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John Ford - #1

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 09:38:29 -0600
Fwd Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 03:55:02 -0500
Subject: John Ford - #1

From: UFO Magazine in the UK  --  http://www.ufomag.co.uk/


As you read this, New York UFO activist John Ford is languishing
in jail awaiting trial for conspiracy. The circumstances of his
arrest and past involvement with an alleged UFO crash-retrieval
incident at Moriches Bay, Long Island, are profoundly


John Ford founded the Long Island UFO Network in 1985. He
investigated UFO sightings and alleged abductions; held public
meetings and sponsored conferences; leafleted and organised
demonstrations. He also produced the Long Island UFO Newsletter,
which was regularly received and enjoyed by enthusiasts around
the globe.

It was in that newsletter that he first wrote of an
extraordinary incident which alleged that a UFO had been shot
down in 1989 by American military forces over Moriches Bay in
Long Island.

He later claimed to have uncovered details of a similar crash in
1992 in South Haven Park and when an unidentified object
reportedly came to grief in the Pine Barrens region of Long
Island three years later, he insisted that fires in the region
had been deliberately lit to act as a diversion.

Despite consistent denials by the authorities that there was
anything untoward in any of these incidents, John persisted in
his claims, insisting that his sources were real and their
stories sincere.

He spoke of having gleaned his information from officials within
the New York City Police and Fire Departments; of members of the
public who claimed to have seen a fireball descend into South
Haven Park.

John Ford simply wouldn't take no for an answer and became a
genuine thorn in the side of the authorities. He repeated his
allegations through public meetings and demonstrations held
outside police headquarters.


On 12 June 1996, John Ford was arrested in what Police later
described as a classic 'sting' operation. This followed the use
of telephone taps and a paid police informant who was 'wired' to
monitor and record conversations.

Almost a year earlier, Ford had confided to close friends and
associates that he was convinced he was the victim of a
deliberate plot to harass him. He went so far as to claim that
the plot might entail his penultimate murder.

Shortly after his arrest, Suffolk District Attorney James
Catterson, told journalists gathered for the press briefing that
Ford had been charged with conspiracy to murder and possession
of radium without a license.

The intended murder victim was alleged to be none other than
John Powell, leader of the Suffolk County Republican Party. The
means by which Ford intended to carry out the act? By placing
radioactive radium in Powell's toothpaste...

District Attorney Catterson held two press conferences and
compared the significance of Ford's arrest to that of the
infamous Unabomber. Other charges made at the time against Ford
were subsequently dropped, but the conspiracy to murder charge
was deemed serious enough for the Judge in the case to deem that
Ford's bail would be set at half-a-million dollars. Needless to
say, neither he nor his friends could raise such an amount and
Ford remains incarcerated in jail awaiting trial.

Surprisingly to some, he has issued no statement other than to
plead "not guilty" when the charges were first put to him.

Towards the end of last year, several concerned parties invoked
greater public awareness of Ford's plight by placing supportive
articles in prestigious UFO publications such as America's MUFON
(Mutual UFO Network) Journal (November 1996 issue) and the
Internet. They formed the aptly named John Ford Defence
Committee and began a fund raising campaign to help with his
legal defence. They also publicly appealed for an expert
psychiatrist, professional audiotape analyst and Long
Island-based private investigator to volunteer their efforts.

Those on the Committee are convinced of Ford's innocence and
cite numerous incidents and strange occurrences which led them
to that conclusion.

According to Committee Member Elaine Douglas, none of the media
mentioned claims of harassment by Ford and other LIUFON members
at the time of his arrest, nor she says, a higher than average
rate of auto-accidents experienced by Ford and his colleagues.
Members had their vehicles vandalised and one in particular, Joe
Mazzuchelli, is said to have been dragged out of his vehicle the
previous winter and physically beaten by four men who told him
to "stay out of our business". Mazzuchelli was arrested with
John Ford on 12 June.


Ford, like many UFO researchers the world over, could only have
dreamed of the possibility that he might one day stumble across
a major UFO incident on his 'patch', at which he could assume
the role of leading investigator. The 1989 Moriches Bay incident
appeared to have afforded him such an opportunity.

His investigation of that particular affair contained a
suggestion that the technology used to bring down the purported
alien spacecraft originated at Brookhaven National Laboratory,
based on Long Island.

Elaine Douglas avoids the re-telling of what Ford uncovered
about the three incidents in her campaign literature, preferring
instead to concentrate on the man, and what she perceives to be
a case of injustice.

She does include a curious coincidence about Moriches Bay, which
may or may not offer food for thought. It was here that Ford
alleged a UFO had been brought down in 1989, but it is also the
spot where TWA Flight 800 mysteriously crashed in August last

The cause of that disaster has thus far eluded Federal Law
enforcement and aviation investigators, despite twenty
eye-witness accounts from people who claim to have seen an
unaccountable light streaking towards the 747 aircraft moments
before it exploded.

Ford's knowledge of the legal system, put to such good effect in
his legitimate street demonstrations, stemmed from a career as a
court official working at the Suffolk County Court. Those who
knew him are adamant he was not capable of conspiring to murder
anyone - it simply wasn't in his character.

"You can't believe how many people have called me to say they
can't envision John Ford killing anyone, or even conceiving the
intention," said his attorney John Rouse.

He scoffs at the suggestion that Ford could covertly enter the
Powell household of four people, select the particular
toothpaste used by the man of the house and implant radium in
order to kill him.

Elaine Douglas points out that in the 1920's, radium-dial
painters used to lick their brushes out of habit and it took 40
years before anyone contracted cancer.

She asked: "Was Ford going to break in and put radium in
Powell's toothpaste every week for 40 years until he got

The prosecution's arguments are further strained she argues by
their contention that the illegal radium was kept hidden by Ford
in the back of his pick-up truck, which was always parked at the
front of his house.

District Attorney Catterson labelled Ford a "mastermind" at the
press briefings, at which he raised further serious charges
where no indictments were subsequently returned.

"This," said John Rouse, "is called poisoning the jury pool."
The police arrested Ford immediately following a conversation
that took place between their informant, Ford and Mazzuchelli.
The informant was 'wired' and, it's claimed, recorded a
discussion in which Ford and Mazzuchelli both spoke about doing
away with Powell and another local politician through the use of
radium in toothpaste. A copy of the tape was eventually handed
over to Ford's attorney and according to LIUFON's Preston
Nichols "is unintelligible". Nichols said, "All I can clearly
hear on that tape is the informant talking and John laughing,
like whatever they're talking about is a big joke."

Attorney Rouse is hoping to get the tape enhanced, but admits
the plight of both men is serious. If found guilty, either could
be jailed for between 25 and 75 years in an upstate New York

Elaine Douglas has had run-ins with the Suffolk County Police
before. In April 1993 she wrote to them complaining of police
violation of LIUFON member's civil rights.

Apparently they had been prevented from leafleting near South
Haven Park by the police who told them they must leave the area.
The house to house leafleting had been organised to seek out
potential witnesses in what was described by Douglas as a
"witness-constitutionally protected activity".

The John Ford Defence Committee's support for Ford "..is based
on our conviction that he did not, would not, and could not
conspire to murder anyone," said Elaine Douglas. "On this point
our support is complete and total," she added.

What though of Ford's claims that a low intense military
conflict exists between the United States and aliens? Is that
possible? "Yes, it is," according to Douglas.

"I speak only for myself and not for other members of the
Defence Committee," she said. "I always found John's allegations
hard to believe but impossible to dismiss because he had
evidence what he claimed was perfectly possible.

"Just because John's allegations 'fit' doesn't make them true,
but the fact is John had evidence. He claimed three events on
Long Island - even if he was wrong on two of them, if he was
right on only one, John had a tiger by the tail. If so, it's no
surprise somebody would try to destroy John Ford."

"He is the first UFO investigator to be seriously persecuted by
the authorities. Shall we sit idly by while our colleague's life
is destroyed? If John Ford is silenced, who is next?"


We invited New York resident Alan Raven to offer his opinions
about the affair and he wrote the following:

I did attend a one-day presentation in the summer of 1994 given
by the Long Island group about the 1992 (South Haven Park)

As I expected, it was overly long at nine hours and was ragged,
rambling and generally unprofessional. However, the group had
done a tremendous amount of work, beginning on the evening of
the incident.

At the time of the presentation the investigation was still
on-going, and involved mapping, interviews, collection of what
might have been bits of wreckage, on-ground searches, surveys,
and even a couple of aerial searches.

The group claimed there was a collision of sorts at 90,000ft. At
least two vehicles came to earth and wreckage was spread over a
wide area.

One object crashed near the South Shore in South Haven Park
(which in reality is a pine forest) after passing low over a
main highway (Sunrise Highway) and was seen close-up by several

The object (described as a rod) passed out of sight. Shortly
afterwards there was an explosion followed immediately by a
large fire that lit up the night sky.

A second object came to earth in the grounds of Brookhaven
National Laboratory, a few miles to the north of the South Haven
Park site. After being grounded for several hours the object
exploded as it tried to take off.

The Long Island group obtained videotape from a source which
they refused to name. The first video was taken at the South
Haven Park by (they claimed) a fireman who was one of the first
on the scene. These firemen arrived before government forces
came and the video was of course confiscated.

The group's copy came (they say) from a government source. The
video, which is of very poor quality and taken at night, shows
figures being moved and laid out. It also purports to show (in
part close-up) an insectoid figure.

The second video clip, from the same source, shows an explosion
of some sort that appears to be associated with a building, or
object, or craft. The group claimed it was a disc or lifeboat
type of craft that came down in the grounds of Brookhaven.

I have seen both video clips several times. They were
interesting but unfortunately not definitive, even after

After sitting through the presentation I came away having no
doubt that something very important did happen that night, and
that the government came down with an iron-fist within one hour
of the event. There was in addition, a great deal of trace
evidence spread over large areas.


All those closest to John Ford have demonstrated beyond any
reasonable doubt that his track record as a UFO 'activist' is
probably second to none.

'He investigated UFO sightings and alleged abductions; held
public meetings and sponsored conferences; leafleted and
organised demonstrations. He also produced the Long Island UFO
Newsletter, which was regularly received and enjoyed by
enthusiasts around the globe.'

Some find it rather odd therefore, that a man who argued so
vociferously to make his point, who proclaimed he was being
harassed by the authorities, should now utter nothing more than
two words following his arrest. Other than "not guilty" he has
issued no statement which could have been used by the Defence
Committee to bolster their campaign.

Of course Ford might well be acting on instructions issued by
his defence attorney to 'say nothing until the trial' - a
perfectly reasonable and common practise.

Elaine Douglas raises claims of harassment, beatings,
burglaries, auto accidents and vandalism, but where is the
corroboration? Were reports filed to the police in all these

How much radium did the police find? High quantities might just
take slightly less than 40 years to have lethal effects.

Were the police acting unconstitutionally in preventing
leafleting campaigns? Some say not - especially if a
neighbourhood had signs that prohibited such activity. If a
resident complained to the police they would be duty bound to

Until the trial takes place, one can only speculate as to what
might emerge in terms of evidence presented by both defence and
prosecution attorneys which will hopefully answer these and many
other questions.

If allegations of a conspiracy to discredit John Ford have any
foundation at all, it must mean that what he and other
colleagues stumbled across as UFO researchers was of such
tremendous significance that the authorities had to shut them

So what exactly did happen? The Unopened Files re-traced the
events as reported by Ford and his colleagues several years ago.
Few listened to him at the time, but now you have an opportunity
to make a balanced judgement for yourselves...



Restore John Ford!

-- Explore the Alien View! Ponder the Wit & Wisdom of Ching Chow!


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