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Re: 'Alien' Skeleton In MUFON Journal

From: Jimmie L. Holman <holman@holman.net>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 11:18:42 -0600
Fwd Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 16:25:09 -0500
Subject: Re: 'Alien' Skeleton In MUFON Journal

[Non-Subscriber Post]

I would like to correct a couple of possible misconceptions that
have been recently stated both publically and privately.  Josh
should in no way feel any "blame" for creating a controversy ...
but rather be commended for helping bring it further out into
the light for closer and more public examination.

In all fairness, Mr. Goldstein's comment in his previous post,
that I "claimed it was fake" may not be completely correct ...
although at this point, I certainally do believe there is
excellent chance of that and multiple reasons to cast doubt.
Much of that doubt is based particullarily on information I
personally collected and first hand testimony that was directly
provided without modification in the words of those who
specifically were present at the event (including the verbal
comments of the Texas State Director for MUFON).  I own the
photos, negs, and all copyrights to all those photographs and
many others both posted and not on my site.  Additionally ... I
HAVE read the Professors books .. and the quotes indicated in
the narrative furnished, were directly from his book.
Additionally I have in my possession, recorded conversation made
at the MUFON gathering further substanciating my claims.

It might be important to note that I have received, as a result
of that posting, direct criticism (if not downright attacks)
evidentally based largely on inaccurate and (im told) downright
slanderous information now being provided by the local Dallas
mufon.  It was obvious that both persons that I have had
negative contact with since the original posting were both
alledged "Investigators" or represent them self as such with the
local group. (One of which had not seen the artifact or any
documentation, but was basing his opinion, comments, and actions
entirely on hearsay.)  With "personal" attacks like these .. I
certainally understand why persons are reluctant to come

Even though I have received these few "negative" responses ...
fortunately ... the vast majority of the persons/viewers/readers
were obviously able to see through the problems and understand
the real messages being conveyed.... which was CLEARLY stated on
the very first page. I have received from many MUFON people,
much "thanks" for NOT presenting it in an anti-mufon format ...
which could have been easily done.  They admitted there was
entirely too much embarasement from responsible factions already
for the way it was presented by MUFON headquarters without it
being investigated first.  The facts remain ... there was little
if anything in my article that was NOT available to mufon
investigators PRIOR TO presentation in December.... and
definately in the months that followed. If even a few people
understand the intended and stated messages and we use that
frame of thought to evaluate future and past finds, then the
efforts have been well worth it. The overwelmingly positive
response (and the some 15-20,000 hits per day) encouragingly
suggests that the many persons who heard of this controversy did
at least a bit of FURTHER investigating to find out more on this

I continue to stand 100% behind each and every comment, claim,
opinion or observation I reported.  I have in my possession even
more substanciation for what has been stated.  If needed ... I
may be making them publically available, however ... it could be
VERY embarassing to MUFON and as I have repeatedly stated ..
that is NOT the purpose or intent unless mufon themselves make
that disclosure necessary.

It would be a wonderful thing if indeed this "find" were proven
to be something legitimate. As I have previously mentioned,
probably few persons were better qualified or in a better
position to document, prove, and publically and responsably
realease said discovery.  We must ask WHY he didn't if it were
truely a genuine find.  We must also ask WHY what documentation
was prepared in a "tounge-in-cheek" book format.  We should
probably ask WHY it was presented with other artifacts MUFON
supposedly admits are creations yet somehow selectively
segragates this as real as opposed to created.  We also must ask
WHERE the elluded to "documentation" and letters are that have
been refered to. ( I would have thought that would be quite
important.)  We should definately ask if there are any financial
motives of the family (as in books and movie deals) involved
with or surrounding the publicity of this or even that of MUFON
in thes times of dwindling membership ... and YES ... even what
I might have to gain (or loose).  Lastly, we must ask, WHY, if
mufon has had accesability to this artifact, have they done
little, if any investigation into this matter. ... Including
addressing or responding to the issues that were brought up in
December of last year. (with the exception of some mispelled
words ... the original post has not really been signifigantly

I have raised questions and made observations, and have been
personally attacked for that.  Well ... im sure I will survive
that, and "life" will go on.   I find it amusing for Walt's
reported comment that "Jimmie L. Holman had received
misinformation secondhand." could be made.  At best, he mostly
could only have second hand information himself of what source/s
and materials I myself have. I have disclosed my sources to few
others. Any "misinformation" or misdirection I received came
from the MUFON Texas State Director himself ... and because of
the recorded written followups, there was little chance for any
miscommunication unless intentional on the part of MUFON.

With THAT type of supposition and environment ... I truely
wonder if we will ever get from MUFON an unbiased or impartial
report of findings or will be able to truely trust what
information IS finally disclosed.

However ... based on the overwelming positive response ... I
feel that with the obviously many logical minds, and clearly
deductive thinkers, WE .. as a group ... WILL , sooner or later,
make that important responsible "find" and be able to properly
and conclusively share that find with the rest of the world.

Jimmie L. Holman

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