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Re: New Jet or UFO?

From: Sue Strickland <strick@H2Net.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 01:46:15 -0600
Fwd Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 07:00:35 -0400
Subject: Re: New Jet or UFO?

>Subject: UFO UpDate: New Jet or UFO? [was: Re: Fast Walker]
>From: Mark Cashman <mcashman@ix.netcom.com>
>Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 11:37:41 -0400
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>

>>From: Sue Strickland <strick@H2Net.net>
>>To: "UFO UpDates - Toronto" <updates@globalserve.net>
>>Subject: Re: Fast Walker New Jet or UFO?
>>Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 20:07:47 -0600

Dear Mark,

Thanks for responding! Your questions are thought provoking. I'll
try to answer them. I don't know anything about airplanes, so
you'll have to draw your own conclusions. I don't know what I
saw. If it was a UFO, they were just "checking up" on me. I'm
very hesitant to talk to you or anyone else about the behind the
scenes stuff. After being on this "list" for 3 weeks, and
listening to the garbage people throw at each other, I'll stick
to the facts. Quenching your curiosity is not why I brought up
the subject in the first place. I'm looking for answers for

>You don't mention the geometry of the object. Was it
>cylindrical, disc shaped, triangular?

I didn't mention it because hard as I tried to concentrate on
"seeing" the wings or the shape, I couldn't. It was frustrating
because I could see the pilot and the other individual, but
couldn't make out the shape of the vehicle. It was so close too.
All I could see was the cockpit and canopy and that red blinking
light. I kept trying to determine if that red light was on one
side or the other of the craft. It appeared to stay pretty
stationary on the left side, but I do remember looking for a
green or blue light (like a running light on a boat) and couldn't
see another one. One thing is certain. The dashboard in front of
the pilot was curved in a wide arch (about 10'-12'), wide enough
to seat at least one other individual beside the pilot (sitting
just left of center), with 3' or more between them. I watched the
pilot. That pilot never turned around to look at me...face
forward always. I was worried that the light from my head lights
was making it difficult for him to pilot the vehicle. Whatever he
was doing with his hands, he never raised them up off the
dashboard. I saw no "joy stick" or specific controls, and I
looked for them.  I've driven that road literally hundreds of
times, sometimes 60 mph in the straight-aways...that's fast on
that road. There are right-angle turns that are posted at 35 mph.
If you take them much faster, you can skid out on the gravel/sand
berm (or ice) and land up in the arroyo dead. It's very
dangerous, especially if you're not familiar with it. I purposely
looked at my speedometer to make sure I was under control. Most
of the time I was going 47 mph. I know exactly where we were, and
where he was, and I knew if he didn't pull up before the end of
the next curve, he would hit the wall, because the road cut ended
on that side of the highway and switched over to the other side
(my side).  I was thinking and talking out loud, "Pull up, Pull
up, you're going to hit the wall." I really expected to see a
ball of flame around the next curve. They were gone, just that
fast. I felt like they must have been "cowboy" airmen from the
base, playing "chicken" with me in some new experimental 2-man
jet. If we do have such a jet, I want one!

>Did it have any other projections or structure besides the

None that I could make out. I really tried to see something,
anything like that. It must have had "bat radar" or something. I
looked for one of those pointed nosed needles on the front, but
couldn't see anything for sure beyond the windshield. I tried to
see a contrasting value (dark gray vs. pitch black) to see where
there might have been a pattern or line to determine the shape
or see where the wings were. I couldn't make out any value

>How did you first see the object if it was night and the object
>was not illuminated?

It was 10:30 pm. There are no "street" lights on Tijeras Canyon
road, only reflectors attached to the metal guard rails (where
there are guard rails). I don't know if it was illuminated from
inside, or if my headlights were what was lighting it up. I
thought it was my headlights shining on them from behind. What I
saw first was headlights behind me approaching very fast. At
least, I think they were headlights. When I looked in the
rear-view mirror, I recall seeing 2 very bright lights, set
close together, coming very fast. I thought it was a truck
wanting to pass me, so I slowed down (didn't stop) and moved
over to the berm to let him pass. Well, if it was a truck that
passed me, it was really "flying." It passed me going very fast.
(I had the impression that it was a white truck, but I really
didn't "see" a white truck, because I was already focusing on
this other vehicle coming up on my left. That's when it started
to pace me in the canyon cut. It surprised me. And I looked
ahead for the other truck. It was gone. I don't know where it
went. I remember wondering about that, but not overly concerned.
I don't know why. I figured whoever was driving that "white
truck" had the caca scared out of him by this other vehicle
chasing him. It certainly wasn't logical for a truck to
"disappear" unless it went over the edge of the cliff, and I
would have seen that happen. So, I don't know if what passed me
was a truck or another flying aircraft.

>Did this sighting occur before or after you were made
>aware of your possible abduction experiences?

After. Long after. My last visit from them was 1958 or 59. This
particular incident happened in April, 1992. I wasn't "made
aware" by someone else. I'm a pretty down-to-earth, concrete
individual. My "prove it," "show me" attitude is what started
this whole thing, at age 5. So, it's been self-discovery. Not a
la-la land, sugar-coated, new age, spiritual experience for me.
Most of it has been pretty unpleasant and very unsettling.

>Was this case investigated by an independent investigator? Have
>any sketches, maps, etc. been developed as part of such an

There has never been an investigation of this siting as far as I
know. I'm just now trying to piece the whole bizarre thing
together. I'm the only one really interested, because it effects
me. Sure, curiosity keeps people wondering, and I suppose it
could sell a few Sci-Fi stories, but beyond that no one really
wants to, nor could many people accept the reality of the
situation. It's taken me over 40 years to try to accept what has
happened to me. Who in the blankety-blank would believe it if
they had not (somewhere in the depths of their brains) had some
haunting questions? Why else are we posting on this list? We're
looking for answers, if nothing else to maintain our sanity.

>Did you observe the object in front of anything which was at >a
known distance? Did you have a sense of its proximity based >on
depth vision?

Yes to both. The road is a 2-lane highway. If you wanted to, you
could go there, measure the distance from the narrowest cut on
the inside canyon wall to the edge of the on-coming lane of
traffic at the guard rail. That would give you a pretty close
measurement of the width of the vehicle. The vehicle fit in that
space, between the wall of the canyon and the on-coming traffic
lane. It never came over to the on-coming traffic lane. So, I
was no more than 50' from it (and probably a lot closer than
that on a couple of occasions).


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