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Re: Friedman's Laws for 'Debunkers'

From: Serge Salvaille <sergesa@connectmmic.net>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:50:35 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 18:53:19 -0400
Subject: Re: Friedman's Laws for 'Debunkers'

>Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 23:02:35 -0400
>From: James Easton <pulsar@compuserve.com>
>Subject: Friedman's Laws for 'Debunkers'
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>>Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 20:17:16 -0300
>>From: Stanton T. Friedman <fsphys@brunnet.net>
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>>Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: Who is Jerome Clark?

Now this is an interesting one.

>  _Skeptics' UFO Newsletter_ by Philip J. Klass. #43, Jan, 1997
>404 "N" Street, SW, Washington DC 20024          (C)  1997

>_National Security Agency (NSA) Responds To SUN's Request And
>Declassifies Revealing Portions Of its Top Secret "UFO


>Partially declassified copies of 156 Top Secret "UFO
>documents" recently obtained by _SUN_, which the National
>Security Agency refused to release in 1982 in response to a
>Freedom of information Request (FOIA), reveal that NSA's refusal
>was to keep secret that it was eavesdropping on Soviet air
>defense radar sites


>    Most of the 156 Comint documents obtained by SUN report the
>"Probably balloon" type of slow-moving UFO.  The reports,
>covering the 21-year period from 1958 to 1979,


>    "The second non-Comint document is a three page undated,
>unofficial draft of a monograph with a four page appendix by the
>same agency employee who authored the draft referenced in
>sub-paragraph a, above....It is entitled 'UFOs _and the
>Intelligence Community Blind Spot to Surprise or Deceptive
>Data_'. In this document, the author discusses what he considers
>to be a serious shortcoming in the Agency's COMINT interception
>and reporting procedures -- the inability to respond correctly
>to surprising information or deliberately deceptive data. He
>uses the UFO phenomenon to illustrate his belief that the
>inability of the U.S.  intelligence community to process this
>type of unusual data adversely affects U.S. intelligence
>gathering capabilities. Deletions in this document were made as

>(1) All  of the title after UFO, _which addresses the perceived
>shortcoming_ and all of paragraph one, which discusses the
>_employee's perception of the negative implications of the
>handling of the UFO phenomena as it demonstrates what he
>believes is the less than optimum ability of the intelligence
>community to process and evaluate highly unusual data_...

Please correct me if I am wrong:

1. Most of 156 UFOs reported in NSA documents refered to the same
type of object, e.g. soviet balloons;

2. From 1958 to 1979 (21 years) NSA should have gotten an average
of 8 reports a year;

3. For Intelligence Services (???), after 156 observations, the
damn Soviet Ongoing Balloons were still 'surprising information
or deliberately deceptive data'.  They expressed 'inability to
respond correctly'.

4. A distressed employee issued a document that should have been
entitled: 'Balloons and the Intelligence Community Blind Spot to
Surprise or Deceptive Data'

A true skeptic, unless he has embraced a religion, should be
skeptical about everything, espacially skepticism - why not? A
true liar lies about lies.  For the sake of skepticism then,
please solve some simple equations:

	156 - most = ?

	declassified - (patially declassified) = ?

Last one.  How can we come to the conclusion:

	156 * balloons = UFO phenomena


Serge Salvaille

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