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Bell's Site 'Hack Hoax' Draws Backlash

From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:54:33 -0500
Fwd Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:54:33 -0500
Subject: Bell's Site 'Hack Hoax' Draws Backlash

Source: Jeff Rense's 'Sightings'


Bell's Site Hack Hoax Drawing Strong Backlash 4-1-99

From: Clyde Lewis <clyde@earthbroadcasting.com Ground Zero -
To: Sightings
         --April Fools day prank from Art Bell
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 18:46:15 -0700

GROUND ZERO UPDATE - April Fools day "prank" from Art Bell

Ground Zero Reported this morning that the Art Bell Web Page was
hacked by the Beograd Hackers. Keith Rowland Art Bell's
Webmaster has now stated that it was an April Fools "prank"
devised by Bell and Himself. If this is the case, then why was
it listed at http://www.2600.com as being Legit? Ground Zero
mirrored the site, and so did 2600.com. The Art Bell site has
now been changed.

After the announcement it seems a bit of a backlash has
occurred. While Art Bell feels that using a tragedy is all in
fun and is proving a point, some are not so impressed. This
"prank" was not only reported on 2600.com as legit it also found
it's way to the Drudge report, MSNBC and many other credible
sources for information. This has developed unwittingly into a
gross publicity stunt and For that Ground Zero issues an

After we were made aware of the "prank" Ground Zero did some
checking. We Contacted 2600.com To let them know of what had
happened. We asked if it would be possible to track just who
hacked what and what hacked whom. We received a prompt response
from Emmanuel Goldstein. He wrote;

"There's no way to verify one way or the other since that's the
nature of a hacked site. April 1st is the best date for a bogus
hacked site but it's impossible to know whether or not it's a
joke when we report on it unless it's clearly pointed out in the
text or the source. Therefore, his saying we were "fooled" is
about as accurate as fooling someone with an unloaded gun during
a stickup."

Biff Macki of 2600.com responded also:

"In cases like these it's hard to know for certain who was
responsible. The Art Bell "hack" is pretty suspicious.

It wouldn't make much sense for politically motivated hackers or
"hacktivists" to hack a website that agrees with their message,
what would be the point? The idea usually would be to hack a
counter site so that people looking for the other side's
opinion, are forced to hear yours instead. Also vast majority of
hacked sites don't have such clean formatting, or look so pretty
(they're busy trying to get into the site, not coding HTML).
There are other little things like the filenames and directory
structure of the graphics which make it look like an in-house

None of these things determine for certain one way or the other,
but given that it's April Fool's day, and that he's announced
that it was a joke, I'm inclined to believe him. I have sent an
inquery to a group in Kosovo who may know more about the Beograd
hacker scene.. We'll see if anything comes of it.

The Bottom line is whether or not you trust Art Bell. One day he
says he is a Journalist, the next he is a mere entertainer
relying on the maturity and wisdom of his listeners.


A listener Comments on the Art Bell Site:

"You sick bastard! This April fools joke has got to be one of
the most horrible ones I've seen yet! How dare you make fun of
all the suffering? My God! Posting pictures of people with legs
torn off, etc. That was not funny. You should be ashamed of
yourself! You are a horrible person! All respect I've had for
you and Art is now gone. Keith, what the hell were you

We can only guess what he was thinking. That Maybe he has come
to a point where he is untouchable? incorrigible? He constantly
points out that he is the master of late night. With over 400
stations under his belt. With appearances on Millennium and
Larry King, its easy to think that you have made it and that the
whole world is banking on your every word. You hear that Art?
It's the sound of radios switching off. Just a little April
fools joke.

Clyde Lewis


From: Kim Burrafato <lensman@stardrive.org To: skywatch@ltlb.com
Subject: Re: (Skyopen) Art gets Hacked

Right. And if anyone out there believes a word of that Bell
sh*t, then you really ARE an April Fool! The hacker net,
particularly the people at 2600, said Bell's site was definitely
hacked into. Once again, Bell &Co. are simply doing what they do
best - lying to the public. Thank goodness for media people like
Jeff Rense, who actually knows of what he speaks, and actually
reads his guests' books. Bell is nothing more than an
egomaniacal "entertainer"/moron, who more than likely is
operating under someone else's shadowy dizinformatzia agenda.

"Skywatch International Inc." wrote:

from www.artbell.com... <Is this a joke like his quitting? LOL

April Fools Prank During the beginning hours of April 1st, we
pulled an April Fools Prank Hack on our own web site. Many of
you were fooled, but we're here to tell you it was indeed posted
by us. The site did not get hacked by any outside organization.


Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 11:51:47 +1000 From: vince@holon.net
To:Sightings Subject: Art's Prank

Dear Mr Rense

I e-mailed this to Art Bell, though I thought I'd share this
commentary with you as well.

Kind regards

Vincent M. AUSTRALIA ______

Dear Mr Bell

Yeah, great April fool's prank. Within the context of trying to
understand the reasoning behind your April Fool's joke, I find
it intriguing to hear you say: "Though I do not agree in any way
with what the Serbs are REPORTED to be doing, it is none of our
damn business", saying that if the bombings are part of the NWO,
then you want no part of it. And yet later on, you say: "If we
must act beyond our own borders, then let us help those
displaced by the madness". We ARE involved, Mr Bell, by mere
fact that we are witnesses to the event, regardless of whether
bombings occur or not. And by helping those "displaced by the
madness", then we need to go beyond our own borders, our
boundaries and if necessary, our own comfort zones.

Kosovo is not just about political or ethnic ideologies, Mr
Bell. It is about nation being concerned about nation, and about
concern for our fellow human-beings. It is also about
understanding what is appropriate action to take when we do
witness carnage and evidence of ethnic cleansing.

Kosovo, like the Gulf War, is also about media propaganda. We
see it every day, and it shields us from understanding where the
real origins of these conflicts lie. The ethnic war is just a
front and an excuse used by those hidden ones who pull the
strings and desire and strategize for a certain outcome. Those
'hidden' ones would prefer that our attention be dispersed and
yet glued to the veneer of the situation, so that hopefully as
many of us remain so horrified, confused or dazed that we just
don't want to know any more about it, let alone understand it by
scratching below the surface. In that light, Kosovo is about
understanding and a prod for many of us to 'wake up', and your
prank doesn't assist that cause. Whatever point you chose to
make, dressing the plight of the these displaced Kosovan groups
as a prank has only added its quota to the mass profusion of
confusion already present. Why not be a voice that fosters
understanding and clarity, instead of sensationalism.

Yeah, great joke, Art!


From: Autmnkiten@aol.com Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 00:58:42 EST
Subject: Re: Art Bell April Fools "Prank" To:
webmaster@sightings.com MIME-Version: 1.0 Reply-To:

Since you gave plenty of space to the people who sent letters
condemning Art Bell and his webmaster Keith Rowland for their
April Fools "Prank", perhaps you would be so kind as to post
this in defense of what they did. I expected more out of the
people who join me in listening to Art's show every night. He
presents facts and ideas (always with the caveat that it is up
to us to believe them or take them worth a grain of salt) in a
format that allows his listeners to act as free thinking adults.
This is refreshing in a time when main stream media spoon feeds
us what they think we should know. I suppose uptight people
could construe some of the things Art has done as being in "bad
taste", but I do not believe his disappearance in October was a
"stunt". I have never doubted his sincerety, even when I do not
agree with his philosophy, and he seemed very upset at that time
about having to leave. Also, Art was not taking advantage of the
situation in Kosovo to make a joke. He was taking advantage of
April Fools Day to get a message out. And look how many people's
attention the message got! People have accused Art of not
supporting the troops because he doesn't support the Nato air
strikes. Well, Art was in Vietnam. He probably knows the
difference first-hand. Nothing Art has said on the air or that
Keith has posted on the site has given me the feeling Art is
against the troops. I applaud them for taking an original
approach to dealing with this conflict while most others just
sit back and accept the fact that we are at war again.

Sincerely, Kelly M. Ener



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