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Re: Alfred's Odd Ode #297

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 07:14:40 -0600
Fwd Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 09:42:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Alfred's Odd Ode #297

Apology to MW #297 (For April 3, 1999)

A moment to celebrate Jesse Marcel. A HERO by measure (!)
despite what Todd tells! A patriot born at the start of a
century, he burns with significance -- proudly exemplary. In at
the _start_ of the *strangest* coincidence (the lost message
traffic, the tales -- bizarre incidence), he _followed_ the
orders that made him a fool, and he _lived_ their betrayal which
made him a tool.  Nailed to crosses of National Security,
plagued by an excess of brass insecurity, he came to his end
with these words on his lips -- "I'm knowing the difference
twixt balloons and spaceships."

Jesse was _special_, and held a position of critical importance
he _earned_ with precision. Efficient, and smart (of
_unquestionable_ honor (!)), it was a _brave_ man Todd's trashed
and dishonored! Concerning those officers (who made the
decisions) that put Jesse *in* to his _well watched_ positions
-- these were no bureaucrats (obsessed with an image); these
were hard warriors who'd just won their scrimmage with Nippon
and Hitler -- stood _tall_ at the finish! And they had _no_
problems with Jesse -- unblemished.

Survived by a son that he raised up just _fine_ (the son is a
doctor, but pay it no mind), suffice it to say that the son
bears with tact . . . what one Jesse Marcel said he _did_ -- was
a FACT! The spaceship was real, and was held in his hands! No
trick of mere paper, and foiled rubber bands! No cellophane
tape, or carnival symbol explained his excitement (I'm _sure_ he
still trembles). No trick of the light, or slight of dad's hand
would make him face ridicule the like of that planned by the
Todd, his associates, and the short sighted planners who
_shrink_ from anomaly -- its whistles and banners!

_Something_ occurred on that dark, stormy night! The flashes of
lightening lit up a new sight of a craft from the stars that had
made its crash landing, and left in a scar (that was huge and
demanding) a trail of pieces that point to _tomorrow_. Tomorrow
is _here_, Todd! Give it up, can you follow? Jesse was honored
by _all_ his superiors; NOTHING about him was noted inferior! He
was involved with those bombs using *fission*? The _first_ of
their _kind_ was the point of his *mission*? You think they
weren't sure of his words and his deeds? You think him not
CHECKED to a parse and a squeeze ?  He was the actual _head_ of
intelligence! He was the boss! Where _comes_ your

Sooner or later the truth will come out, that Jesse had honor,
and Todd was a trout. Hooking his fish on a spurious line, Todd
uses straw men (of a scurrilous kind) to harm and discredit a
man who had _honor_ -- exceeding detractors too shallow to
matter! What of Todd then? Will he print a retraction? Or, will
he just fade to predicted inaction? Will he make good with dear
Jesse's survivors, or will he just pick a new target to fire? I
would admit to a wrong or an error because I'm concerned and I
want to play fairer!  I would believe the Todd's white bread
convenience if he was forthcoming or tolerant -- lenient. That
Jesse's a liar for *dust* in old records _belies_ good
researching; it's _narrow_ perspective. He was SELECTED for
SERIOUS toil; his records were accessed, and _strained_ -- hell,
par boiled! He was the subject of massive research! They chopped
and they sliced his whole _life_ apart, Burt! If he was, then,
all that the Todd has proclaimed (?) then who were the FOOLS
that, _then_, CLEARED his good name?


I want it all. Mr. Todd makes convenient assumptions. If his
assumptions are flawed his arguments are flawed. The same goes,
of course, for _me_ his *honored* opposition.

Mr. Todd may _assume_ the veracity of records that have a strong
potential for being flawed on many levels. Todd's honored
opposition may _assume_ the veracity of records that have a
strong potential for being flawed on many levels . . . I _see_
how this works. The vagaries don't escape me.

But blithely, and with a degree of uncalled for rancor, Todd
makes additional assumptions I would be cautious of, and am (in
fact <g>) scandalized by! Todd _assumes_ a near flawless
integrity of official government records from a government
clearly riddled with lack of critical oversight, and wasting
millions of dollars every day to kickback, scandal, or
inefficiency. He _assumes_ a lack of integrity, an abundance of
gullibility, and the questionable mental health of anyone who
believes UFO's might be piloted by an *outside* intelligence. He
_assumes_ interpretations of facts in a cold harsh light of
black or white that castes more shadows than he is willing to
admit, for it allows not the tinniest shade of ubiquitous gray.
One _has_ to allow gray. Everything is gray. Pure black and
white is a myth, a fantasy -- a shadow on the walls of Plato's
cave. A sensible person acknowledges and appreciates gray, has a
gray _basket_ that  is expansive, open minded, organized,
objective, constructive, comprehensive, flexible, acceptable,
specific, and thoughtful. Mr. Todd, is none of these things.

This is the way our Mr. Todd works; this is the *wonder* that is
his investigative acumen:

Let's say I told you that I had more than 40 air-medals, earned
as a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam in 1970.

Air medals were awarded -- (rules _changed_ slightly between
units for _all_ the procedures _clearly_ outlined in some
regulation somewhere that our _intrepid_ Mr. Todd finds a copy
of ),  for every 5 hours of combat flying, or every 25 hours of
flying in direct combat support (my recollection). My official
records of the time indicate only _one_ air medal was ever
awarded. Forgetting that my hours flown in a combat zone are
documented to be 1086 (so by definition the hours flown in a
combat unit _are_ combat or direct combat support), flying
_only_ in direct combat support would net 43 air medals.
*Official Records*; however, indicate only _one_.

Ah-ha, Mr. Todd triumphantly concludes! Alfred Lehmberg is a
_craven_ liar, not to be trusted, and beneath the concern,
consideration, and contempt of all that behold him, or consider
his speculations! Todd's unjustified and narrowly conceived
character assassination begins in earnest, and is unrelenting.
Forget that I _earned_ over 40 air-medals -- Todd's myopic and
self serving narrowness has scourged another otherwise spotless
reputation. Forget, too, that Major Jesse Marcel was a man
_handpicked_ from hundreds of qualified individuals for his
courage, intelligence, and unblemished record to do a job of
_critical_ importance in the interests of the HIGHEST levels of
a (perhaps even <g>) justifiable National Security! Forget!

Robert Todd has.

This is _exactly_ what Todd does to Jesse Marcel! He ignores,
completely, the fact that Marcel's integrity, character, and
reliability must have been appreciated quite highly at the TIME
as _the_ top kick intelligence officer for the worlds _only_
aviation group capable of delivering the atomic bomb! Don't you
think it likely that Mr. Todd is missing the point here a little
bit? Or, perhaps, getting it _completely_, he runs furtively in
the other direction trying, desperately, to avoid the baying of
his anomalous hounds? I think it's the latter. On reflection, I
you would -- too.

Restore John Ford!

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