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Re: Billy Meier admits: 'Asket' and 'Nera' pics

From: koch@wad.berlin.fido.de (Joachim Koch)
Date: 25 May 98 23:58:00 +0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 02:40:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Billy Meier admits: 'Asket' and 'Nera' pics

Hello Errol, colleagues and friends!

During the last few days, as you all know now, a really dramatic
development occured regarding the Meier case. The indicator for  this
is the - surprising, indeed - fact, that FIGU themselves had come
forward publicly  with the English translation of the German text
which is to be found on their Swiss homepage.

The following chronology is quite interesting:

April 1996: 9 page long article with new research results about the
Meier case  by Luc Buergin in UFO-KURIER No. 18

April 1997: First Kalliope Meier interview (3 page article) in UFO-

April 1997: First mail to this list: " Another Guru's Finale"

Following months: Insulting letteres by Meier and his son and a lawyer
to the editor. Supportive articles and emails (in a similar style) by
Meier supporters

February 98: Korff indicates to  have found a 'smoking gun' in the
Meier case

March 98: The Dilettoso controversy

March 98: Korff travels to Europe. Meeting  with Buergin and interview
with Kalliope. TV show is scheduled for May

May 1st : Second Kalliope interview (excerpts) in UFO-KURIER No. 43.
Revelation  that 'Asket' pics are a fraud.

May 4th: TV show is now re-scheduled for July

May 6th: Second mail to this list "Another Guru's Finale Part 2" with
revelation that 'Asket' pics are a fraud

May 11th: Annoucement to this list that the Meier and Dean-Martin-Show
pics are now available at http.//www.ufos.de

May 14th, 00:55 am:  Alledged contact conversation of Mr. Meier with a
"Ptaah" and revelation to Meier, who claims "to have forgotten" that
many "photographs" if not all 'due to the work of the "Men In Black"'
are a fraud

May 18th: FIGU homepage, Switzerland is updated. Contact report No.
264 appears  only in German language by Mr. Meier  himself.

May 21st, 23:03: Luc Buergin's information about the change in FIGU's

May 22nd, 17:10: Annoncement by us to  this list about what is to read
in German on FIGU's homepage

May 22nd, 22:07: Mail to this list from FIGU (written by a "Christian

"Dear Mr. Bruce-Knapp,
Would you please include this message in the UFO UpDates.
Thank you.
Christian Frehner of FIGU Switzerland <info@figu.ch>"

It contains a "critical review" of Korff's book "Spaceships of  the
Pleiades" from 1995. Christian Frehner calls Korff to be "... a dirty
and cowardly liar..." and that "...He has written a book that is in
line with his cunning and perfidious character."

No word so far about what is already on their own homepage written by
their own "master". Then:

May 23rd,17:48:59:
Again a mail

>From: FIGU Switzerland
>info@figu.ch> [Christian Frehner]
>Subject: Billy Meier: Asket and Nera photos

>"Dear Mr. Bruce-Knapp,

>Here's another text regarding Billy Meier's allegedly Asket and Nera
>photos. Would you please include this text on your List?
>Thank you.



Nearly exactly 24 hrs. after we have announced to translate the text
of Mr. Meier's statement into English language they come forward with
their own translation. Comparing the German text with their English
translation it seems as if this one is written by a third party.

German text (first paragraph):

"...Bei diesen Photos handelt es sich um boeswillige Faelschungen, die
mir, Billy, untergeschoben wurden..."

My translation:

"...These photographs are malicious frauds which were foisted on me,
Billy, on behalf of..."

FIGU English text:

"...These photos are malicious hoaxes and were switched upon the order

So you see, the personal style of Mr. Meier has vanished completely.

In the German text you can read - as a signature - below the first
paragraph on the right hand side simply: " Billy"

In the FIGU English text, there is, on the left hand side: "Billy

Well, this might happen due to the translation process and might have
nothing to say but I suggest the following:

Mr. Meier, thanks to the efforts of many researchers and finally
thanks to the effort of Korff and Buergin, is undoubtedly exposed. He
cannot escape. He is in  a dead-end-street. Now there is hectic
activity within the inner circle at the "Semjase Silver Star Center"
in Hinterschmidruetli, Switzerland: "What can we do?"

So their last-ditch effort to save at least a bit of terrain right now
is: offensive is the best defence. Right now, they are running a
double strategy by on one hand attacking Korff (and shurely
subsequently others) and on the other hand admitting the frauds. But
the latter they disguise with the story of an "extraterrestrial
contact conversation" and the cheap attempt to declare "the
Pleiadians" to be guilty because they didn't help Mr. Meier out of his

They try to keep Mr. Meier out of the fireline, that might be the
reason why we here have no further statement from Mr. Meier or his
Secretary of Propaganda, Mr. Moosbrugger as was custom in the past
years. And they have their helpers everywhere who have to support this
strategy on every level and who will shurely come foreward in the next

So I would like to address two questions to Prof. Jim Deardorff:

1. Are you a memeber of FIGU?

2. Do you believe that Mr. Meier has contact to "The Pleiadians" and
that his photographs are genuine?

BTW, I  am familiar with the research in the abduction phenomenon.

Greetings from Berlin

Joachim Koch, Hans-Juergen Kyborg
International Roswell Initiative, Germany