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Re: Friedman vs. Krauss Debate

From: Mark Cashman <mcashman@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 10:02:58 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 13:00:07 -0400
Subject: Re: Friedman vs. Krauss Debate

>Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 17:36:57 +0100
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <updates@globalserve.net>
>From: John Rimmer <magonia@magonia.demon.co.uk>
>Subject: Re: Friedman vs. Krauss Debate


>I know it's a hopeless question, and Serge Salvaille has
>specifically ruled himself out from answering it, but I'll try
>again: can we have a list of the ten UFO cases giving the best
>evidence for an extraterrestrial origin for the UFO phenomenon?.

>I won't hold my breath.

John seems to forget that we went through this exercise a number
of months ago - in two ways. 1) Lists of cases were advanced.
and 2) The nature of the provability of the ETH was discussed,
and it did not include the "10 case" strawman.

John also seems to hold the odd idea that failing to prove the
ETH renders the whole phenomenon moot. As he and most of the
readers on this list know, while I am not an ETH proponent, I am
an OEH (Objective Existence Hypothesis) proponent. Objective
existence is the most parsimonious explanation of a phenomenon
whose many highest quality cases include the hundreds in the
Project 1947 EM Effects catalog, the BUFORA and CUFOS vehicle
interference studies, the Schuessler catalog of medical effects
from UFOs and the Phillips Physical Trace catalog.

Objective existence is also the most parsimonious explanation of
the following cases, which are from my evidential cases catalog


These are only a small subset of the interesting cases, and the
criteria for their selection is provided. Many other cases which
meet these criteria exist.

--- catalog starts ---

This catalog contains cases of particular evidential value. These
cases are selected to meet the following criteria:

1.Multiple witnesses - simultaneous or in series. If in series,
the events reported by each must bear an essential similarity.

2.Physical evidence, measurements, photographs, or medical

3.Reliable witnesses - police, political, military, aviation,
professional, technical, business.


8/25/51 Ducker et. al.; Hart (photographer), Lubbock, TX, 9:10PM
"The Lubbock Lights" - A hundred or more persons, including
several college professors, observe a fast flying formation of
lights which recurs at least 12 times on subsequent nights
across a period of weeks and is photographed 7/3/97

7/16/52 Paul Hill, Hampton, VA; 8PM Four object rendezvous.
Witness was aeronautical engineer and used triangulation from
other witnesses to determine size (20'), distance (3 mi), and
acceleration (100g) of objects Objects perform manuvers with
exceptionally high accelerations 8/4/97

11/2/57 Multiple Witnesses, Levelland TX; 11PM 15 witnesses
(including police) observed a large (200') luminous object which
blocked roads and interfered with auto ignition and electrical
systems before departing. One of the most important EM effects
cases. Objects cause vehicle interference effects, including
motor stoppage, headlight failures, and the pulsing of object
luminosity is synchronized with variation in car headlight
brightness 8/4/97

8/2/65 Robert Campbell, Patrolman Peter McCollum, Sherman TX; 3
AM Object photographed while hovering; extruded luminous
extension, ejected material - events photographed. Material is
ejected by some objects, and ejected material remains luminous
for some time after ejection 10/4/97

9/3/65 Muscarello, Officers Bertrand and Hunt, Exeter, NH, 3AM
Multiple independent witnesses observe close approach of object
with flashing red lights 4/18/97

7/20/67 Captain Ardanza and crew, Naviero, 120 mi off Cape Santa
Maria Grande, Brazil; 6:15 PM Sighting of submerged luminous
object without a wake UFO-type phenomena are observed occurring
under water 8/4/97

10/28/75 Sgt. Eichner et.al. Loring AFB, Maine 7:45PM Many
witnesses observed a luminous object scouting a nuclear weapons
storage facility. The object was tracked on radar; unusual
luminosity 7/13/97

1989-1990 Multiple incidents in Belgium Many independent
witnesses observe slow moving triangular objects and light
formations. Police witnesses, videotapes, photograph, radar
detection, fighter interception; Includes the famous
Petit-Rechain photos (taken from a distance of approx 300-400
feet), some commentary on the luminosity shown in those photos,
and a performance graph derived from F-16 interceptor radar
during one intercept near Wavre (altitude, heading and speed
changes of the unknown object are shown, including a 22G
acceleration and a 670 knot sustained dive). 4/27/98

Single Witness Physical Evidence Cases

Occasionally a single witness case generates sufficient physical
evidence to be of interest. Such is the case with those cited
below. Note that Hynek would normally have assigned a
probability of 3 or less to a single witness case, and that
these cases may be less reliable than multiple witness cases.
However, the presence of physical evidence unexplainable except
by the presence of a UFO makes these cases highly suggestive.

1/8/81 Renato Nicolai, Trans-en-Province, France, 5:00 PM A
circular trace was found and examined by police authorities, the
French space agency, and civilian investigators shortly after a
retired construction worker observed a UFO which landed on his
property. 8/5/98

--- catalog ends ---

There any many other cases which might be suggested and which I
have not yet included. The Trinidade photos, the Socorro NM
case, the Delphos KS case, the Leominster MA case and many
others which are much less well known meet these criteria.
Sparks has also suggested a minimum angular size of a half
degree, which is certainly a good idea.

In any event, as I have pointed out before, one cannot assess
the validity of the UFO phenomenon, or any possible explanations
for it without the presence of many cases, or without an
analysis of the patterns presented by those cases.

In my work on classification systems, I have developed several
systems which represent the salient patterns of the phenomenon:

1) A classification of UFO luminosity


2) A classification of object and non-interactive occupant behavior


3) A classification of interactive occupant behavior


These systems represent the starting point for an assessment of
various hypotheses, including the ETH. Certainly, one thing is
clear from these systems and the cases of which they are
comprised: the behavior of UFOs and their occupants does not
appear to be that one would expect from human technology or
humans controlling an advanced technology. The presence of
non-humans in association with the phenomenon, is, as I have
stated in previous messages, the linchpin of the ETH.

Other important points which need to be demonstrated or refuted
to prove the ETH:

1) Arrival from and departure beyond the atmosphere.

2) Demonstration of the presence of UFOs in interplanetary

Those which I believe have been demonstrated are:

1) Performance characteristics of UFOs which suggest they can
escape the earth's gravity (i.e. measured speeds close to, at,
or higher than escape velocity).

2) Association of non-human entities with UFOs.

3) Arrival from and departure toward the sky.

4) Non-human behavior pattern.

I trust that John will obtain copies of the BUFORA, CUFOS,
Schuessler, and Phillips catalogs the next time he is looking
for lists of cases which are suggestive of physical existence. I
also hope that someone will undertake to catalog cases which
meet or suggest the criteria above. Perhaps I will do so, and
perhaps others will as well.

Mark Cashman, creator of The Temporal Doorway at
- Original digital art, writing, and UFO research -

UFO cases, analysis, classification systems, and more...

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