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Georgina's UFOs & The Unexplained Section
Larry & Cookie at RAF Bentwaters 1981.

document & Comte St Germain.
OH GOD - HAVE WE BEEN CONNED? - Picture of Authors with
Bob Rickard


For interested parties I'm continuing the Bentwaters/Woodbridge
files and in this issue I'll be featuring a photo of Rendlesham forest
(courtesy of Nick Redfern) and photos of Larry Warren taken at
Bentwaters with his ex girlfriend Cookie Vaughn, who was also an
SP at the bases at the same time as Warren. Larry Warren claims
he was a witness to a UFO incident that allegedly occurred in
December 1980 at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge.

PHOTO available at: http://www.hotgossip.co.uk/unexgoss.html
Rendlesham Forest - the exact spot where the triangular craft
was alleged to have landed. Photo:courtesy of NICK REDFERN


According to LINDY (COOKIE) VAUGHN, there were many unexplained
incidents that occurred at the twin bases of
Bentwaters/Woodbridge. Cookie was stationed at the bases during
the infamous UFO incident which was reported to have taken place
during December 1980. She and LARRY WARREN,an alleged UFO
experiencer and co author of LEFT AT EAST GATE, with PETER
ROBBINS, were dating for a while, but apparently he never
discussed his encounter with her and she wasn't involved in that

Cookie and Larry met in Texas, whilst she was still in basic
training and he was in tech school. Larry had told her he was
going to Bentwaters and she wanted to be stationed in the UK

Says Cookie

"I put on my dream sheet and that's what I got. Bentwaters! Larry
and I were both from New York, and we first became friends, then
started dating. It was a brief but nice relationship, and we saw
London together and enjoyed good conversation."

Like Larry Warren, Cookie was a young SP, and for a time she
drove a delivery supply truck, working the night shift and
travelling between the bases. She claims she saw more than a few
unexplained sights, but quit reporting the incidents because she
was accused of being an over reactive female, scared of the dark

Explains Cookie.

"I'm not afraid of shadows, just some of the things that like to
hide in them. I can tell you that what I saw was no lighthouse
lights, not any make of Russian, British or American aircraft,
and I'm very familiar with birds. What I saw was nothing that I
was familiar with.
What you must understand is that the famous incident is only a
fraction, a bit of time out of a long history in that part of the

"I got the impression that someone was watching us. Several times
I saw a bright silent craft and each time I saw it, it would
separate into three, maybe five other smaller crafts - and I do
mean that they were silent. Not only would I not hear it, but I
wouldn't hear the normal sounds of animals and birds until
it/they were gone, and then on a couple of occasions the dogs
would create a stir. I got the strongest impression that the
locals also saw these sights on a regular basis, and just
accepted it. I would feel a presence so far beyond my own.
It was always a feeling of awe, not fright. I didn't feel danger
- just anticipation. You must go and visit there, walk the area,
spend some time - night and day and get the feeling of the

Cookie says she has heard about Larry Warren's book LEFT AT EAST
GATE, but she hasn't read it. She kindly sent these photographs
of Larry Warren and herself taken at Bentwaters.
Thanks Cookie for sharing this with us.

PHOTOS: available at: http://www.hotgossip.co.uk/unexgoss.html

A Young Larry Warren with girlfriend Cookie Vaughn in her dorm at
Bentwaters '81

Cookie and Larry Warren (in uniform) Bentwaters 1981


On April 25/26 BOB RICKARD and PAUL SIEVEKING, both editors of
the famed FORTEAN TIMES magazine, presented the fifth annual
UNCONVENTION at the University of London Union. The event was a
great success and most sessions were full to capacity. Guests
speakers included: Mark Chorvinsky (Encounters with the Grim
Reapers) Ted Harrison (The Elvis Cult) Jean la Fontaine (Chasing
Satanists) Robin Ramsay (How Competent Are Conspirators) Jenny
Randles (Men In Black) Sean Tudor (The Blue Bell Hauntings) Neil
Nixon (Conspiracy) Jonathan Downes & Graham Inglis (The
Chupacabras Hunt) David V Bennet (Myths & Lies) Col Blashford
Snell (Mammoth Hunt) Mike Dash (Strange Phenomena) Ian Simmons
(The Diana Conspiracies) Jan Bondeson (The Fish Boy & The Cat
Woman) Dr Jack Cohen (Dragons & Figments of Reality) Damian
Thompson (Conspiracies and the year 2000) Steve Wilson
(Witchcraft) Richard Freeman (Dragons) Peter Brookesmith
(Martians,Cats & Purple Hieroglyphics) Doug Skinner (Comte St

A wonderful collection of Guest Speakers. But in my opinion, the
highlights of the weekend were talks by TV personality Lionel
Fanthorpe, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince.


Heading for the Green Room I bumped into the jolly REVEREND
LIONEL FANTHORPE and his delightfully charming wife PATRICIA.

"I'm not exactly a Reverend" said Lionel "I just look after a

Most people will know him for hosting the popular Channel Four TV
show FORTEAN TV, or for dashing around the country on his motor
bike. Patricia assures me that she always travels with her
celebrity husband. "What! On the back of the bike" I ask. "Most
of the time I do" she says with a glint in her eye. Meanwhile,
Lionel hands me a signed photograph of Patricia and himself
seated on his precious motor bike.
Unfortunately I can't use the picture here as it's copyright.
Anyway, Lionel's talk was a hoot and he certainly had the
audience going with his professional and entertaining


 On a more serious note, one session that really caught my eye
was Doug Skinner's presentation of the mysterious Comte (Count in
English) St Germain. The stories surrounding the life of this
remarkable man have always intrigued me, so off I headed to hear
what Mr Skinner had to say about him.

Like the mysterious Count, DOUG SKINNER - an American who hails
from New York city - is a man of many talents - a freelance 
journalist, performer, musician, actor and writer. Apart from
researching unexplained phenomena, he has an interest in
eighteenth century history, and his desire to explore the Comte
St Germain saga was due to the latter, plus the fact that he has
a French wife and speaks the language fluently. Says Doug

" I'm interested in how a mystery can turn into a legend."

So who was the COMTE ST GERMAIN - this mysterious figure of a man
who appeared to have numerous identities, and who, it is said,
popped up throughout history and may have lived far beyond a
normal lifetime (1710 - 1822). A man who was well received in
most of the Royal  courts of Europe, and who was known for his
kindness to people and animals.
According to Doug Skinner the story may be mostly myth born out
of the confusion that there were more than just one 'St Germain'
around at the time, and that the Comte himself was notorious for
using pseudonyms.

 Whatever the case, there are countless letters (The Mitchell
Papers) that have mention of his extraordinary powers, and he was
known to be an alchemist of great merit. It was reported that he
never consumed food or drank wine (Doug Skinner says he did eat,
but these were some kind of grains) and that he appeared forever
young, often materialising after several decades - still looking
the same age - if not younger .

 My own interest in the Comte began many years ago, and this was
rekindled in 1993 when DENNIS BARDENS, the well known occult
author, generously presented me with the original book (1911)
would spend endless hours taking afternoon tea in dusty
traditional clubs such as the Travellers in Pall Mall, listening
to Dennis tell stories of the occult and his own meetings with
famous/infamous occultists.
Dennis is over eighty years old now, but can still tell a
fascinating story - and there's not much that he doesn't know
about the occult and secret societies.

As a Master Mason himself, I remember him telling me about the
Knights Templars, and of course the Comte St Germain was alleged
to have been a Mason and a Templar. However, there is no mention
of the Comte in any modern Masonic literature, and much effort
seems to have gone into eliminating his name from any connection
with the society. Fortunately, Cooper Oakley managed to do
careful research and discovered a document in the Masonic
archives that proves Comte St Germain was a selected
representative of the French Masons at their great convention in
Paris 1785. (See document below).


 It's interesting to note that included in the list of names is
that of  MESMER and CALIOSTRO, who were both alleged to have been
guided by the Comte. Oakley informs us that the same category of
names, but with more detail, was given by N. Deschamps in Les
Societes Secrets et la Societe, ou Philosophie de l'Histoire
Contemporaine ii, 121 (Paris 1881). Here, Descamps speaks of St
Germain as being one of the Templars, and there is an account of
the initiation of Cagliostro by Comte St Germain, and the ritual
used on this occasion was said to have been that of the Knights
We learn that shortly after the initiation of Cagliostro, a group
of Jesuits accused St Germain and other Templars of wild and
disgraceful behavior. The charges were levelled at the
Philaletheans (Rite des Philaletes ou Chercheurs de la Verite)
founded in 1773 in the Masonic Lodge of Les Amis - Reunis and
were investigated and rejected as worthless. Not only was the
Comte a Mason and a Knights Templar, but according to some
sources, he was also a true Rosicrucian.

The only known picture of the Comte St Germain is a copper plate
engraving that was in the d Urfe collection in 1783. The
inscription beneath the picture translated to "The Comte de St
Germain, celebrated Alchemist "

PICTURE OF THE COMTE : Available at:

 Apart from his more down to earth talents if you can call them
that, he was also valued as an oracle. Oakley managed to acquire
a translation of the four rare volumes of the "Souvenirs de MARIE
ANTIONETTE" authored by COUNTESS d' ADHEMAR, an intimate friend
of the Queen. It appears that Comte St Germain warned Marie
Antionette of the coming danger of the French Revolution urging
her to take heed of a great conspiracy being formed that would
result in her approaching sad fate. He warned her that CASSANDRA 
foretold the ruin of Troy, but they refused to believe him.

"I am Cassandra! France is the Kingdom of Priam!" stated St

 Doug Skinner is not convinced! He says that the sources
proclaiming St Germain a mystic, were followers of the
Theosophical Society, and were probably keen to promote the
master/mystic theory. I cannot agree.
The Comte St Germain story may well have been embroidered by the
drawing room gossip of the period, and not forgetting the
peculiar antics of Englishman, MILORD GOWER who found it amusing
at society bashes to pass himself off as St Germain. But there
still remains much evidence (documents, letters and music scores)
that some extraordinary philosopher entered the lives of many
prominent people of the day, and that this person had a profound
effect on their lives.

Some of the MS can be viewed in the British Library and rumour
has it that PRINCE CHARLES has original letters from the Comte
which are housed in the Prince's library. There's much more to
this story that is impossible to write up in a brief article, but
whatever the truth may be surrounding this most colourful
character - it's a wonderfully romantic story, and thanks to Doug
Skinner for keeping it alive, albeit that he hasn't presented a
really valuable case against the numerous documents available.
Probably the best part of Doug's presentation was when he sang
one of Comte St Germain's ballads accompanied by an attractive


 By far the most interesting session I sat through at the Fortean
Times Unconvention, was the talk by LYNN PICKNETT and CLIVE
PRINCE. Whilst Clive is the shy silent type, he is an extremely
dedicated researcher (as is Lynn) and he explains in great detail
the work they have both done. Lynn, on the other hand is a
natural speaker who takes the floor with gusto. This particular
talk related to their best selling book THE TEMPLAR REVELATION.

The authors claim that St JOHN THE BAPTIST was a more important
figure than JESUS CHRIST. Admittedly, the claims may be totally
unacceptable to Christians, but there appears to be an amazing
amount of evidence to prove that St John was a prominent
personage, and Jesus was not. Lynn doesn't beat about the bush,
but announces boldly

 "The New Testament is propaganda for the Jesus Party!"

Possibly instrumental in discreetly bringing attention to this
alleged conspiracy is none other than the famous Italian,
LEONARDO da VINCI. Clive and Lynn's research has uncovered
something we all failed to notice - that the person sitting next
to Jesus in da Vinci's famous painting THE LAST SUPPER is
probably not John at all, but a woman.The figure, wearing mirror
image attire to that of Jesus, definitely has breasts and is
wearing a golden necklace. The hands are gracefully feminine and 
the facial features - elfin. Even more interesting is the upright
forefinger aggressively pointing to the Redeemer's face. Since
discovering this,

Lynn and Clive have found other paintings that also show pointing
fingers - these gestures appear to be connected in some way with
St John and the authors refer to them as "the John gestures". The
same also appears in RAFAEL's painting THE SCHOOL OF ATHENS which
shows PLATO exhibiting the sign., and apparently Leonardo was the
model for Plato. Again it crops up in Leonardo's unfinished work

Their research also reveals that Leonardo was a rather odd man
who's own story is full of paradoxes. They write 'What we are
looking at in THE LAST SUPPER and his other works is the secret
code (subliminal images) of Leonardo da Vinci.' There are other
examples shown in the paintings but one really has to read the
book - over 400 pages - to get the full story.

It's also a futile attempt for me to try to explain the authors'
findings in such a short space, but I promise you it's a
fascinating read of conspiracy that does a remarkable job of
knocking down the Church's claims that JC was who he's alleged to
have been. It's no wonder that  the media and national newspapers
find it too controversial.

Says Lynn

"The writers of the New Testament have misrepresented John the
Baptist. He, not Jesus, was the one with a huge following and on
his  death SIMON MAGNUS was supposed to have been his successor."

THE TEMPLAR REVELATION (Banton Books) by Lynn Picknett and Clive
Prince attempts to unravel a web of conspiracies linking the
Knights Templars, Masons Christianity and other sects. Were the
Templars the secret guardians of the true identity of Christ?
Read the book!
  PHOTO: Bob Rickard, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince Available at:

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