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UFO UpDate: Part 2: MJ-12 SOM 1-01 [was Robert

From: Jan Aldrich <jan@cyberzone.net>
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 05:33:13 -0800
Fwd Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 12:08:50 -0500
Subject: UFO UpDate: Part 2: MJ-12 SOM 1-01 [was Robert


>Page 287, Par. 9

>o Allegation: Pankratz of the Eisenhower Library is cited
>       as saying MAJIC EYES ONLY never existed.

>o Rebuttal:  Eisenhower Library would not have been given
>       this data if the classification were genuine.
>       Probably NSA does not know either. This
>       classification is seen on documents only
>       after 24 September 1947. Lack of official
>       record does not discriminate. Officials will
>       not release anything that is defined to be not
>       for public inspection.

This is assumption without proof, the archivists have access
to a much wider range of documents since they have access to
still classified materials at the archives. Obviously, this
archivist is in a better position to know.

>Page 288, Par. 10

>o Allegation: A real manual would not contain an obsolete
>       classification mark.

>o Rebuttal:  Same old argument about "Restricted." See
>       examples in same type style. The level of people
>       authorizing would have been the same level
>       establishing the classification rules.

>Page 288, Par. 11

>o Allegation: If the classification is a mistake, need
>       examples of similar mistakes from authentic
>       documents.

>o Rebuttal:  At the Top Secret level, most documents are not
>       declassified yet, especially Code Word and Eyes
>       Only. In addition, classification level in the
>       Archives is not a category. Several documents
>       at lower levels include "Restricted" and
>       the War Department logo.

The National Archives is loaded with tens of, probably hundreds
of thousands of formerly Top Secret documents. Of course,
classifications level is a category in the archives: "Top Secret
Incoming/Outgoing Messages," "Top Secret USAF Current
Intelligence Files."  I have shipping lists from SAC concerning
transfer of Top Secret documents to the Records Holding Area,
documents are listed by their Top Secret Control Numbers. One
wonders how knowledgeable the SOM 1-01 investigators are when
they make statements like the one directly above.

>Page 288, Par. 12

>o Allegation: The security level of "2 points above Top
>       Secret" does not exist. Text says, "no
>       special group such as MJ-12 exists."

>o Rebuttal:  The purpose of this sentence would be consistent
>       with impressing the 1954 reader. One "point"
>       might be the Code Word MAJIC, and the second,
>       "Eyes Only." The directions about the existence
>       of the group are totally consistent with an
>       authentic manual's objectives: fully covert
>       operations. Gen. Groves had a file "Above Top
>       Secret."

Just provide some security regulation that enumerates the
"levels above Top Secret." Groves little file has nothing to do
with post World War II security procedures which were
established in presidential executive orders.

What "might be...." is not good enough by a long shot. This goes
back to the old "27 levels above Top Secret" bull! If you are
going to punish a violator under Federal Law, remember that is
written into the security statement on the SOM 1-01, the
definitions and violations have to be enumerated somewhere.

>Page 288, Par. 13

>o Allegation: (Preceding) "paragraph is utter nonsense." There
>       are no classifications above Top Secret.

>o Rebuttal:  There may be no classifications above Top
>       Secret, but the Manhattan Engineering District
>       records may not be available, and they had
>       their own rules. In the absence of
>       detailed (classified) Classification Management
>       Directives from this era, we do not really know.
>       Not a discriminator.

Just provide one reference that supports this contention!
Executive orders under Truman and Eisenhower standardized and
regulated the handling, marking, and access to classified
information in 1954. Going back to what existed in World War II
is not relevant. New standards were established after WW II.

In research for my article "Investigating the Ghost Rockets"
(Winter 1998, International UFO Reporter, available from CUFOS,
2457 W. Peterson Ave., Chicago, IL 60659), I looked at thousands
of formerly Top Secert documents from the Navy, Army Air Force,
Army, CIG, State Department, etc., all of the documents met the
standard. The different agencies had different ways to
implementing the executive orders, but the results were
basically the same.

Please note that in the declassification process most cover
sheets and Top Secret records sheets and document control
records are discarded. In the USAF Top Secret Current
Intelligence files most of these items are available for

>Page 289, Par. 14

>o Allegation: Special Compartmented Information (SCI) would
>      modify Top Secret legitimately.

>o Rebuttal:  True statement. Top Secret=97MAJIC could have
>       been a legitimate compartment designation, as the
>       precursor of what we now call SCI. The current
>       security procedures have their roots in the past,
>       of course.

That, of course, may possibly be the case, then there is no
reason for the rather silly "levels above Top Secret" bit.

>Page 289, Par. 15

>o Allegation: "Two points higher than Top Secret is ridiculous"=97
>       "There is no such classification."

>o Rebuttal:  Same argument as Par. 12. See rebuttal there.
>       Today=92s classification guidance is nearly
>       irrelevant to what went on in 1954 or so.

What is this answer suppose to mean? That no one is familiar
with 1954 security procedures? Nonsense!

When I went through the Security Managers Course each
president's executive orders were discussed as these orders had
applicability to the current security procedures. The Woods seem
to imply that if you were not around in 1954, you can't have
knowledge of 1954 security procedure.

>Page 289, Par. 16

>o Allegation: There is no need to explain or justify the need
>       for the high classification. ("Ridiculous")

>o Rebuttal:  The classification of UFO recoveries and alien
>       bodies is easily justified, as something the public
>       should not know. The security of the program was
>       one of the main objectives, according to the manual.

>Page 289, Par. 17

>o Allegation: "The smoking gun proving the manual to be a hoax
>       is...several references to Area 51 and S-4."

>o Rebuttal:  Deep research shows that the Government in 1951
>       obtained this geographical region for covert
>       purposes. The references are still classified.
>       This material is very impressive, and
>       cannot be obtained easily.

>Page 290, Par. 18

>o Allegation: Designation Area 51 did not come into use
        until late 1950s. Thus, manual is a fake.

>o Rebuttal:  Same as above. The story of this land is deeply
>       classified, even today. The initial Air Force memo
>       released regarding the manual redacted all
>       discussion of Area 51 S-4 in the
>       unclassified version.

I have not real knowledge in this area. The arguments claim that
such facilities did not exist in 1954. However, change pages
were supposedly incorporated into the manual up to 1957. So the
argument about when Area 51 was operation may not be valid as
the changes incorporated go up to 1957.

However, that brings up another problem: none of the supposed
changed pages indicate that they have, in fact, been changed.
None of the pages which we have available for examination and
which indicated that they should have been changed has any
annotation to the effect that the pages were changed. That is
against regulations--for the military, at least. Of course,
there is the "catch 22," MJ-12 personnel follow regulations
unless they don't want to. However, if one doesn't annotate the
changes, how does one determine if the changes have been made?

How is anyone to determine if the changes have in fact been
made? This is incredibly stupid, at the very least.

>Page 290, Par. 19

>o Allegation: A lot of time was spent by someone creating
>       the manual but the had not understood the
>       classification system.

>o Rebuttal:  A lot of time has been spent trying to replicate
>       them to conform with USGPO practices of the time,
>       unsuccessfully. The nominal Adobe Monotype Modern
>       does not quite match the manual. If the manual is
>       authentic, it was created with a Monotype machine
>       that used a mechanical spacing technique with
>       triangular shaped wedges. Today=92s machines cannot
>       replicate the fonts and spacing. Anyone who claims
>       that it is easy should try to do just one page with
>       1993 software.

I can't speak to this, however, the difficulty of the task, does
not mean it can't be accomplished. Look back to the Strait
letter. The same arguments were used about obtaining State
Department stationary. However, in the end, it was obviously
that Gray Barker accomplished this very easily.

>Page 290, Par. 20

>o Allegation: There is no doubt that the manual is nothing
>       more than a fake. It does not conform to the
>       regulations, contains inaccurate information,
>       and is incomplete.

>o Rebuttal:  A summary of specious claims. No objective
>       tests have been offered to discriminate between
>       real and fake. The weight of the evidence is
>       overwhelmingly consistent with an authentic
>       document.

>Overall, the concerns raised by Randle do not include all
>those offered by the Air Force. He failed to cover the
>allegation that 1954 radars could not determine shape (they can,
>given several data records or air-to-air recordings); or that
>the manual in 1954 mentioned downed satellites as a
>legitimate argument to convince the nosy public to go away.
>It can be shown that the public would have been quite familiar
>with the reality of satellites.

In 1954, if you told the public you had a downed satellite, when
none had been launched yet, that would have caused a sensation
and attracted every reporter around. They would have charted
planes to fly over the site and tried every means to get inside
and have a look. There would have been demands in Congress to
know what was going on. Of course, every spy in North America
would try to find out about a downed satellite, before there was
known to be one. Instead of diverting attention from the site it
would attracted much unwanted attention which could lead to
additional security violations and the possible total loss of
all security. Incredibly, the Woods contend that this all makes
sense. I certainly wonder how many others feel this way.

>Furthermore, since the manual was first made available for
>research, a "change control" page has been found that clearly
>indicates the exact date of update of each changed page and
>the typed initials of the change control authority. This was
>published in "The Majestic Documents," available at 800-845-2151.
>Other naysayers had said that such a page must
>exist, and it does.

This "change control sheet" does little to help the MJ-12
argument. There is no indications that the changes were in fact
made. Having seen numerous change sheets during my career in the
Army, one would expect over the years to see different type
faces and other things. This was too hard for the fabricators of
the SOM 1-01. It was also too hard for them to make up changed

Also, as pointed out by Tom Deuley, why does it take days to
remove old pages and replacement with new pages. Just how silly
is the MJ-12 group; they replaced page 35 at 1595 hours 10 Nov
54. First off, that is not the proper way to write date-time
groups. However, 1595 hours, oh yes, MJ-12 doesn't have to
follow regular time on the clock, they can add minutes to hours
if they feel like it!

>We will respond to Tom Deuley=92s extensive and thoughtful
>comments later.

>Wood and Wood Enterprises.
>Robert M. Wood and Ryan S. Wood

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947             
P. O. Box 391, Canterbury, CT 06331, USA
Telephone: (860) 546-9135

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