective than the enemy attack. It started
a fire in a populated area.

Hoaxers send out false rescue calls all the time. During the
1947 wave there was a big rescue effort for a man supposedly
stuck in a cave. Later, without any remorse or sincere apology,
he cames forward and announced he had never been in the cave.
The effort, cost, and risk of live and limb seemed to mean
nothing to the hoaxer.

The current UFO belief threshold makes it easy for hoaxers.
Recently, we have been treated to the criteria one person uses.
If the person looks you straight in the eye and has a firm
handshake, he is believable. These are the *first* things a used
car salesman learns to do!

With some hoaxes, I would think, some of these stories are just
from people trapped in telling "war-stories." The leg pulling
escalates to almost unbelievable heights. In many cases the
claims are accepted outright without even cursory checking. Such
checking or application of a little uncommon "common sense"
would consign these stories to their proper place.

During my Army career, in certain places, I was authorized to
administer oaths or take sworn statements. I was amazed what
some people would bring me.

Recently we have been told that the penalty for perjury applies
to affidavits. Yes, there is that chance the charges of perjury
will be applied. However, false swearers are seldom pressed by
the legal system. If you would mislead Congress, under oath, why
is an affidavit to a court somehow special?

Have I been hoaxed? Yes! However, I have caught several people
in lies at the beginning.

One fellow told me, "My father was a special investigator for
Army Air Force Chief Hap Arnold on Roswell, and Arnold gave him
a special citation for his work."

"Good, send me a copy of the citation and explain how Arnold who
had had a stroke and was recalled to duty at this time for only
for ceremonial duties concerned with recruiting and celebrating
the creation of the USAF was active in this area."

At this the fellow wilted. A more glib person could have
probably brought this off. He could have said the citation was
lost. The vital evidence is always missing!

(Five-Star ranks are always considered on active duty as a
courtesy to their service.)

There are always people who come forward with all kinds of UFO
claims of having documents, vital information, or unusual
contacts. People who take these things at face value, without
investigation, are wonderful candidates for the "get-rich quick"
telephone scam artists who inhabit California, Nevada, and
southern Florida.

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947

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