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*** Jeff Rense Weekly E-News *** 4-2-99

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***Jeff Rense Weekly E-News***

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4-4-99 thru 4-10-99

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*** From Jeff's Desk***

March obviously did NOT go out 'like a lamb.' We have all spent
the week, most in an appalled state, watching the growing
conflict in Yugoslavia. Trying to separate the disinformation
from the reality of claims by NATO, the Serbs, and the Albanian
KLA is almost an impossibility. Propaganda is no longer the
province of the international power brokers... anyone with a
computer, scanner, and modem can join the game.

Skepticism has never been more of a requisite in trying to deal
with an international crisis.We've tried to post news of the
events from ALL sides for your consideration.

A few have sent angry notes, "How dare you post Serb
propaganda!?" ...while others have said, "How dare you post
Clinton NWO propaganda!?"We will continue to bring you a
sampling of stories and images from numerous sources as well all
try to make sense of another Balkan powder keg...almost a carbon
copy of the events which triggered WWI and cost the lives of
millions of young men.

April began with an unfortunate episode on the net in which Art
Bell and his webmaster, Keith Rowland cooked up an April Fool's
'joke' which allegedly saw their website 'hacked' by Belgrade
cyber warriors. Many believed the ruse but analysis by several
net pros revealed the hoax rather quickly which was then
followed by the official announcement from Art that it was all
just a prank.Unfortunately, it gave the appearance that Art's
intentions were to have a laugh at the expense of the death,
suffering, and destruction in Yugoslavia and it didn't find a
favorable response with many of his listeners and site visitors.
Neither we nor Art approve of the general course of events in
the Balkans but playing games with the tragedy left many of his
fans less than pleased.

We heard some truly outstanding background reports on the crisis
from David Icke, John Whitley, and Sherman Skolnick which are
well worth listening to in the Archives.We'll keep updating the
situation with analysis and more data as we are able.

Most unique show of the week was the UFO Debate between Stanton
Friedman and Dr. Laurence Krauss on Tuesday.Lots of
fireworks...perhaps best summed up by this post fight summary
(have fun):

The Fight

News you won't read in the New York Times:
"Krauss KnockedOut In The Tenth!"

It was the most anticipated bout of the new year - a fight that
pitted Laurence Krauss, a young, brash, talented heavyweight
against the wily veteran of over 35 years of UFO ring wars,
Stanton Friedman.

Krauss brought with him a highly-touted reputation and blue chip
Harvard/Yale pedigree. A product of the Mainstream Academic and
Media establishment, Krauss had accumulated a long string of
victories and was the young darling of the intellectual science
establishment. Speed and power were his hallmarks.

Many knowledgeable fight experts said that Krauss's sharp jab
and vicious right cross would soon put the veteran Friedman on
the canvas. Although Friedman has been UFO establishment's
reigning champion for many years, some muttered it had always
been a hollow championship. After all, the UFO community was
supposedly made up of no-talent, punch-drunk, airheads, and
fools. What could Friedman be expected to do against such a
young powerhouse with his glittery professional background?

Friedman's fists answered that question quickly. After two
tentative rounds, marked by numerous clinches, the veteran of
over 700 worldwide lectures and countless radio and television
bouts, opened the third with a barrage of savage head and body
punches that soon left Krauss bloodied and dazed. Krauss never
really recovered and his legendary articulate counter punches
became feeble and seemed to bother Friedman little more than
raindrops in a Spring shower.In fact, most of Krauss' efforts
seldom made solid contact with the elusive Friedman who had
clearly studied Krauss carefully and knew his weaknesses.

>From then on, Krauss had to resort to crowding the champion and
trying to tie up his arms to avoid being taken out completely.

For the rest of the ten rounds, Friedman simply toyed with the
younger but outclassed and underprepared Krauss, who clearly had
made the mistake of not taking Freidman and his trainers
seriously. Referee Jeff Rense was criticized in some circles for
not stopping the one-sided pounding earlier than the tenth.The
crowd alternately cheered Friedman and booed Krauss... many
expecting the younger fighter to have been much better prepared
than he was. Krauss, in fact, even said that he had 'better
things to 'do with his time' than to study Friedman's techniques
and his legendary data before the bout.

At last, late in the tenth, Krauss, thoroughly spent, a mass of
perspiration and rivulets of crimson, finally slumped to the
canvas and Rense pronounced the fight over.At the time of the
knockout in the tenth, the three scorekeepers had it 7-1-1, 7-2,
and 6-1-2 for Friedman.

In defeat, Kruass graciously accepted an invitation to actually
study some of the champ's materials for the first time in his
life, and further offered a public apology to author Whitley
Strieber over some of his handler's remarks about Strieber in an
earlier NY Times editorial.

- Jeff Rense (with gracious thanks to Lance Culp for this


 Just a few of last week's most intriguing!


* U.S Warns Defiant N. Korea Against Further ICBM Missile Tests

* Sticky Chemical Can Help Severed Nerves Grow Back Together

* Raining Pesticides In Europe - Rainwater Undrinkable

* NATO Bombing Said To Be Failing - Latest TiM Bulletin On

* NATO Website Under 'Cyber Attack' By Belgrade Hackers

* Russia Readies Forces - Confers With China, Iran

*'Mad Cow' Prions Now In Birds? Bald Eagle Disease Now In Ducks

* Don't Laugh - Russian Sub For Sale

* US Running Low On Cruise Missiles? - Inventory Levels Worry AF

* WWI British Pilot UFO Sightings Described

* Anti-Bacterial Products Doing More Harm Than Good?

* Copycat 'Melissa' Virus On The Loose Already

* Our Solar System: A Sharp Contrast To Recent Finds

Read these fascinating articles and dozens more at


All stories are saved and archived in our huge DataPages section



Kosovo - Last Stop Before Jerusalem...
By Barry Chamish
[Barry Chamish is an Israeli journalist.]

 JERUSALEM - Barely a few days before the EU and the US,
collectively called NATO, sent their flying dogs of war against
Serbia, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu was in Berlin
meeting with the leaders of the European Union. You would think
with the attack on the Balkans pending they'd be too busy to
have time for a little tete-a-tete with Bibi...But, no; they
organized their most fateful meeting with an Israeli leader
since the beginning of their continental unity. They told him
he'd better not stand in the way of a PLO state with East
Jerusalem as its capital or watch out.

 The watch out part was Kosovo. Netanyahu  got the message and
like the Yugoslav president Milosevic before him, flew to Russia
for some counterweight. And lo and behold, the Kremlin greeted
him like visiting royalty. When the meetings were over, Bibi and
Boris agreed to make a united stand against "Islamic
fanaticism." What they meant to say, but could not, was that
both Israel and Russia were sick of the New World Order plots
against their nations and they were forming a, probably futile,
little alliance against the Trilateral Commission, Council On
Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg group and all those who were
now heating up the Balkans, and Chechnya, and Turkey and
everywhere else where ethnic tensions could be turned into

 Undoubtedly, both leaders are well aware of how it's done. Take
a busload of Christian Lebanese children, blow it up, blame it
on the PLO and before long you've got perfectly civilized
Christians killing Moslems out of raw bloodlust. Or take a Serb
village, or more if necessary, have some Bosnian Muslims kill
every living being within and before long, you'll get just the
right kind of savagery from the Serbs.

Read the entire text of this story at

 4-4-99 thru 4-10-99

(Please note Jeff's Guest schedule can change
 due to late breaking stories, etc)

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 Lorraine Day, MD:
 Y2K And The Threat To Your Health

FRI 4-9
 LIVE From England - Nick Pope:
 'The Uninvited'

SAT 4-10
 David John Oates Reverse Speech Show.
 The discoverer of RS does reversals
 live on the air!


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