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The 'Sturrock Report' On-Line @ SSE Site

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Subject: The 'Sturrock Report' On-Line @ SSE Site

From: The Society for Scientific Exploration


Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports
The Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the
Pocantico Conference Center, Tarrytown, New York,
September 29 - October 4, 1997

P.A. Sturrock

Scientific Steering Committee T.E. Holzer, R. Jahn, D.E.
Pritchard, H.E. Puthoff, C.R. Tolbert, and Y.Terzian

Scientific Review Panel
V.R. Eshleman (Co-Chair), T.E. Holzer (Co-Chair), J.R. Jokipii,
F. Louange, H. J. Melosh, J. J. Papike, G. Reitz, C. R. Tolbert,
and B. Veyret

R.F. Haines, I. von Ludwiger, M. Rodeghier, J.F. Schuessler,
E. Strand, M.D. Swords, J. F. Vallee, and J-J. Velasco

D.E. Pritchard and H.E. Puthoff

Table of Contents:
(Other Supporting Documents)
(Index of Some Photographic Evidence)

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Abstract (First Page of report)


Section 1. Report of the Scientific Review Panel

Section 2. Introduction

Section 3. Photographic Evidence

Section 4. Luminosity Estimates

Section 5. Radar Evidence

Section 6. Hessdalen Project

Section 7. Vehicle Interference

Section 8. Interference with Aircraft Equipment

Section 9. Apparent Gravitational and/or Inertial Effects

Section 10. Ground Traces

Section 11. Injuries to Vegetation

Section 12. Physiological Effects on Witnesses

Section 13. Analysis of Debris

Section 14. Recommendations Concerning Implementation

Section 15. Web Site: Supporting Documentation

Appendix 1. The GEPAN/SEPRA Project - F. Louange; J. Velasco

Appendix 2. Procedures for Analysis of Photographic Evidence -
            F. Louange

Appendix 3. Formation Flying - V. R. Eshleman

Appendix 4. Electromagnetic-Wave Ducting- V. R. Eshleman

Appendix 5. Sprites - V. R. Eshleman

Appendix 6. SETI and UFO Investigations Compared -
            V. R. Eshleman

Appendix 7. Further Thoughts on SETI and UFO Investigations -
            F. Louange

Appendix 8. Scientific Inference - P. A. Sturrock


The reference for this article is:

Peter A. Sturrock et al. (1998). Physical evidence related to
UFO reports. J. Scientific Exploration, 12, 2, 179.


(Click on titles for the table of contents of the articles)

Bounias, Michel C. L. (1990). Biochemical traumatology as a
potent tool for identifying actual stresses elicited by
unidentified sources: Evidence for plant metabolic disorders in
correlation with a UFO landing. J. Scientific Exploration, 4, 1,
1. (Note: The web pages for this article are currently under

Haines, Richard F. (1987). Analysis of a UFO photograph. J.
Scientific Exploration, 1, 2, 129.

Haines, Richard F., Vallee, Jacques F. (1989). Photo analyses of an aerial
disc over Costa Rica. J. Scientific Exploration, 3, 2, 113.

Haines, Richard F., Vallee, Jacques F. (1990). Photo analysis of
an aerial disc over Costa Rica: New evidence. J. Scientific
Exploration, 4, 1, 1.

Vallee, Jacques F. (1990). Return to Trans-en-Provence. J.
Scientific Exploration, 4, 1, 19.

Vallee, Jacques F. (1998). Estimates of optical power output in
aerial objects. J. Scientific Exploration, 12, 3 (to be
published in the Fall).

Vallee, Jacques F. (1998). Physical Analyses in ten cases of
unexplained aerial objects. J. Scientific Exploration, 12, 3 (to
be published in the Fall).

Velasco, Jean-Jacques (1990). Report on the analysis of
anomalous physical traces: The 1981 Trans-en-Provence UFO Case.
J. Scientific Exploration, 4, 1, 27.

Three more supporting documents will be put up during the month
of July, so please check back to this website:

UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference by Mark Rodeghier
(Center for UFO Studies)
UFO-Related Human Physiological Effects by John E. Schuessler
A Helicopter-UFO Encounter Over Ohio by Jennie Zeidman

(The links below point to specific pages in several of the
articles above)

Royal Canadian Air Force case
photo 1

Haines Vancouver Island case
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

Haines and Vallee Costa Rica case
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

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