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New Top Secret Document Revealed

From: jan@cyberzone.net (Jan Aldrich)
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 21:36:55 -0700
Fwd Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 00:00:18 -0400
Subject: New Top Secret Document Revealed

Greetings List,

Candy Peterson and Steve Russell assisted me in get this material
ready for publication on the Internet.  John Stepkowski, the
Project 1947 Webmaster, has now linked most of the documents
related the newly discovered April 1949 Top Secret "Unidentified
Aerial Objects," a USAF Directorator of Intelligence's briefing
for the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC).  The Top Secret
document was discovered last year at the National Archives.  It
throws new light on the release of the "Project Saucer" report,
Sydney Shallet's Saturday Evening Post article, the printing and
distribution of the Top Secret "Analysis of Flying Object
Incidents in the United States," and the internal briefing of the
USAF Operations Staff by Directorate of Intelligence personnel in
the last few days of April and the beginning of May 1949.

The Top Secret JIC briefing and related documents are linked in
the footnotes of a general commentary recently published in The
International UFO Reporter (Published by CUFOS, 2457 West
Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659, $25/year in the USA) on the
Project 1947 website at URL:


However, there is one further 1949 item which came to light
during my research trip to USAF Historical Research Agency at
Maxwell AFB, Alabama.  A 7 May 1949 article in the Air Force
Times newspaper.  This article was not datelined Washington, D.
C.  The reporter went instead to Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio--as
the AF Times reporters would do many times in the
future--straight to the horse's mouth.  What came out is, of
course, the Air Force line, but it is much softer than Shallet's
article or some of the other press reports.

Best regards,
Jan Aldrich
Project 1947

Air Force Times, 7 May 1949, page 5 (breaks, etc., as in the

Many Flying Saucers Incidents Remain Unsolved, AF Reports

   Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio--Preliminary studies made here
by the Air Material Command concerning 270 reports of "flying
saucers" have not solved the mystery that has fascinated the
nation for nearly two years, but they have succeeded in proving
most of the incidents involved objects such as weather balloons,
flares, flights of birds, and practical jokes.

   The airborne disks are not joke to the Air Force, however, and
the AMC investigators frankly admin that many cases remain unsolved.

         *              *                            *

   THEY INSIST that exhaustive research has produced "no alarming
probabilities such as missiles fired by other nations or from other

   The flying saucer researchers studied reports of 240 incidents
in this country and 30 overseas.  About 30 per cent of them have
been dismissed as astronomical phenomena, such as comets or
shooting stars, and another 30 per cent have been explained as
conventional objects, such as other aircraft, birds, etc.

   But the remaining 40 per cent, the report points out, still
end in question marks, and solutions of these unsolved cases are
still sought by AMC's Intelligence Division.

      *                        *                        *

    THE SAUCER scare started June 24, 1947, when a flier near Mt.
Rainier, Wash., saw what appeared to be a chain of nine peculiar

    "They were flap like a pie plan and so shiny they reflected
the sun like a mirror," he told investigators.

   His story was treated mainly with amusement and disbelief
when it broke in the newspapers, but reports of flying discs
began to snowball.  Several Portland, Ore., policemen said they
saw a group which "wobbled, disappeared and reappeared" and
resembled "shiny chromium hub caps."  Two Alabama pilots
reported a huge black object "bigger than a C-54" but without
engines or wings which they followed for several minutes until
it outran their plane.

   A private pilot in Oklahoma City reported what was the
largest saucer on record.  It was as large as "six B-29s," he
said, and flying three times as fast as a jet.

              *                  *                    *

    A TRAGIC development occurred near Godman AFB, Fort Knox,
Ky., when three Air National Guard pilots gave chase to an
unidentified object that looked like "an ice cream cone topped
with red."  The flight leader climbed to 20,000 feet, where he
apparently blacked out from lack of oxygen.  His body was found
in the wreckage of his plane.

     The investigators took note of reports that the strange
objects might be space ships from other planets.  Although they
conceded such an explanation was possible, they called it very
unlikely, calling the odds against it "at lease a thousand to

     In summing up the evidence that has been collected, the
report cites the fact that most of the incidents have been
solved, concedes that some remain unanswered, and pledges a
continuance of the investigations.