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Working Together For An Ultimate Goal

From: Max Burns <AlienHype1@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 16:42:12 EDT
Fwd Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 23:12:55 -0400
Subject: Working Together For An Ultimate Goal

Working together for an ultimate goal As you may or may not be
aware I have come under quite an amount of criticism from David
Clark formerly BUFORA area investigator and now Press officer and
other's in his company regarding my ongoing investigation, into
incidents over the Peak District National Park just outside the
city of Sheffield England on the 24th March 1997.

These posts I hope will clear up quite a few points regarding
the incident and exposes Mr Clark and his group for what they
really are. ( A group of trouble causing, debunkers, hardened
sceptics, whose only agenda is to cause friction between
researchers) so as to slow down and cast doubt on the
credibility of people who are involved in a genuine search for
the facts and truth about the phenomena.

They should be asked one question. Why would a person spend 15
years investigating the subject of UFOs and state that out of
all the sightings in the World, and in light of the many
thousands of claims of abduction by extra terrestrials, will not
acknowledge that there is more to this than is been admitted by
those who seek to conceal the truth.

For me personally it's like an atheist reading the bible. These
people should be asked some serious questions about their
motivations and reasons for being so heavily involved in
something that they claim is not occurring.

Whether or not these triangle sightings are ET in nature, or
part of some ultra secret terrestrial project, or both we must
continue to assist each other no matter what our own personal
notions about the phenomena. By sharing all information with who
ever is interested in a positive manner so as we can all jointly
build a fuller picture of the current situation.

For example Mr Tim Mathew's is of the opinion that aliens do not
visit planet Earth, and that all UFO sightings are either
misidentified 'whatevers', or top secret experimental
terrestrial flying triangles. And that is his right as an
individual and  I am of the opinion that these triangles are
both ET and terrestrial and that is my right.

However just because as an example the two of us are of
different opinions does not matter at least people like Tim and
myself as well as others are trying to get to the bottom of the
UFO phenomena, if it turns out that for example Tim is correct
then I would be the first to congratulate him.

We must unite after all we are all in search of the truth.

However these people who carry out no positive research and seek
to disprove and discredit work carried out by others should be
removed from the arena as they are nothing more than a
distraction, whose main purpose is to cast doubt and create
rifts between individuals, it is a known rule of war divide and

Its time to draw a line in the sand, and start working together,
it is not important to squabble about who is right and who is
wrong that only serves the agenda of those who seek to slow down
our quest for answers.

Either as part of an agenda of unknown probably military groups
or for some form of perverse entertainment, it is still
important to question findings but we must not act in a negative
manner, positive and fruitful work and the friendly interaction
between us all is of utmost importance which will break the hold
these detractors seem to have on the UFO community.

It is time face the facts we need each other if we are going to
get to the bottom of this large enigma wrapped up in a riddle in
our quest to uncover the truth.

Best regards
Max Burns

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