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A Different Kind Of Abduction Report?

From: Lehmberg@snowhill.com
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 98 12:58:48 +500
Fwd Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 14:38:49 -0400
Subject: A Different Kind Of Abduction Report?

Greetings honored list;

This strange tale was provided to me by a person I have known for
some years...


I have been walking down this street for 53 years. Let's see
now... that's right... I was 28 the first time I saw this old
eucalyptus tree. Then, the sidewalks were young. Now, b'Jesus,
you have to pick your way though the rubble and weeds. All the
green's gone... all the good times. Then, I had a lovely young
lady on my arm. Mary Ann was her name. Now, a cane is my only
companion... and, of course, Them!

They also walk here with canes. Not because they are of an age,
like me, but to imitate. They think this is the way it's done.
If I could only communicate with them. Oh God, I've tried! They
are watchin' me all the time and doin' as I do. What was it my
grand daughter Alisha Ray used to say when she was in
kindergarten something about tell? Show and tell! That was it,
Show and Tell. Well, I'll tell you, 81 doesn't make for good
showin' and that's a fact. I sleep a lot and eat a little. These
old eyes ain't good for readin'. I miss that old TV box. I'd
even set through one of those damn game shows! The only kick I
get is seein' them try to do what I do. If I rub my nose they
rub theirs - or that stump they've got I call a nose. I don't
laugh, though. They don't like it if I laugh. The last time I
laughed They kept me from eating for almost a week.

I just wish I was of an age that I could show them what a man
can be and do. If I had just one other person to interact with
so they would know Man. But it's all gone. The time's right,
now. I've got so little of it left. I must finish it, once and
for all!

They came about 18 months' ago. Why They picked me to show Them
our ways - if that's what I'm here for - I don't know. There are
five of them left, but three of them are swelling around the
middle (little ones comin', I expect). If I don't stop it they
will take over my world. I've made my plans. The cost is not too
high, after all, I've had all my good years. What ever it is
I'll pay the price. I have to do it. I have to eliminate Them,
once and for all. Why I should give a damn, I don't know. Ten
hours after they hit Oxnard we were all gone. I was picked up
that first hour and held. Why didn't I die?

I know I'm the only one around here with two legs. Now I've
waited as long as I can for someone to come along. I just wish I
could figure out why they all left but the five. Let's face it,
I know I'm it. I've thought much about the future. When I'm gone
it will be better clean of all this.

About a month ago I went down to the water. There's this boat,
DELIVERANCE, and at high tide I'll cut her loose. You see, this
time of year we have this wind called Santa Ana. If I can
have'em all aboard early before she starts to blow, I think I
can make it. This damned leg is my big problem. I've got it
figured out that the 29th is the highest tide of the year. If
the wind comes at the right time I'll do it.

For the last two weeks I've come down to the boat every day and
set around on her. They also come. These last three days I've
fooled around with the sails, raising and lowering them. They're
getting the feel of her. They like it when the sail's flappin'.
I can tell 'cause of the green shine on their skins. I don't
move so fast, so they've slowed down to my speed. But when the
time comes I've got to move and this will throw Them out of

I know that there has to be more people some place. So if some
one finds this and DELIVERANCE is not on the beach I've made it,
and may God have his mercies. It will be time for you to pay
your price. Luck to you and me.


This seemed to me to be taken from life. The writer was enigmatic about its
motivation, and is not the kind of person to concoct outlandish tales. You decide.


Restore John Ford

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