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Re: Michael Wolf's Samples in Italy

From: Edoardo Russo <edoardo.russo@torino.alpcom.it>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 10:10:55 +0200
Fwd Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 17:40:01 -0500
Subject: Re: Michael Wolf's Samples in Italy

>From: Adriano Forgione - Futuro Snc <mbalien@tin.it>
>To: <updates@globalserve.net>
>Subject: Michael Wolf's Samples
>Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 16:47:52 +0100

>Michael Wolf is right
>by Adriano Forgione (Italy)

>I must say that the two above laboratories are extremely
>specialized: the first, being the Chemical Department of the
>University of Pisa, whose director is Corrado Malanga,

Well, not exactly so.

Corrado Malanga is not, and has never been, "director" of the
Chemical Department of the University of Pisa. He is (has always
been) just a "researcher" there. Anybody may check on the Pisa
University website.

Shouldn't we add that he's been a UFO buff of the alien kind
since he was a teenager (nothing bad in that: I've been, too),
as well as a member of the council of the UFO organization
Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN) since 1979 through 1998, when
he chose to leave because his own "new age" ideas have become
much too far out even for that group?

BTW, at that same time two other prominent members of the CUN
council resigned together wiht him and have since promoted a new
organization called International Federation for Advanced
Studies ("a name, a guarantee"): Salvatore Marcelletti and
Maurizio Baiata, who has been (and still is) the editor (as well
as the publisher, 50% with Roberto Pinotti) of commercial CUN
magazine, "Notiziario UFO" ; i.e. the same mag Adriano Forgione
(who also resigned from CUN) is editor-in-chief of, BTW.

>Maurizio Baiata and myself wish that the analysis be conducted
>most secretely and that even the laboratories would not know the
>origin of the samples, neither what Wolf had told us.

You'd have us believe that you gave your pal Corrado Malanga
those allegedly alien fragments without even telling him what it
was and where they came from? Mmmmh! Wasn't a report of your
visit at Wolf's published in the magazine "Notiziario UFO"?
Didn't it report you were given those fragments to analyze? Isn't
Corrado the "scientific coordinator" for that same mag?

>Curiously enough, the results of the two different laboratories
>reached us on the same day of Bill Hamilton's report.

The three of them the same day, independently from each other?
_that_ is X-Files-like synchronicity ("twice may be a
coincidence, thrice is an enemy action": was it Goldfinger or
James Bond who said that?).

>They are
>opposed to Sims' results and match entirely with Wolf's

Bingo! You mean that now Corrado may add another medal to his
collection: "tougher than Derril Sims"? Did he still need that?

Corrado Malanga is author of a book about an Italian abductee,
where he (Malanga) has some very wild claims about what the
motives and acts of alien invaders would be; but his most
interesting discovery therein is the fact that you can easily
tell whether an hypnotized abductee is telling truth or lie by
giving him the command to raise either the right or the left

He was also co-author (with his former friend, and present
commercial partner, Roberto Pinotti of CUN fame) of another book
where BVM (Beloved Virgin Mary) apparitions are credited to
aliens, too. The most amusing chapter was when he mounted a
complex comparison of a ring-shaped light-in-the-sky
video-recorded in Crosia with the shape of Ken Arnold's first
saucer (not to tell of the analogies in the dates of those two
sightings), plus a reflection on the poligonal opening of the
central hole, which was only due to the limits of the home
computer he used to do picture "analysis" (not to mention that
the ring-shape was just the effect of the movie camera internal
reflections, as many subsequent cases all around the world have

He's also been the oft-quoted source of claims that his chemical
analysis of the ill-famed Santilli's "alien autopsy" film did
confirm it was really dated 1947 (and Corrado was one of the
very first to see it, going on public record to tell he thought
those aliens were akin to birds, since an "egg" had been found
inside SUE's belly).

And we're still waiting for his promised analyses _showing_ the
ET origin of some alien implants: yes, Virginia, once again
"Italians do it better", and that may well answer that naive
question by:

>Kathleen Andersen <KAnder6444@aol.com>
>Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 11:11:33 EST

>If Mr. Wolf had some samples of evidence that could possibly be
>related to extraterrestrial craft/beings wouldn't it be the
>logic to hand carry these items to someone "BIG". Like Sandia
>Labs, Lawrence Livermore, I don't know, Boston University, Yale
>which is less than 30 minutes from Hartford. Why would he send
>it all the way to Italy and another one to Bill Hamilton.

No wonder Corrado might have confirmed any "ET" nature of any
0.0+% of anything: since 1984, he's been claiming the Ubatuba
fragments were positively shown to contain non-terrestrial
isotopes. Didn't you ever read that in the known literature
about that case? You hadn't asked Malanga (whom also publicly
said that J. Vallee had intentionally "lost" the only remaining
Ubatuba sample).

In 1988 he refused accepting our (CISU's) conclusion that a
given ground trace case was probably a hoax (we found the
torches and the Public Health Office found oil traces in the
ground), because the three burned circles were consistent with
such famous reports as George Adamski's and he could find
nothing relevant there (well, he arrived on place after the
owner had irrigated the whole field).

A more detailed (yet largely incomplete) UFO curriculum of
Corrado Malanga, should also include such gems as:

- "we now know exactly how aliens can pass through walls";

- the recent discovery of the new physics principles used by
alien spacecrafts;

- his disdain for American abduction researchers, whose
experience he claimed to have reached and surpassed;

- his lurid attack against Peter Sturrock because his
"committee" chose to ignore precisely the "hard data" (crop
circles, abductions, implants) showing "undoubtedly" UFOs are
but alien spaceships; since Sturrock claimed there is no proof
UFOs are precisely what Malanga firmly believe, Corrado's
suggested a clear-cut aut-aut: either Sturrock is a stupid or he
is a member of the worldwide coverup. But Malanga's conclusion
was unequivocally the second option: Sturrock acted in a hurry,
fearing that the "real" UFO research by (guess it?) the Italians
of CUN (that is: Malanga) might have outed the "hoax" UFO
research by Americans ufologists and lead some hidden truths to
public revelation. (It was published as such in Pinotti's and
Baiata's "Notiziario UFO", september 1998 issue. But if you
can't read Italian, you would lose more than half of the
delight, which consists in his lyric prose.)

As you see, he's sort of "renaissance scientist", not only
offering his chemical analyst abilities to ufology, but also
posing as a expert in photo computer, hypnosis, physics,
psychology and whatever you may need.

Anyway, he can hardly be regarded as an uncommitted, unbiased
scientist examining (and confirming) alien evidence in a "double
blind" laboratory test.

>Last August, Paola Harris and myself visited doctor Wolf in his
>flat in Connecticut and spent two days with him, having the
>chance to verify his degrees and credentials.

I feel confident that you did "verify his degrees and
credentials" with a greater accuracy than Malanga's ones.

Just for the record.

Best regards

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