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Filer's Files #25

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 21:16:55 EDT
Fwd Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 21:56:54 -0400
Subject: Filer's Files #25

Filer's Files #25-1998 MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer,    MUFON Eastern Director,
June 25, 1998, Majorstar@aol.com  609 654-0020

Senator Barry Goldwater, a retired Air Force Reserve Brigadier General and
pilot with many decades of flying experience, recently passed away, but should
not be forgotten. He is quoted as saying, "I certainly believe in aliens in
space.  They may not look like us, but I have very strong feelings that they
have advanced beyond our mental capabilities."  He said, he was refused
permission to check the Air Force' files on UFOs.  "I think some highly secret
government UFO investigations are going on that we don't know about--and
probably never will unless the Air Force discloses them."  He said, that he
put faith in the reports of the Air Force, Navy, and commercial pilots who
reported instances where a UFO would fly near them--right off their plane's
wing--and then just zoom away at incredible speeds.  "I remember the case in
Georgia in the 1950's of a National Guard plane going after a UFO and never
returning.  And I recall the case in Franklin, Kentucky, when four military
planes investigated a UFO.  One of them exploded in midair and no one knows
why." Thanks to AGETI Archive editor 9A4AG.


Thursday night, July 19, 1998,  a father was annoyed by the unusually loud
noise of about eight helicopters flying low over the town rattling the windows
of his home.  New Egypt is only a few miles from McGuire Air Force Base where
C-141s, four engine cargo aircraft, and KC-10 tankers regularly fly low over
his home.  Several neighbors came out to complain about very loud helicopter
noise and their dishes shaking.  He stayed out a few minutes with his dog
trying to discern where the helicopters had gone, but none were visible.
There was a low cloud layer so he thought they might be above the cloud layer.
Three lights were moving back and forth for ten minutes, so he called his
entire family out and the neighbors across the street to see the show.  The
lights It oscillated in the sky for several minutes.  He stated it reminded
him of spot lights being moved through the sky, but there were no light beams
shooting up from the ground.  The lights would dim and change colors.  The
lights were red to pink, blue, and white.  It was the wildest thing he’s seen
in his whole life.  The lights were to the north of New Egypt away from the
base.  Several miles to the north, he noticed strange colored lights hovering
in the sky, that he estimated at the size of a large house.  There were three
separate lights changing colors in the sky.  They flew together and became one
and then disappeared by shooting off to the west at incredible speed.
Virtually, everyone heard the helicopters that this is the first time they
have heard this late at night.  Editor’s note:  I called Mc Guire Public
Affairs Office and they confirmed that there had been several reports of
lights that shot off quickly, and that Air Force aircraft were not

Evelyn and Russell M. Galson report a sighting on Wednesday, June 17, 1998, at
7:20 PM on Hurfville Crosskeys Road in Turnersville, NJ.  The weather was
overcast and humid.  Sunset was about 40 minutes away.  Evelyn said, "As Russ
and I went past a construction site I noticed an object just below tree level
about 30 feet above the ground.  The object was unusually white.  At arm’s
length it was two inches long.  It was shaped like a thick boomerang and had
one bright white light.  It would actually be on the left of the object
towards the end.  The UFO’s wing span was about fifty feet long and eight feet
thick.  We couldn't pull over to observe the object because of traffic, so we
went around to the Glassboro--Williamstown road.  When we got to the other
side, which didn't take us long, it was no longer there.  Thanks to Evelyn

On Tuesday, June 16, 1998, in Paramus, NJ at 8:32 PM, Vinny Polise and another
witness saw two black orbs or spheres traveling from south to north. The UFOs
were both solid black or brown and were traveling at a slow rate of speed.
They were high up in altitude.  They were going in and out of the clouds.  The
first one appeared and move slowly, then the second was about two miles behind
the first one and several minutes behind.  Both UFOs moved at the same speed
and same pattern of flight.  Both objects were small and there were planes in
the area, but neither paid attention to the other. Thanks to Vinny Polise,


There was a sighting in the Pensacola/Gulf Breeze area on Saturday night, June
20, 1998, around 9:30 PM according to Ray Pollock.  It was a craft hovering
over the parking lot of the new Wal-Mart on Highway 98, east of Gulf Breeze.
There were 10 to 15 witnesses based on calls to the sheriff's office or Gulf
Breeze Police.  Attempts are being made to contact as many of these witnesses
as possible.  It is reported that lights from the parking lot actually
illuminated a portion of the craft as well as its own lights.  Channel 3, the
local TV station reported the story, but there are no pictures as far as we
know.  Details are sketchy and when more is known it will be posted on the
Gulf Breeze Website http://www.gulfbreezeufos.com  Thanks to Ray Pollock
UFOPOLLGB.  Editor’s Note: John Thompson ISUR/MUFON checked with Manager Joe
Shirley at the Wal-Mart who said he had heard that some Wal-Mart customers
reported the sighting to the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Department.  His employees
had not seen anything.  Joe also talked to Captain Collier, who said that none
of his deputies  saw the UFO and that Public Affairs Officer was handling all
inquiries. (850-983-1100).


Jeff Westover reports "UFO sightings are on the increase in Michigan's 'thumb-
area,' seemingly centered on Marlette and Brown City."  Last night's odd amber
lights (common UFOs to this area) made another appearance.  On June 17, 1998,
high altitude star-like objects zigzagged across the sky and local residents
heard "high pitched whirring" sounds as neighborhood animals became agitated.
These are just the latest events in rural Sanilac, Tuscola, Lapeer, St. Clair
and Huron counties (the 'thumb area').  This latest flap seems to have begun
in late November 1997, when a Genesee County Deputy Sheriff drove under an
unmoving and massive lit object on US-23 five miles south of Flint.  He
reported his sighting to Michigan MUFON.  A few days later, December 1, 1997,
a Marlette man watched a massive lit object hovering motionless above Peck,
Michigan in southern Sanilac County.  It vanished into thin air when two
airplanes, possibly military approached it.  On December 13, 1997, a southern
Sanilac County Police Officer, along with his partner and an entire family,
witnessed a UFO hovering over Brown City for upwards of an hour before it
departed.  Official police documents show this event as actually occurring.
They further show Selfridge the Air National Guard in Mount Clemens, Michigan
advising the police dispatcher "that it was probably a helicopter that was
sighted and there was nothing much that could be done from that end."  I've
spoken to one of the two police officers and I can tell you that the sound of
his voice alone told me that he was witness to something other than a
helicopter.  Two nights later, on December 15, 1997, a Marlette, Michigan
woman watched a huge silent saucer, with round lights on the bottom of the
craft.  Each light was much larger than the full moon.  It drifted slowly
above her home.  Thanks to Peter Gersten CAUS. and Jeff Westover.


On Monday, June 14, 1998, Steve Neeley reports three witnesses observed a very
shiny cigar shaped UFO make a 90 degree turn at 8:15 to 8:30 PM.  We were at
the Marion Fish and Game Club when we noticed an object at an altitude of 3000
to 5000 feet.  It was very shiny, which was strange as the sun was very low on
the horizon.  Kyle using his rifle scope (3 by 9) looked at the object and
asked me to look using my scope.  The object was cigar shaped very shiny
metallic looking like a mirror.  We estimate the size at 65 to 80 feet in
length.  We watched it travel north for about five minutes, when it then made
a 90 degree turn to the east and moved away at a high rate of speed.  The
entire event lasted about 6 to 7 minutes.  My son Doug also witnessed the
craft.  Thanks to Steven J. Neeley, Director Ohio Skywatch International
http://www.geocities.com/soho/5782  stneeley@bright.net.


Kenny Young reports that on June 20, 1998, in Valparaiso,  Mike C. his
daughter 12, and her friend aged 13, observed two Unidentified Flying Objects
between 12:00 and 12:30 a.m. CDT.   The northwestern Indiana city of
Valparaiso is 45-miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois.  Both sightings lasted
about five minutes.  The objects appeared as 'star-like' lights without
running lights.  The first sighting was reportedly of one object moving
quickly in a southerly direction before making an abrupt turn upwards or to
the north, then vanishing from sight.  The second sighting was made about ten
minutes later.  This sighting also involved an object that  appeared as three
star-like lights, flying line-abreast.  The speed of the second object was
faster than the first object.  It was moving west before making an abrupt turn
towards the south, finally disappearing.  The E-mail correspondent stated: "My
daughter is very intelligent, is a member of the National Junior Honor
Society, and knows quite clearly what airplanes look like, both in daytime and
night conditions.  She has stated emphatically that these were NOT airplanes.
"No sound was reported in conjunction with the sightings and no other
witnesses have been located.  Kenny Young-- UFO Research


On Sunday, June 14, 1998, at 10 p.m., Susan G. was working at the computer at
her home in Des Plaines, when she noticed a strange object beyond her window.
Des Plaines, a Chicago suburb is famous as the home of the first McDonald’s
Restaurant.  "The UFO was moving from south to north," Susan reported.  "I was
facing east when I saw it between 30 to 50 degrees above the horizon."  She
described the UFO as a discoidal object with "multi-colored flashing and
blinking lights around its edges."   It was flying near Des Plaines River Road
and Route 294, for about four seconds before it passed behind a building.  It
seemed to be round and flat, like a pancake with a dome in the middle.  I was
alone at the time, shutting down my computer. UFO Roundup Vol#3 25, June 21,
1998, Joseph Trainor editor.


Webster’s defines plasmas as high temperature ionized gases composed of
electrons and positive ions in numbers that are electrically neutral.
Confinement of plasma for thermonuclear reactions is achieved by magnetic
fields.  Let’s look at some apparent unrelated facts that start to build a
Eve Frances Lorgen writes: I have a question concerning the globe or orb
shaped UFO seen in several locations near by air traffic areas.  Has there
been any air collision, or accidents in these vicinities where numbers of
people died?  Has any group of people who died from other reasons?  Editor’s
Answer:  These plasmas or orbs have been observed in close proximity to
several airliners.  Aircrews such as the Swiss Airlines 747 reported a near
miss August 9, 1997.  In years past, there have been unexplained accidents
that may have involved these plasmas or UFOs hitting or coming too close to an
aircraft.  Aircraft instruments have been influenced and the high electrical
or atmospheric forces generated by these plasmas could adversely effect an

Small orbs and plasmas have also been video taped within abductee’s bedrooms.
These plasmas float around homes or cars, where no apparent high voltage
electrical magnetic forces seem to exist.  The plasmas often seem tied to
microwave energy and may operate with an apparent intelligence.  They may move
closer, respond to blinking lights and the like.  Some plasmas may be caused
by the tremendous stresses within the Earth itself.  Sometimes they are
referred to as Earth Lights, and are often seen before and during earthquakes.
The human mind and central nervous system are very susceptible to being
adversely effected by these plasmas.  We are just starting to understand some
of the ramifications of electromagnetism on the body and our minds.  The vital
spark of life itself seems electromagnetic in nature.  The Earth itself is a
giant electrical dynamo and a good conductor of electricity surrounded by a
good dielectric called our atmosphere.  Higher up above our atmosphere is the
ionosphere that is also a good conductor of electricity.  One only has to
watch an electrical storm to see the tremendous electrical power at work.  It
is know this power formed into lightning can kill or maim us.  Our minds and
bodies are finely tuned electrical systems.  The currents flowing through our
bodies are measured in nanoamperes and microvolts, and we can be disrupted by
comparatively small amounts of the electrical energy around us.  As you read
this material thousands of small electrical currents are being switched off an
on in your body and brain.  Did you feel it?  We are very susceptible to
electropollution in the US due to our advanced industrialization and few laws.
UFO sightings and abductions are particularly high in the US.  I wonder if
there is a connection?  Almost anywhere there can be surprisingly strong
electrical plasmas and microwaves that have been generated by storms, within
the earth or from man made machines like radars and radios.  These machines
can cause illness such as Microwave Sickness whose symptoms are low blood
pressure and slow pulse.  The plasmas can take any shape or color.  Our brains
will attempt to make sense of any object in front of our eyes.  We can
interpret these electrical plasmas as lights, aliens, ghosts, craft  or UFOs.


The United Kingdom’s  Marlborough-Pewsey Gazette & Herald of June 4, 1998. The
mystery continues into the formation of strange shapes imprinted on the
countryside as more crop circles appear in the Marlborough area.  Crop
formations appeared on land at West Overton, Winterbourne Bassett and
Lockeridge last week to the amazement of villagers, tourists and enthusiasts,
but to the despair of farmers.  Land owners at West Overton have put up signs
asking crop circle viewers not to enter the fields and cause more damage than
that done by the elusive forces.  There is no definitive explanation for the
formations that have become an annual addition to the summer landscape --and
not only in Wiltshire. British fields hosted 250formations last year, 40 of
them in Wiltshire. Germany, Italy and Israel have also had several this year.
But Francis Blake, co-ordinator of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group, says
the latest formations at Lockeridge and West Overton could relate to the
ancient belief in ley [earth energy] lines.  She said the 200 foot formation
at Lockeridge has been described by researchers as a dragon shape on lines
also known as dragon energy.  Mrs Blake says she cannot explain the
formations, but their complexity convinces her they are not man made.  "When
they are small circles, badly made I am as cynical as the next person," she
said.  "But these are not just a five minute job. "She said a good bench mark
was an experiment by the Soil Association to make a crop circle in 1993, which
took nearly a month to plan and a day to make.  The complex dragon and West
Overton circles formations seem to have appeared overnight, with no reports of
unusual activity in the area beforehand. Thanks to Gerry Lovell. Far

Editors note:  Recent sampling of the crop formation and soil samples indicate
high Electro magnetic and microwave effects have occurred within these fields.
One farmer in England who hired guards to watch his fields to prevent hoaxers
from hurting his crops.  While under guard, the crop formations developed in
30 seconds to a maximum of five minutes.  Photographs of the fields often show
cloudy white shapes, colored lights or other odd phenomenon.  Certain fields
with crop formations contain unusual semi-molten iron that may be related to
meteor dust.  Plasmas or strong electrical fields may be forming the crop
formation designs about this iron like dust.  The crop formations indicates
uniform layered effects and constant forces are operating.  The intricacies of
the designs indicate an intelligence is at work.  The plasmas themselves may
posses a type of intelligence or the plasmas are being used by higher
intelligence to form the intricate patterns.  Silver fluorescence found on
some abductees has also been present in the crop circles.  Plasmas can be made
in a laboratory using Tesla Coils.  There are strong indications all these
strange occurrences are tied together and represent forces we are only
beginning to understand.  Our computers operate with electricity a type of
plasma.  Much of our world would come to a stop without it.  Are these plasmas
trying to tell us something?  Those crop formations look like communication to


Eve Frances Lorgen  writes:  "I know of another female abductee who has very
odd foot problems.  Both feet were terribly affected, cracking and oozing and
having great difficulty healing.  She thinks it's from some alien experiment
or strange auto-immune disorder." Answer:  I suggest she have her blood tested
for abnormalities.  There is evidence that Electro magnetic radiation can
cause harmful effects on the body.  If abductees are taken into space it's
logical that they suffer the effects of space sickness.  If plasmas are
causing this they could suffer from the effects of plasmas.  It is apparent an
advanced technology will better understand how to use these plasmas.

Joel Carpenter writes, I just wanted to mention that ordinary "baby powder"
fluoresces like crazy under black light.  Before people start wondering if
they were taken apart and stitched back together like Frankenstein by the
Greys, maybe the investigator should ask them if they used Johnson's Baby
Powder or similar, that day.  Test samples of perfumes, skin cremes,
ointments, antiperspirants.  Many will glow.

In a side note, hypnotists often use a strobe light flashing at alpha-wave
frequencies to ease a person into a trance.  There is some research that once
in this state of hypnosis the brain can receive telepathic signals.
Theoretically, the person may read thoughts and be guided telepathically by
the hypnotist.  There is in effect a kind of mind control occurring without
either the hypnotist or his subject being aware of it happening.  One of the
dangers of hypnotism is considered to be confabulation on the part of the
subject.  Now we can speculate that the hypnotist is actually putting thoughts
into the head of their subject.


New York MUFON’s Larry Clark reports that he has plotted the location of UFO
sightings throughout the country.  It came about after reading a statement in
J. Vallee that suggested sightings concentrations were in rural areas in the
center of the U.S.  That didn't seem right (or perhaps current) so I decided,
since the UFOINFO reports were available, to plot two years worth using a
large map of the U.S. and Canada.  Using Tripmaker I located each place and
put a yellow colored pin in for each sighting.  Where there were numerous
concurrent sightings, or many within a short time and area, I indicated it
with a red pin.  It certainly favored the general coastal areas and Great
Lakes over the interior, except for SW Colorado, SW Ohio, and Phoenix. Of
course this was an exploratory, and not a scientific project.  The
concentrations in SW Colorado and SW Ohio may simply be because there is
better organization, monitoring, and reporting of sightings in those areas.
Southwest Ohio and Kentucky were noted as a concentration area even in the
fifties.  The east-west coast concentrations may just be because of population
density.  Even so, I think this was a useful exercise, and the method would be
sound if there were a way of getting all the reports for the area being
monitored.  And, if we were getting the total of reports in the New York
area, I think it would be a useful task at a state or regional level.  I have
reviewed a huge number of published reports.  I still think there is something
to the large number of reports to UFOs near, entering, and exiting bodies of
water.  I heard recently there is increased sightings in the St. Lawrence
river and Montreal area. Thanks to Larry Clark NY MUFON.

Editor’s Notes: Larry’s plotting agrees with my observations that most UFOs
are seen near water.  Ron Hannivig reports he has two credible, separate
reports of UFOs diving into small lakes up in the Thompson/Ararat Township,
Pennsylvania area back in the late 1970's.  He also researched and documented
a November 1974 incident in Carbondale, PA.  I personally saw one come out of
a small lake in 1980.  Can plasmas operate under water?  In past years,
thousands of people visited  Wanaque Reservoir in North Jersey to watch  UFOs
come in and out of the water.  They had beautiful blinking spinning lights
kind of like plasmas or UFOs.

Please send your reports and letters to George A. Filer at 609 654-0020.
The 29th Annual MUFON Conference will be held this weekend in Denver, Colorado
at the Renaissance Denver Hotel, 3801 Quebec Street.  Call 1800-HOTELS-1 for

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