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Re: Sheffield Incident

From: Max Burns <AlienHype1@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 15:43:38 EDT
Fwd Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 16:13:48 -0400
Subject: Re: Sheffield Incident

>Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 16:23:04 -0400
>From: David Clarke <dclarke14@compuserve.com
>.Subject: Sheffield Incident
>To: UFO Updates <updates@globalserve.net>

In his recent posting, Mr David Clark asserted that I am
incorrect in my claims that Helen Jackson MP has been lied to
during questions tabled in the UK Houses of Parliament.

When Helen Jackson MP asked Were there any UFO's reported to the
police on either the 24th or 25th March 1997.

The reply was given There were no UFO reports to the police on
either the 24th or the 25th March.

Now At last Mr Clark has indeed admitted that there were infact
UFO reports to the police on the 24th and 25th March 1997. And
as Mr Clark and his crew over the last few months subjected me
to various insults in an attempt to discredit myself and my
research.claiming that I have made it up or I am nuts etc, which
as it turns out even Mr Clark has now admitted that.


>There are no more than a couple of instances in the
>entire log where people describe UFOs, and then they are just
>talking about "lights in the sky"


I think this sighting is a little more than lights in the sky

Yesterday approx 19.40 traveling on a train back home . States
around the Barnsley area saw a triangle shaped object with
lights all around it hovering. Does not think it was a plane
thinks we are wasting our time.

But it does not matter whether it was two sightings or over half
a dozen, the fact is that Mr Clark has admitted that there are
ufo sightings reported to the police that night and therefore
Helen Jackson MP has been lied to in the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Clark knew that there were UFO sightings reported to the
police that night, these questions I feel need an answer.

1. Why has it taken you so long to come clean and proove that I
am not a liar by admitting that there were ufo reports that

2.why were so so adamant that I am a liar when the facts are

3.Why have you felt the need to disproove this incident?

4.Why are you involved in the coverup?

These are your words Mr Clark.


>There are no more than a couple of instances in the
>entire log where people describe UFOs, and then they are just
>talking about "lights in the sky"

5.Why did you feel the need to telephone the News of the World
news paper to try and discredit me and stop the story going to

Which you managed to do, surely as an objective investigator it
would only have been fair to let me get my version of events out
to the public and to simply allow the members of the public to
make there own minds up.

Let me just bring the readers of updates up to speed, I have
been unemployed for over six months and have had little or no
money my investigation into this incident has cost me over
=A34,000 pounds sterling $7,000 dollars US

Mr Clark knew that I am unemployed and knew that the =A31,500 UK
pounds I was recieving for the story I needed, although I am not
in ufology for the money, this payment did not even cover my
investigation costs of this incident.

Somthing im sure that a lot of ufologist's can relate about.

But never the less, it would have eased my current money
shortage situation, but you chose to ring a national news paper
and it would appear that you succeded in this dispicable act.

Why did you do this?

But now that you have admitted in your own words,s and confirmed
that lies have been told, by confirming ufo reports were infact
reported to the police.

I will sleep well tonight.
Will you?

You can read my honest research at:



You can also hear the edited Dagenhart interview at
these above 2 sites

Report only

Best regards

Max Burns

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